Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 159: Descent of the Sacred leaders
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 159: Descent of the Sacred leaders

Chapter 159: Descent of the Sacred leaders

Qin Yao laughed lightly, her moving voice could be heard ringing in the air as she lightly struggled, breaking free of Ye Fan’s arm but did not run further away as she stretched a jade finger to pinch Ye Fan’s jaw: “Go all out?”

Seeing her boldness, Ye Fan laughed: “Since you aren’t scared, what’s there for me to be afraid of?”

“Little brat, you’re too young.” Qin Yao pinched his cheeks while smiling.

“It seems I really have to prove myself…..” Ye Fan brushed her hand aside as he strode forward.

Qin Yao gently drifted away, her back was seductive as she sashayed away, a whimsical laughter filled the air, she had finally chosen to flee, it was clear that she was not as open as she portrayed herself to be.

“Be careful, don’t fall into the lake.” Ye Fan laughed at the back, this demonic sprite was really a minx filled with charm, it was likely that she wanted to find out what secret technique the Ji Family had lost.

Time passed swiftly, a month had gone by the in the blink of an eye. Ye Fan was quietly cultivating, the heavenly veins within his body were had become thicker and glistened, coalescing into a divine bridge in the air above his sea of bitterness.

He felt that his breakthrough to the Other Shore realm could occur at any moment, in a few days he would attempt to use the ‘source’ to enter the next realm.

During this process, he felt his divine sense becoming even more acute as the qi essence of life within him became more vigorous, his physical body was currently at a peak state and everything was very smooth, clearing advancing in a good direction.

Yan Ruyu was still in closed seclusion, no one came to ask him to nourish the sacred heart of the demon emperor, it seemed as though they had realised something.

The friend of the Peacock King was also extremely powerful, he was actually an expert of the demonic race from the Northern Region, he was known as the Green Dragon Monarch, he had travelled through the void to enter this space but had never shown himself.

This caused Ye Fan to be extremely agitated, the other party had actually come from the Northern Region, if he were to follow the other party when they were returning, would this not solve his problem? He simply had no way to continue staying within the Southern Region, his only chance to avoid the Ji Family was to leave this region altogether, that was the best option available to him.

The Green Dragon Monarch had brought plenty of news regarding the Northern Region, although he did not show himself, this news swiftly spread.

Right now, the northern region was extremely restless. Just last month, some people had seen an image above the ancient primordial mine, moonlight flowed like water, coalescing into a river as it flowed into the ancient mine.

Then there were people who swore that they had seen inauspicious creatures with sinister figures leaving and entering the ancient mine, this caused the hearts of many people to race.

There were also others who claimed to personally see humanoid creatures in the air above the ancient mine, able to summon the wind and call the rain, shrouding the sky as the moon and stars lost their colour.

What was most astonishing was the fact that the ancient primordial mine which was a forbidden area actually had the heavenly sounds of nature coming from within, allowing one to be easily drunk in the music as several people bore witness to this strange miracle.

What was located within the ancient mine? So many years had gone by but no one was able to accurately guess. It was likely that only people of the Jiang Family or Jade Lake Sacred Ground with far reaching histories could have an ancient text or two with some inkling on this matter.

Over the past month, Qin Yao had constantly appeared before him, her actions and mannerisms were still bold as she passed this information to Ye Fan.

“You’re saying that the Green Dragon Monarch wishes for the Peacock King to travel to the Northern Region?”

“That’s right.”

“Whatever for?” Ye Fan was confused.

“I’m also not sure but in recent times, it seems that the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji Family are also preparing to send people there.” Qin Yao was also unsure of the most intricate details. Ye Fan had a thoughtful expression on his face, there was certainly something important that was about to happen within the Northern Region.

“How’s the Southern Region currently?” Ye Fan was very concerned about the events outside, he wanted to know the movements of the Ji Family.

“Although there’s still some clamour within the Southern Region, it will soon die down. Ji Haoyue managed to escape from the jaws of death and actually made it back to the Ji Family……” Qin Yao seemed regretful.

The great disciples of the Peacock King had chased Ji Haoyue for over half a month, however, a divine body was indeed impressive, he had managed to escape several precarious situations to live. He had suffered severe injuries and would only be able to recover after one to two years of recuperation.

Besides this, the leaders of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji Family had gathered a crowd to search for the Peacock King, wishing to exterminate him. It was a pity that the Peacock King was not some hot blooded youth, although he was unafraid, he was not stupid and although they had the strength, they had no place to wield their fists.

Of course, the most moving piece of news was still the Bronze Immortal Palace, profound earth was sealing the door as it slowly sunk back into the earth.

Several bigwigs were gathered there but till the end no one dared to probe too deep. They could still feel the aura of the Bronze Palace as they hesitated.

“It’s rumoured that they were trying to lure the crazed old man over to lead the way. It’s a pity that the crazy old man did not appear causing those bigwigs to be caught in the middle.”

“I’m sure that that there will be people who enter in the end……” Ye Fan responded.

If the limit of their lives was not reached, peerless figures would not easily enter, after all, the Bronze Immortal Palace had swallowed countless peerless individuals over the course of time.

The ones who would really dare to barge in would be those who were near the end of their lives, wanting to gamble on the slim chance at the final moment.

“The graveyard of experts, who knows how many talents have already fallen within……” Qin Yao lamented, she knew many bigwigs of the demonic race would definitely enter.

Ye Fan’s expression was strange, he was the one who had leaked the information regarding the Bronze Immortal Palace, if bigwigs were to die within, it could be said that he was actually the cause of it.

However, he did not feel any remorse. What sort of place was the Bronze Immortal Palace? Everyone knew of this and he was merely giving these individuals who had reached the end of their lives a chance.

“Not long ago, the Peacock King had engaged in a great battle with Nan Gongzheng, who was the stronger one?” Ye Fan really wanted to know the outcome of that battle.

“They were engaged in vigorous combat for merely two hours, how could there possibly be a victor determined? They were not mortal enemies and there was no need to fight to the death.” Qin Yao walked across the pebbles within the lake, a gentle breeze blew by as her clothes danced making her slender body seem all the more alluring and seductive.

“Nan Gongzheng went to the Bronze Immortal Palace as well right?” Ye Fan questioned.

“That’s right, based on what the Peacock King mentioned, Nan Gongzheng merely has a hundred years left in his left, he does not wish to lie back and wait for his end, wishing to gamble his final hundred years for peace.”

“Isn’t it to gamble for immortality?” Ye Fan had a puzzled expression on his face.

“Since ancient times, how many people have truly attained immortality? The Peacock King has mentioned that Nan Gongzheng is merely soothing his heart of immortality within him, he does not wish to wither in the mortal world and may be thinking of using the Bronze Immortal Palace as the final resting place for his bones.”

Hearing these words, Ye Fan sighed. Cultivating to such a realm but having such a sad ending was simply too lamentable.

“Is the Ji Family still searching for my whereabouts?” This was the question that Ye Fan was most concerned of.

“Nope, everything is extremely peaceful.” Qin Yao shook her head.

“That’s weird.” Ye Fan was bewildered.

“You were rescued by a great exponent of my demonic race, even if they wanted to find trouble with you, they would need to deal with the Peacock King first.” Qin Yao laughed as she continued: “Could it be that you were wishing for them to continually search for you?”

“I just have this feeling that they won’t give up.” Ye Fan had a faint feeling that something was amiss, Ji Ren had previously mentioned that even if it was the leader of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground who had obtained the Great Void Technique, they would still use all means to recover it.

“We are about to head to the Northern Region, do you wish to travel with us?” As she said this, light seemed to shine from Qin Yao’s eyes as her red lips glistened, she continued to speak with a charmingly seductive voice: “If you wish to prove that you’re a man and ‘go all out’, you can follow us to the Northern Region……. A few years later you would certainly have grown up…….”

“I’m already a man!” Having said this, Ye Fan earnestly questioned: “Are you sure about this?”

“He’s already agreed to the request of the Green Dragon Monarch and they’ve been preparing to open a domain gate.” Qin Yao had a serious expression on her face: “The Peacock King has a bad feeling that something big is about to occur and wishes to bring the descendant of the great demon emperor to the Northern Region.”

Ye Fan’s blood was roiling, he finally had the chance to leave the Southern Region, leaving all his troubles behind.


At this moment, a violent trembling could be felt as the space seemed to violently tremble while exclamations could be heard from outside.

“What’s going on?” Ye Fan immediately stood up.


An even louder noise rang out as the space seemed to be rent apart by somebody!

In the sky above, an immense fissure that extended off into the distance could be seen as two figures descended like gods.

Qin Yao’s face was immediately drained of all colour, persons who could barge into the secret dwelling of the Peacock King were definitely exceptional characters, with two people working together, it was easy to guess that they were the two sacred leaders.

Brilliant lights shrouded the body of the two people, obscuring their faces as they descended like deities causing fear to fill the hearts of everyone within the vicinity, they even felt a strange compulsion to kneel down.

“The sacred leaders of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and the Ji Family!” Ye Fan’s expression immediately changed, he knew that a slaughter was inevitable.


Suddenly, sounds of shouting filled the air as innumerable figures appeared from the fissure in the sky.

“Old fogey of the Twinkling Brilliance and old fogey of the Ji Family, you’ve really come knocking on my door!” The Peacock King exclaimed as he rushed to the sky like a peerless sharp blade, causing all the shouts of slaughter to be silenced abruptly,

Besides the sacred leaders of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji Family, the others were all forced to involuntarily retreat, faced with the pressure if a great exponent that was renowned since eight hundred years ago, they were filled with fear and were completely suppressed by the frightening aura.

“Peacock King, your dwelling is indeed mysterious, eight hundred years ago I was unable to find it but I’ve finally managed to do so and made my way in.” The arms of the sacred leader of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground were folded behind him as a brilliant light shrouded his body, he seemed like a god that was impossible to see through.

“Peacock King, you’ve provoked me again and again, do you really believe yourself to be invincible within the Southern Region?” The sacred leader of the Ji Family stood tall in the sky, his body seemed to be shrouding the sky as he looked down on all creation, making one feel a deep sense of awe as he continued: “Let’s come to a conclusion today!”

“Such aplomb, it seems that the two of you wish to see my end today?” The Peacock King laughed raucously: “A person’s predictions cannot outdo that of heaven’s, I’m afraid that you will be disappointed!”

“Bullying my demonic race and thinking we haven’t got anyone?” A voice was transmitted as the entire space seemed to tremble, a middle aged man with an immense pressure that seemed as though it could swallow mountains and overturn rivers rushed to the sky as he stood shoulder to shoulder with the Peacock King.

“Who are you?” The leader of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground questioned.

“Green Dragon Monarch!” The middle aged man dressed in green spoke with a voice like spring thunder blossoming.


At the back, several people sucked in breaths of cold air, the Green Dragon Monarch was not an unknown figure, he was a great exponent within the Northern Region.

“So what if there’s one more person!”

The sacred leader of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground strode forward as one hundred and eight streaks of lights swirled around him, each streak was a dazzling blur like a hundred and eight large worlds as they flashed faintly. Each step he took caused the surrounding space to collapse, like a divine king stepping through the sky!

As for the sacred leader of the Ji Family, he was one with the Great Dao of the Void, like a desolate universe or an endless starry sky that continually gave birth to life and extinguished, making one feel endless void and eternal solitude, as though he were standing within the starry sky of the ancient past.

Ye Fan knew that the situation was extremely grim, he was filled with resentment for these people, he had barely managed to stabilise when they had suddenly barged in causing his future to be unknown, his life or death was also hanging in the balance.

There were simply too many experts in the sky above, several famous personages and even the sacred lady of the Twinkling Brilliance, Hua Yun Fei, Li Youyou and others were present. It could be imagined how large a force had come such that even the young elites had been activated to do battle.


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