Bored Gamer in Other Worlds
92 Chapter 92
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Bored Gamer in Other Worlds
Author :The_Procrastinator
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92 Chapter 92

"Affirmative, host."


Host: Clark Colter

Level: 33 (Aspirant Realm 3rd Stage)

Power: 3,187

Class: Necromancer, Korou

Experience: 1,639,152/838,000,000,000

Health: 1,250/1,250

Health Regen: 10/s

Mana: 40/2,500

Mana Regen: 20/s

System Shop

Shop Points: 150

Class Skills

Skill Points: 9



"Hmmm... I'm on the same level as that evil boy right now but i doubt that i could face him one on one and win."

"Especially since there are pills like the Battle Frenzy Pill that could upgrade a person's strength to three stages of the same realm."

"Perhaps when i reach level 37 then i would have a great chance of beating that evil boy down."

"Nahhh... Why take chances at all? I'll go to the Demonic Sword Sect after I reach level 41 and become a true World Traveler in name and power!"

Clark rubbed his long black beard as he looked ahead into the future.

Since there was really no emergency of some sort aside from Lu Chen's love slash lust obsession, our bored gamer has the free time to waste away time simply because he can.

And it was not like the wait would be long for our good gamer.

"How much time before each upgrade, Nancy?" Clark asked his partner in crime.

"Approximately 1 hour and in decreasing intervals, host." Nancy replied promptly.

"Thank you, Nancy. Now kindly show me the available new skills i've already unlocked please." Clark instructed.

"Affirmative, host." and after a breath, clear green texts hovered before his eyes and he even went further than the norm.

The words circulated around the entirety of the room like a perfect swarm of beautiful information.

"This looks a lot better than the last. Hehehe."

Clark nodded in approval as he took his favorite pose in life. Lying down in soft pillows while gazing upwards to discern the meaning behind these words in comfort.

* * *

Death Magic Talent Tree:

1. Bone Plate – creates a full body armor upon activation which affords meager defense to its caster.

2. Life Siphon – steals the life of another creature to heal any wound or minor afflictions on the user's body. (negative buffs can be transferred to the target, can be upgraded)

3. Life After Death – grants 5 second invulnerability when the user takes a fatal attack. (passive, gives 1 hp after skill ends, can be upgraded)

4. Call of Souls – summons upon the soul of the departed. (1 minute duration, can be upgraded)

5. Pain Suppression – numbs the user's body to be a lot more tolerable towards pain. (50% reduced pain sensation, can induce unexpected side effects, can be upgraded)

6. Death Divination – the user can sacrifice the life of one to foresee the death of another. (the beings involved must be on the same life level, cannot be upgraded further)

7. Suspended Existence – every death that happens in the vicinity of the user can have their souls chained temporarily. (casts soul attacks only, 50% strength penalty, can be upgraded)

* * *

Cursed Words Talent Tree:

1. Curse: Itch – make the target experience an unbearable itch. (user can choose what part of the target's body will be infected by the curse, +50% effectiveness)

2. Curse: Enfeeble – weaken a target's overall power. (starts at 10% strength corruption, can be upgraded)

3. Curse: Isolation – encase a target in a shroud of unbreakable illusion. (limits the five basic senses, can be upgraded)

4. Curse: Bewitch – user has a chance to grant permanent hypnosis unto anyone. (begins with 1% probability of success, can be upgraded)

5. Curse: Luck Eater – user can take the luck of another to add to his own. (temporary effect, cannot be upgraded)

6. Curse: Damage Augmenter – weaken a target's overall defense. (starts at 10% defense corruption, can be upgraded)

7. Curse: Hysteria – instill unto a target an illogical fear within his psyche. (can cause body paralysis and in worst cases, permanent psychosis, cannot be upgraded)

* * *

Summoning Talent Tree:

1. White Wolf (Level 2) - can call the ghosts of its pack to fight alongside it. (+2 Shadow White Wolf, can be upgraded)

2. Create Skeleton – recycle the bones of the dead to your own will. (no cd, no limit in size and structure)

3. Corpse Resurrection – summon the dead back into the living. (no cd, strength handicap starts at 50%, requires at least one bone fragment to conjure the dead, ashes not applicable)

4. Summon Mastery – adds natural elemental resistance to the user's summons. (starts at 1% resist protection, can be upgraded)

5. Corpse Detonation – the user can explode a corpse to inflict area of effect damage unto nearby foes (damage penetration equal to half to the user's power, can be upgraded)

6. Sephtis, Death Knight – calls unto one of the most fanatic believers of Death. (impervious to physical attacks, can be upgraded)

7. Mariana, Legendary Mount – a special breed of mythical horses that cannot be mounted by anything alive and breathing. (x2 power modifier when partnered with its true master, The Death Knight Sephtis)

"Hmmm... All good skills. But it's sad that i can't have them all right now." Clark shook his head in dismay.

"So what should i choose first from the twelve?"

"I have only 9 skill points at the moment too." The sole occupant of the room wondered out loud.

"Nah... I need to get those two asap. I think they'd be pretty useful in battle."

"Purchase Pain Suppression and Suspended Existence Skills for me, Nancy." Clark ordered. He reckoned that these abilities were a must have and it just so happened also that they belonged on a single branch on his death magic talent tree. Picking this two was indeed a no-brainer for our avid gamer.

"Affirmative, host. You only have 7 skill points left. Please choose wisely on how to spend them." Nancy announced.

"Can I use Death Divination on myself, Nancy?" Clark asked. He was very curious about this peculiar spell after all.

And if the answer was perhaps somehow positive, wouldn't he be truly immortal and unkillable if he could know beforehand of how his face would bite the dust in the end?

Thus, Clark had high hopes for this amazing death spell.

"Negative, host. Your death is excluded from the effects of the Death Divination skill. Not only will you not be able to see your future but anyone else who would peer upon your fate shall also be unable to do the same." Nancy replied.

'Of course! How could i forget that there's an Elder God up there, listening to this very conversation! Thank you for reminding me again, Nancy. You've truly been a great and an irreplaceable help for me.'

Clark could only think the words up because he was absolutely impotent to do anything in his situation. Instead, he used his angst to think more ways on how to strengthen himself.

"I want to buy Curse: Bewitch and Curse: Damage Augmenter, Nancy." Clark decided after 3 minutes of silence.

He would have skipped Curse: Bewitch if he could but the skill was a prerequisite to Curse: Damage Augmenter. There was really no other choice but to buy both of them in the end.

"Affirmative, host. You only have 5 skill points left. Please choose wisely on how to spend them." Nancy announced.


"I'm down to only 5 skill points now."

"But it doesn't matter. I think Curse: Enfeeble and Curse: Damage Augmenter will give me a lot of happy returns in my investment."

A smile was seen hanging on his face as he had a good prediction that casting these two debuffs would bring an enemy to cry a river of tears if not more.

'HAHAHA! Now all i need is a dummy target to test it to!'

'I shall seal the heavens with my unequaled awesomeness and power!' Clark laughed for a few breaths before continuing on spending the rest of his remaining skill points.

* * *

Upon an unknown dimension, a man sat on a divine throne.

If an old immortal was here, he could have easily recognized that this seat of power consisted of a million trillion universes carved into the physical materia of one epic throne to rule them all.

Light and darkness shrouded this man's face and if one was so bold enough to fathom the real guise of this unknown Senior, the daring soul would have only gotten a pair of liquefied eyeballs as a reward.

At this time, a daughter of heaven ripped the void out in a flashy entrance that could not be simply mimicked by another.

The stars and the moons bowed down at her feet as these heavenly bodies twinkled and bloomed in myriad of colors to fashion a rainbow carpet beneath the nobility that weaved this into life.

"My child, it's nice to see you again. You took almost 7 billion years to return. I wonder how long the next of your lengthy adventures will take."

The man slowly stood up to give his daughter a tight hug in greeting and it could be seen from this one movement alone that a deep ocean of Daos manifested in different shapes and forms.

A brave warrior in battle stance.

An immovable mountain.

A saint who smiles upon all of creation.

And all things good and proper resided on the right. But on the side, the left depicted a whole nother matter entirely.

An endless maw of darkness.

A horde of demons.

The face of a murderous Asura.

"You seem amused, Father." the indescribable lady uttered the obvious.

She caught the lingering smile on her father's face when she arrived and without waiting for an answer, followed the trace in the open.

"A mortal?" Valeria raised an exquisite brow.

"Not just any mortal, my child. But a mortal that wishes for a dummy target." The man's smile reappeared. He looked to the mortal's direction and whispered to the wind.

"A dummy target it is."

* * *

In an undisclosed location, a lovely maiden was taking a bath in a hot spring. Alone and very much wet her lonesome.

Although she was nude all over but her senses could not have been more alert to battle than the present.

"I smell the familiar stench of evil."


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