Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
4 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 4
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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4 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 4

The guards heading towards the Chamber as the twins were being dragged around by their tattered clothes. After a minute, they finally reached the place and he opened the door.

"Get in there!"

The twins were forcefully shoved and kicked inside a room that was full of tools and equipment meant for torture.

Ezra saw all the equipment and he was terrified, he then ran over to his sister's embrace.


Erza held on to her twin brother tightly as she began to say soothing words for him, "Shh...Don't worry, Onee-chan's here now."

The lanky and fat cultist entered the room along with some guards, and they came up to the twins with the door behind them being closed and locked. The fat cultist smiled creepily as he went to pick up some of the tools.

"Awwww, how sweet. But who will be the first to receive their punishment, huh?"

Ezra began to tremble again, but Erza only glared at the two men, "Do whatever you want with me! Just leave my brother out of this!"

The two men grew a pair of cruel smirks as the two other guards separated the twins from each other.

"That has already been arranged, little girl."



The siblings called out to each other as the struggled in the adult's tight hold. The lanky guard grabbed the whip from his waist and approached Ezra.

"No! Stop! I said you can do whatever you want with me!" Erza yelled as she struggled even harder.

"Oh don't worry. After I'm finished with the boy, you're next." He said as he raised his whip in air before strongly bringing it down.



Sometime later, in other places.....


The guard screamed as his body was slashed against his chest. Besides him were teo other dead guards, lying with fatal wounds on the ground.

Juliet was currently standing over the guard's dead body with a sword in hand as she panted out.

After successfully slipping past out of her cell, the blue haired girl attacked an unsuspecting guard and taking out his sword before killing him. She then made her way to the Disciplinary Chambers with a plan to rescue the twins alone.

So far she had managed to sneak past some of the guards, but now she was forced to kill three, who managed to spot her.

"Erza! Ezra! Where are you?!"

Juliet began to run further down the cave as she finally made it to the Disciplinary Chambers. She knew where it was located, as she was sent her in the past many times.

She then saw a closed cell in the room with both of the twins on the ground, all beaten up and had blood all over their bodies as they cuddled up to each other.

Juliet widened her eyes and dropped her weapon as she ran up and opened up the cell doors. She got down on her knees and shook at the twins' lying bodies.

"Hey, hey! Get up! Get up, Erza! Ez! Please!"

Juliet stopped shaking their bodies as she noticed something on Ezra's back. The girl widened her eyes in shock as she saw the Tower of Heaven's large symbol freshly burned through Ezra's skin.

"Ezra..." Juliet whispered in horror as she saw the brand on the boy.

The blue haired girl then turned to Erza and she was absolutely horrified.

Her right eye was gone....

"Why....Why would they do such a terrible thing...?" Juliet asked herself as she began to tremble.

Not in fear, but in anger!

"WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS?! DAMN THEM!" Juliet let out an enraged roar, making an echo inside the cell as she punched the ground with her fist.


Juliet widened her eyes as she heard Ezra's voice weakly say her name, "Ezra!"

"Juliet....Is that you?"

"Erza!" The blue haired girl cried in joy again as she also heard Erza's voice as well.

Juliet started to become teary eyed as she was relieved that the twins were still alive, "Ezra...Erza...Thank goodness! Everything's fine now! I came to save both you!"

"H....How?" Ezra weakly asked.

Juliet smiled at the two, "There's no turning back now. We only have to fight."

"Fight..." Erza managed to mutter out.



Juliet was suddenly struck from the back of her head as a guard appeared from right behind her.

"This is the brat! This brat killed three of our men!"

"Damn, she's just a little squirt!"

"Don't just kill her off! We'll make an example out of her!"

A bunch of other guards arrived and they began kicking to beat the poor girl. The girl forced herself to endure the pain she was receiving. It wasn't as painful as compared to what they did to her friends.

One of the guards pointed at the lying twins and yelled out, "Oi! Get these two back to their cells! We have a new piece of shit to deal with!"

Following those words, two guards came up to the siblings and picked them off the ground, leaving Juliet alone to be continued on being assaulted by the guards.

After a quick and rough treatment at the twins' injuries, the guards brought the twins back to their normal cell where everyone was waiting.


At the sound of the doors opening, everyone saw both the scarlet haired twins walking inside their cell in a wobbly manner before both them fell to the ground.

"Erza! Ezra!"

"Nee-san! Nii-san!" Their friends shouted their names before running at them and helping them up.

"H-Hey....So you two were okay?" One of their cellmates said.

Another prisoner snapped at the guy, "Moron! How can you say they're okay?!"

Simon looked at the two and saw that Ezra was clinging onto his older twin for dear life. He was also concerned when he saw Erza wearing a medical eye patch around her right eye.

"What about Juliet? She said she was going to get past those bastards and save you two."

Neither of them gave out an answer, instead they just silently sat. Simon was about to ask again, but Rob interrupted him.

"Just let them sit quietly! Poor kids, they must have suffered a lot in the Chamber."

Simon turned to the old man, "But...What about Juliet?"

Rob began to sadly shake his head at the boy and said, "I bet they caught her and took her in their place."

Simon then turned his hand into a fist and gritted his teeth in anger.

Sho began to tremble as tears started to well-up and fall, "...I...*Hic!*...*Hic!*...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry! Uwahhhhh!"

The blonde haired boy began to wail loudly that it could be heard from the outside. Two guards ran up to cell and opened it. They then banged at the bars with their swords.

"What's with all the racket?!"

Their answer was seeing the poor boy crying loudly, it irritated them both, "Shut up you stupid little brat! Otherwise I'll cut your tongue off!"

Wally came to Sho's side, "Calm down, Sho."

"Sho-kun, it's okay. Jiji is here." Rob followed suit as he tried to comfort the boy, but unfortunately Sho kept on crying.

Erza began to tremble from all of the commotion as she felt her brother shaking as well.

She hated it. She hated how they were treated, how many people have suffered, how many have died, how her friends were tormented, and most importantly, she hated how she couldn't stop those men from torturing her brother.

'We have to fight.' Erza thought silently as she gritted her teeth.

She just had enough!

Erza removed herself from her brother and lunged at the guard, "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

Much to the guards, Ezra, and everyone else shock, Erza grabbed the other guard's spear and ripped it out of his hands before swinging it to smack the two guards on the face with a sudden strength gain.

"Huh?!" The other cellmates gasped in shock.

From the other side of a different cell, another group of prisoners heard the commotion, "What's going on?!"

"It's coming from the other cell!"

"It's a revolt!" Yelled one of the guards from outside.

Erza gripped onto the spear with a newfound determination. She faced her brother, friends, and other cellmates and said.

"We won't get freedom by obeying them or running away! We have to fight! Stand up! Stand up for our freedom!"

"Onee-chan..." Ezra muttered out in awe. This was a completely new side to her that he has never seen before.

Simon stood up from his spot and said, "Erza's right! I'm done having to listen to these guys! All of us can finally break free!"

Wally and Millianna followed, "Yeah! It's time for some payback!"

"That's right!"

Sho wiped away his remaining tears and gave a hardened look, "I'm going to help too!"

One by one many of the prisoners began standing up and roared in agreement that it was finally time to fight back. Many had families and homes they wanted to return too, and they weren't going to let anyone take that away from them.

Erza walked up to her brother and held out her hand towards him, "Ezra, it's time to go. Juliet's waiting for us."

From behind her were their friends were smiling at him in encouragement. His sister has been protecting him in all her life, but seeing that she found a new strength, it made Ezra want to protect her this time.

Ezra gave his older twin a determined nod as took Erza's hand and got back up, "Let's go save her!"


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