Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
1 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 1
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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1 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 1

The Tower of Heaven, or 'Resurrection-System' is a Magic Item that allows any person to restore life upon someone who is deceased at the cost of someone else's life. For protection and safety purposes, the construction of the tower has been forbidden by the Magic Council since ancient times.

However, a cult of Dark Mages wishing to revive the Black Wizard Zeref began working on it years ago. The cult kidnapped children and adults alike and forced them into slavery so that they could construct the tower for them.

They had forced and enslaved many people to work for long gruelling and exhausting days, and the slaves couldn't do anything but just shed blood, sweat, and tears for their fate.

The cultists kept their slaves in a very thin line, and has used many cruel acts to discipline them, and some few were just doing it for the enjoyment of torturing the prisoners.

From the inside the tower, many prisoners consisting of any man, woman, or child were chipping the walls of rocks inside a cave.

A random prisoner suddenly fell to his knees from exhaustion, but it didn't go unnoticed by one of the guards.

"Hey you! No resting on the job! So get going!" The guard yelled as he raised his whip in air.


"Gaaah!" The random prisoner cried out in pain as the guard just continued on whiping him with a cruel smirk.

From the other side of the cave, a young boy with short scarlet red hair and brown eyes, watched helplessly as he saw the man being punished even more.

"Ezra, get back to work or else they'll see you!" Whispered a girl's voice.

From beside the boy was a young girl with the same facial features, short red hair and brown eye colour as him.

"I-I'm sorry, Onee-chan." The boy named Ezra apologized as he continued back to chipping at the rock walls.

The girl named Erza gave a reassuring smile, "It's fine. Just make sure the guards don't catch you doing something else." She said as she continued working.

For as long as they could remember, the twins Ezra and Erza Scarlet were once founded by a villager in the back alleys of Rosemary Village as infants. There, the two spent the last eleven years growing up as orphans in an orphanage in the village.

They would always stay really close to each other. Erza was the older twin. She always made sure to take care of her brother to the best of her abilities. Even with no parents, Erza made it her sole responsibility to look after Ezra.

Ezra was the younger twin. He was always rather shy around other people, as well as he's mostly clinging to his sister. He didn't rely or speak much to other people except for his twin elder sister.

They were inseparable really. The two have been always seen together out and inside of the orphanage, never trying to leave each other's side and always doing their activities together.

And they still did after being kidnapped by the cultists.

Two and a half months ago, Rosemary Village was suddenly attacked by the followers of the Zeref Cult. They had either killed or abducted many innocent people and forced them to build their tower to revive Zeref.

The twins have spent most of their lives working in this hell hole for long gruelling days, they ate nothing but dry or rotten meals, and drank from muddy water.

It was absolute torment for them and for every other prisoner.


At the sound of a loud whistle, one guard shouted, "Alright, works over! Everyone get back to their cells within this minute!"

As the prisoners hurriedly dropped their tools and did what they were told, Ezra saw many of the few guards yelling and pushing many of the slaves to move faster.

"Hey you! Get your ass moving right now!"

Ezra turned his head around and saw another guard beating a helpless exhausted man,

"P-Please, mercy-Gaaah!" His pleas was ignored and he got kicked in the ribs.

"Don't you dare back talk at me, you worthless piece of shit!" The guard angrily exclaimed as he continued assaulting the poor man.

Ezra continued to watch the scene in fright as he began to shake in fear a little. The boy then felt his twin sisters arms wrapping his head to her chest, preventing him from continuing to watch the scene.

"Don't look, Ezra. Lets just go back to our cell, okay?"

Truthfully Erza was scared as well, but she was more afraid of what the guards would do to her brother. She had to act strong to make sure that her little brother won't mentally break.

Erza felt her twin brother nod on her chest as they walked away towards their cell.


It was night time...

Currently, the twins were found inside a large cell with rocky walls along with a bunch of other people.

Ezra was found wrapping a roll of old and used bandages on a girl with short brown hair and brown eyes. Another noticeable thing is that the girls face had a slight resemblance to a kitten and she had cat ears.

"And done. There you go, Millianna." Ezra said as finished wrapping the girls left leg.

Millianna gave a sniffle as she wiped away a small noticeable tears in her eyes and smiled at the boy, "T-Thank you, Ez-kun."

The girl had recently injured her leg by accident, and the guards wouldn't treat her and give any sort of bandages because they needed to 'save up supply and resources'.

Ezra nodded at the girl before turning to a scrawny young boy with black hair with black eyes, "Wally, it's your turn now."

The boy named Wally grunted as he held his injured shoulder in pain, he then approached the scarlet haired boy.

"Thanks a bunch, Ez. Dumb guards had me lifting those stupid heavy rocks all day."

"Mmm, no problem. Now please stay still for moment." Ezra said as he gave Wally a shy smile and began wrapping Wally's shoulder.

From the other side of the cell, Erza was currently with two other boys and an elderly old man. They watched the scene with Ezra helping Wally with his injury.

"Wally and Millianna must have had it rough today, huh?" Said a well-portioned young boy with brown hair and black eyes.

This was Simon.

Apparently Simon and his little sister grew up in the same village as Ezra and Erza did. They never really met each other back in the Rosemary Village, but it was a surprise that Simon lived in the same place as the twins.

Unfortunately when the village was attacked by the Zeref Cultists, both Simon and his sister were separated during that time around. He didn't know what happened to his sister, but he just hoped she was alright.

"But we can escape this place! I know we can!" Said a blonde haired young boy with dark green eyes and tanned skin.

"Sho, keep your voice down or they'll hear you!" Wally hissed quietly at the boy named Sho from across the other side of the cell.

Sho flinched slightly at his mistake and apologized, "I-I'm sorry."

The boy then felt a hand on top of his head as he looked up and saw a lean old man with pale skin. He has a long white hair, which goes midway down his back. Two strands of hair stand out from the rest and point outwards. His eyebrows are nearly as long as the hair on his head, reaching down past his chin. He has a thick grey beard, which extends down to his chest.

The old man smiled warmly at the blonde haired boy and said, "It's alright, Sho-kun. Just make sure you don't speak too loudly, okay?"

Sho gave a small nod in confirmation, "Okay, Rob-ojii-san."

Rob gave the boy a reassuring smile and asked, "Now tell me Sho-kun, are you certain that this plan of yours could work?"


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