Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
3 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 3
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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3 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 3

The prisoners began to take their places on the ground of their cell as the kids and Rob began exchanging their good nights to each other.

"Seems like its lights out now. Erza, Ezra, goodnight." Juliet said as she lies down next to the twins.

"Good night." The twins said together as they laid themselves to the ground and cuddled up close to each other. Erza held her twin brothers head to her chest as they held their hands together in comfort.

"Good night, Onee-chan." Ezra said as he began to close his eyes.

Erza smiled at her brother and kissed the top of his forehead, "Good night, Ezra."

Erza then began to close her eyes as well as she held Ezra close to her.


Two days have passed....

Things are still going regularly for the twins and for the other slaves. It was just another day of picking and carrying some rocks for the construction of the Tower.

As the scarlet haired duo continued to pick at the rocks, someone started to quietly call out to them, "Psst! Erza! Ez!"

From the corner of their eyes, the twins turned and saw both Wally and Millianna hiding behind a rock wall, completely hidden away from the guards view.

Wally made a hand motion, which showed that they had to follow him, "Come on! Sho and Simon just finished up the hole, and Juliet's going to meet with us there! Now's our chance!"

"Er-chan! Ez-kun! We need to hurry, quick!" Millianna whispered in encouragement.

The twins cautiously looked back and saw that the guards weren't looking at them from their direction.

Erza turned to her younger twin and grabbed hold of his hand, "Ezra, let's go."

Ezra gave a low nod at his sister as the two quickly ran towards their friends. The four kids then proceeded to ran towards their destination.

It was finally time for their escape.



In a secluded part of the tower, Wally, Millianna, and the twins finally made it to the deeper parts of tower. In front of them were Juliet, Sho, and Simon waiting for them besides a human sized tunnel.

"Nee-san! Nii-san! Over here! Hurry!" Sho called out to them.

"Sho! Don't talk so loud!" Wally ironically yelled at the blonde haired boy.

"Wally is the loud one! Meow!" Millianna chided at him.

Wally dropped his head and gave a silly sheepish smile, "O-ho. Sorry, Millianna."

Simon just looked at the twins, "Erza, Ezra, hurry up or we'll be found out by those guys."

Erza was about to follow her friends to the tunnel, but she stopped as she noticed that her brother was trembling, "Ezra, what's wrong?"

"Um, um....I-I...don't know." Ezra said with a nervous voice.

Erza looked at her twin in concern, "Eh? What do you mean?"

Ezra continued to tremble as he nervously gave his answer, "W-What if they find us??...I-I know how they treat the kids who get found…."

He wanted to leave. He desperately wanted to leave the tower with his sister and his friends, but Ezra was now starting to have second thoughts about it. He was too scared of the consequences if they get found.

For the time he has spent in the tower, Ezra has been noticing more and more children disappearing by the week after they've done something daring as escaping, and none of them ever came back. They very thought of it frightened the young boy.

As Ezra continued to tremble, he then felt a pair of soft hands grab his shoulders. He immediately stopped shaking as he lifted his head and saw Erza smiling at him.

"Ezra...I promise I won't let anything happen to you. No one will ever hurt you as long as I'm here. I will protect you, okay?"

"Erza's right, Ez." Everyone turned their heads and found Juliet walking towards them.

"Don't be afraid. We almost have our freedom. We have to do this for our futures and dreams."

Juliet stopped in front of her friends and faced Ezra with a reassuring smile, "Let's go, Ezra."

Ezra looked at both his twin sister and Juliet as he wiped away the incoming tears and nodded, "Mm!"

Juliet nodded back at the red haired boy and faced her other friends, "We need to move quickly. I don't know how long the guards will notice our disappearance, but we-!"

"Hold it right there!"

To the kids shock and horror, a bunch of armed guards came rushing towards them. They were found out! The kids had nowhere to go as it was already to late for them to escape.

The group immediately backed themselves against the stoned wall as they all looked at the grown men in fear and anger.

Erza quickly pulled her brother close into her arms as the younger twin began to tremble again.

"Did you really think you can escape that easily?! Lousy brats! Just wait what I'll do to you!" A fat cultist yelled at them as he whipped in the empty air, causing a snapping noise and making the kids flinch in fright.

"We're on a very strict schedule with this R-System!"

A lanky cultist began to speak, "We'd be up the creek if the development were delayed in any way....On a principle alone, I should toss you little bastards in the Disciplinary Chamber."

The kids looked horrified at the mention of that chamber, especially Ezra. It was exactly the same place where the other children never returned.

"But..." The lanky man continued.

"Just for today, I'll settle for just one of you..."

"Who was the mastermind behind this escape?! Only that person will be held accountable. The rest of you will get off with a slap on the wrist! Am I benevolent or what? Hahaha!" He said as he made a sick smirk and laugh.

Sho began to tremble and sob as he was the one who planned for the whole thing. He didn't want to have his friends get in trouble, but he was too afraid to say anything.

Erza noticed the blonde boy's frightened state, and then looked back at her terrified twin brother. At this point he might be picked for his 'suspicious' reaction. She made a promise to Ezra that she wouldn't allow anyone to hurt him.

"I-..." Erza was about to speak up, but unfortunately was interrupted.

"It was me." Juliet stood up and answered to man guard, much to her friends' shock.

"I planned it all and told them what to do! So don't hurt them!"

"J-Juliet…" Sho sniffled out her name.

"Is that so?" The lanky man said as he gave a mocking frown and hummed to himself. He then lowered himself to face the twins, more specifically to Ezra.

"It was the red haired boy, wasn't it?"

"What?!" Erza and Juliet shouted in shock and horror as the lanky guard accused Ezra.

"Take him." The lanky cultist ordered another guard as he tried to rip Ezra off his twin sister'sembrace. It wasn't long till the boy was forcefully grabbed by the back of his tattered shirt and dragged off.

Erza quickly stood up from her spot and shouted, "Wait! It wasn't him! It was me! I planned it all!"

"Onee-chan?!/Erza?!"" Both Ezra and Simon exclaimed in shock.

The lanky guard turned back at Erza, "Really now? You claim you are the one responsible for this silly plan of escape?"

Juliet started to protest, "No, it was-..."

"Yes! It was all me! I made my brother and friends do what I told them to do, so I'm the one responsible! So let him go!" Erza yelled.

The cultist began to tap his chin in a thinking manner and finally spoke, "Hmm...I don't believe you little girl."

Erza and her friends widened their eyes in shock. The older twin wanted to continue to protest for her brother, but that's when he spoke again, "But...If you're so desperate, then you and your brother will share the same punishment."

"What?!" The kids all shouted in shock as Simon gritted his teeth.

Another guard came up and grabbed Erza by her tattered clothing and was forcefully dragged off with her brother.


Ezra was silently crying as they were dragged off. The older twin then gave the boy a reassuring smile, "It's okay, Ezra. You don't need to be afraid. Onee-chan is here for you."

In all honesty, Erza was afraid. But she was terrified of what might happen to brother, so she had to act strong for him.

Juliet tried to run up to the twins, but unfortunately, was stopped by one of the guards with a kick.

"Erza, Ezra...." Juliet said as she clenched her stomach in pain.

"Pipe down down kid!" The guard yelled at her.

The lanky man turned back at the kids with a mocking smirk and said, "None of you will be eating for the next three days! Well, it's a lot better than spending time in the Disciplinary Chamber eh? Ahahaha!"

The lanky guard laughed loudly as he walked away with the twins in tow. Juliet got up and could only glare hatefully at the men who took away her friends.


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