Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
2 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 2
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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2 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 2

Sometime around six weeks ago, Sho had recently discovered a cracked hole that led to the outside from the Tower of Heaven.

Unfortunately, the hole was too small for anyone to escape. So he and his friends formulated a plan of secretly digging through it while the guards weren't looking.

It took at least six gruelling weeks of tunnelling, but they managed to make great progress with each other's help.

Sho looked at the old man and gave out a nod of determination, "It's going to work! I know it will! All of us will finally leave this damn place for good!"

Rob smiled at the child and said, "Mmm, if that's what you believe, then I know you kids will be able to make it out of here on your own."

His words got the kids around the old man confused. It was then Ezra, Wally, and Millianna came up to them and asked.

"What do you mean, Ojii-san? You're coming with us, aren't you?" Ezra asked as he sat next to his sister.

Rob shook his head lightly, and smiled sadly at the group, "I'm afraid I won't be coming with you kids."

His words shocked the kids greatly. They saw this old man as somewhat of a grand-father, they would never want to abandon him.

"W-What?! But why?!" Millianna asked in shock.

Rob continued to smile at the children and said, "This old man will only drag you kids if I have went with you. And I don't want to ruin your chances of being free because of me slowing you down."

Erza came close to the old mans side and said, "T-That's not true at all! Ojii-san has to come with us! If you don't then...then..."

Erza couldn't mutter out the rest of what she wanted to say as she slowly became teary eyed. The red haired girl then felt a hand on top of her head as she looked up and found Rob smiling down at her.

"Erza-chan, you don't need to worry about me. I have always wanted you kids to run free from this place and see the world outside. I assure you child, I will be just fine."

Erza dropped her head slightly in sadness at the old man. For the time that she, her brother, and the rest of her friends have been enslaved, it was to say that all of them had a very close bond with the Rob.

He had told them of his time as a mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. The stories of his past adventures with his old team, their discoveries, past achievements, and everything else he has once done in his youth.

Every story he has spoken to them have always been inspiring to them, even to both Erza and Ezra.

Rob had even taught the twins of the true meaning of Magic.

The very thought of leaving Rob after looking after them was something she couldn't process, even Ezra had the same thought.


The cell doors was opened by some guard. At the sound of their cell doors opening, everyone in the cell turned their attention to one guard and a girl with blue hair and a strange red tattoo over and under her right eye.

"Get in there!" The guard yelled as the girl was forcefully pushed to the ground.

"And next time, keep that damn mouth of yours shut you stupid brat!" The guard last said as he closed the cell and locking it before walking away.

"Juliet!" Ezra exclaimed as he got up from his spot and quickly kneeled over the girl.

"Juliet, are you okay?!" The boy asked in concern as his twin sister and the other kids joined in. Juliet Fernandes groggily opened her brown coloured eyes at Ezra who was looking at her in worry.

(Author's Note: That's right kids! I gender-bended Jellal! Who dares argue against me?! Wahahaha!)

"Ezra...Yes, I'm fine." Juliet said as she tried to get back up on her feet.

"Ah! Hey, don't move so suddenly! Here, let me help." Ezra said as he grabbed Juliet by the arm to helped her up. Erza got up as well and grabbed Juliet's other arm.

"Ezra, let me help you as well." The older twin said as she assisted her younger twin.

Juliet looked at the red haired siblings and smiled, "Erza...Ezra...Thank you."

The twins smiled in return at the girl, "Mmm, you're welcome."

The twins then brought the exhausted blue haired girl to Rob. From the time the twins were first brought to the Tower of Heaven, they first became friends with Juliet, who also happened to give them their surname 'Scarlet' based on their scarlet red hair.

They and their other friends looked up to Juliet more than anyone else, especially Ezra.

Don't get him wrong, Ezra loves his twin sister more than anything, but the boy also became attached to Juliet and grew up to rely on her as well.

From the past two and a half months, all of them helped, comfort, and supported each other as slaves and promised that they will all make it out of the tower together.

"Juliet-chan, are you feeling okay?" Rob asked in concern as he looked at the injuries on the girl's body.

Juliet nodded at the old man as Ezra began wrapping some old bandages around her injuries, "Yes, I'm okay."

"You almost had us worried there, Juliet." Simon said as he sighed in relief.

"Yep! I'm just glad Juliet-chan wasn't badly hurt by them." Millianna said as Sho nodded.

Wally then crossed his arms to his chest and said, "Though she wouldn't be hurt if she kept her mouth shut."

The reason for those injuries around Juliet is because she managed to prevent a guard from beating another old prisoner. Juliet of course stood up against the guard, but unfortunately the results were obviously bad for her.

So, she spent some time in the Punishment Chambers and she was forced to endure some torment from the sadistic manager. But truthfully, she never regretted a thing of what she had done.

Simon slightly frowned at Wally for that remark, "Wally, Juliet was only trying to help that poor man."

"I know, I know. But I'm just worried those bastards might take it too far, and I don't want any of us to end up in an even worse condition than we already are." Wally said.

Ezra finished wrapping Juliet's injuries as he fixed the patch and tied it, "There, that should hold."

Erza then looked at her blue haired friend and asked, "How are you feeling?"

Juliet rolled her shoulders slowly as her face visibly showed her cringing in pain, "It still hurts a bit, but I'll be fine soon."

Ezra gave the girl a smile of relief, "I'm glad you're okay, Juliet."

The blue haired girl smiled brightly at the boy, "Thank you, Ezra. I'm happy that you and Erza are doing fine yourselves."

Ezra blushed lightly at the blue haired girl as he shyly turned away from her. Juliet giggled at the boys reaction as the elder sister smiled at her twin.

Back at the village they had grown up in, Ezra used to have a hard time making friends. Erza didn't mind that he was always clingy to her, but that's just how she never stopped loving him because it. His shy nature quickly made her grow up to be the responsible older sister she is right now.

Plus, even if the place they were in was horrible, she was happy that her brother was making new friends at least.

"Lights out!" one guards shouted from the outside. Immediately, all the torch-lights went out, indicating it was finally time to rest.


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