Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
5 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 5
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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5 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 5

Before this chapter begins, I just wanna say something.

So I've seen alot of people whining in the comments about the MC being a fuckin pussy and a cry baby and already disliking him and all that shit.

Wait for the fuckin story to develop you *****! He's not gonna be like that forever! Is it because of the 'alpha MC's when they were a child' stories that you've grown to already dislike the MC in this book? Been so long since you guys seen an MC that will actually develop a change of mentality do you? You f**ckin beta male readers!

By the way I'm not pissed or anything. Just disappointed.

Now on with the chapter.


Inside the Disciplinary Chambers....

Juliet had her hands tied up to a wooden post as the same fat guard was whipping at her. But, the fat guard was frowning in the lack of entertainment. He wanted to hear her scream, but the girl would just keep on a stoic face as she closed her eyes.

The fat cultist gave one more lash against Juliet's face, surprisingly the girl didn't even cry out in pain or flinched. The fat guard then clicked his tongue as he rubbed his aching shoulder.

"This girl doesn't even utter a sound! No fun at all!"

The lanky man was currently found sitting on a rock while smoking, "Remember that girl a few days ago? Wasn't she scared and crying constantly?"

The fat man turned to his fellow cultist and smirked, "Yeah, that was fine piece of work!"

With those words, both of them began to laugh cruelly. The fat cultist then gripped onto Juliet's face as he tightly squeezes her cheeks.

"Oi, little squirt, do you know what a sacred task it is to complete the R-System? On the dawning day the tower is completed, you will all be taken to paradise. The R-System can revive our God! Revive the last dark magician!"

"Shut up pig." Juliet responded.

The fat cultist didn't take to kindly of the girls insult, "Wha?! What did you say?!"

The fat cultist was furious, he then began lashing at the blue haired girl again with his whip with more force, "You think that's something you can say to a High Priest like me?!"

As the man continuously kept on whipping Juliet, the lanky guard suddenly stopped him, "Don't mind what a little brat says. Let's go, we still gotta put down those uppity slaves this afternoon."

The lanky man then walked towards the door. The fat cultist stopped whipping as he gave out tired breaths of exhaustion.

"Until you learn to respect our god, you won't set a foot outside of this place!" He angrily exclaimed as he followed the lanky man out of the room

Juliet was left alone inside the cold empty room with nothing but utter silence while her hands was still tied up.MAfter a short period of silence, Juliet began to speak for herself.

"God, huh? There's no such thing....I don't need a god that can't even save a child like me....even if he's real."

She hated them....

She hated every last one of them!

The girl began to angrily grit her teeth hard and began shaking in anger, "I hate them....I hate them all! Those guys, their 'god', I hate this entire world!"

"Hate strengthens me..." Said a raspy voice.

Juliet was startled at the voice as she moved her head upwards, but there was nothing there. She then frantically turned her head from different sides, but unfortunately no one was there.

"Those arrogant peasants...I've been here this whole time..." The voice continued to speak.

"Who-...Who's there?! Where are you?!" Juliet roared out.

"And yet they think to 'revive' me....They want me to take a 'bodily' form....No matter how much faith you have, it's futile. Without a strong hatred, you cannot truly feel my presence. You're very lucky, kid, you have the chance to meet the god worshipped by many..."

"Come out!" Juliet demanded, completely fearless to the unknown entity.

A reddish-black matter appeared and began moving around the blue haired girl. She widened her eyes and she began struggling as she felt a dark entity surrounding every part of her body.

"My name is Zeref...Hate is the reason for my existence..."


The sounds of an uproar and shouts spread all across the tower. Every prisoner were set free from their cells thanks to everyone else's efforts.

Currently an entire army of escaped prisoners were fending off against the guards with any kinds of tools that they could find. The pickaxes, swords and spears of dead guards, shovels, and even rocks! They were using every object that can be used as a weapon.

"A revolt! Take them down!" One of the guards joined in the fray as others followed.

As the fight continued to rage on, one guards spotted Wally and charged right at him. However, Wally turned the tables as he quickly punched the guard across the face, putting the guard down to the ground.

"Don't mess with Mad Dog Wally!"

Because of all the lifting and picking on heavy rocks, Wally's strength was more than an average human. The same can be said for some other slaves.

Simon charged at another guard and kicked him in the face, "Thanks to you bastards for toughing me up!"

Sounds of metal clashing and people crying in pain were heard during the entire revolt. An iron door on the left suddenly opened and another wave of guards came charging at the slaves.

"A bunch of slaves think they can take win?!"

"Kill them all! Kill all those who rebel!"

However, many of rebels remained unafraid as many kept fighting back, "Don't be afraid! Numbers are on our side!"

"Take their weapons! We will have our freedom!"

Among the rebelling slaves, Erza was leading her group with both a sword and shield in hand. Ezra was behind her with his own weapon in his hands as he had a steeled look plastered on his face.

"Today we're going to free the 8th Sector! Good luck everyone!" Erza said loudly.

However, one prisoner spoke out his thoughts, "We can't! There are too many soldiers there!"

Ezra looked at the man, "But, if we don't save Juliet soon-..."

As they both continued to argue, Wally found Simon looking at Erza while a set of red cheeks spread across his face. Wally realized what Simon wanted to do as he came up to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder with a teasing smile.

"Are you afraid of confessing, Simon?"

It was no secret to him that Simon fell in love with Erza. And also, it wasn't the best time and place right now to tell her how he felt.


Simon shoved Wally off him as he approached the red haired girl, "Erza."

The twins turned to the black haired boy and Erza asked, "What is it?"

Simon nervously looked down at his feet for a moment before meeting Erza in the eye, "Erza, there's something I wanted to tell-..."


The kids all widened their eyes in horror as Simon was suddenly hit with some kind of blast across his face. He was sent flying to the air as Milliana cried out.


Out from the corner of their eyes, everyone widened their eyes in shock and horror as a bunch of guards were holding some glowing and flaming staffs on their hands.



Some of the rebel group screamed in pain as many were blasted awah and was sent flying into the air by the explosions.

"Retreat! Retreat for now!"

"We can't fight those magicians!"

Erza turned to her retreating allies and called out to them, "You can't! Don't give up everybody! Either we fight or we all die!"

However, everyone just ignored her and kept running while also being shot at by magic.

Erza gripped the handle of her sword tightly and cried out again, "We have to save Juliet now!"

"Onee-chan!" Ezra cried out. While the older twin wasn't looking, Ezra saw one magician pointing his staff at them and fired a blast of magic at their direction.

"Look out!" Their friends yelled.

As the blast came closer and closer at the two, Erza reacted by dropping her sword and raising her shield up quickly and brought Ezra into her arms to minimize the damage on him.


As the explosion occured, Erza didn't feel any occurring pain or force from the explosion. She and Ezra looked at the front and widened their eyes in shock as they saw that Rob was standing right in front of them with his arms spread out.

He took all the damage for them...

"Ojii-san!" The twins cried out the old man's name with tears falling down their eyes.

Rob gave out a weak chuckle at the two, "A-..A useless geezer like me...was good for something...after all. Even if I gave up 'magic' long ago...Erza-chan...Ezra-kun, you two still have unlimited potential....That's your heart..."



"Our heart?" Ezra asked the old man while sitting beside his sister. The twins were currently found listening to Rob about the meaning of Magic.

Rob smiled at the red haired siblings and nodded, "Yes, everything begins from you believing with your heart. You can think of tarots, faith, prayer, and such as 'magic'. It's a miracle that only true believers can experience, and only those who believe that magic exists, believe in themselves, and believe they can coexist with everything in nature, can use such a thing as 'Magic'."

The twins' brown eyes shined in excitement and gained wide smiles at the old man's explanation of magic, "Magic...That's so cool!"

Erza grabbed a broom from the ground and used it like a Witches broomstick and hopped around excitedly, "I'll become a Magician someday, and fly around the sky on a broomstick!"

Ezra joined in with his sister as he grabbed a stick from the ground and waving it around like a wand, "Me too! I'll become strong so I can protect Onee-chan, Ojii-san, and everyone else!"

The elderly old man smiled warmly at two and said, "I know you two can."

*Flashback Ends*


Rob fell to his knees as he managed to say a few more words, "I never thought I could see those smiles again in a place like this..."

"Ojii-san!" The twins quickly ran up and tried to catch the old man.

"Freedom is in your heart...Erza-chan...Ezra-kun...Your dreams will surely be fulfilled..." He said with his last dying breath as he fell face first to the ground.

The twins could only stare in horror over the poor man's dead body as a large stream of tears poured out from their eyes.

Wally was kneeling over Simon's damaged body with his own tears falling, "We have to take Simon to a place safe!"

He then turned his head towards the twins, "Erza, let's retreat for now!"

Erza didn't respond to her friend as she and Ezra continued to stare at the lifeless form of Rob.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh!" Erza then let a loud scream as the swords on ground suddenly began to rattle.

Wally looked at his friend in confusion as he, his comrades, and the cultists noticed something happening with the weapons.


Erza continued to scream loudly as a bright red light with mystical symbols formed under her feet. A strong gust of wind was blown around her and the ground began forming cracks. Suddenly, all the weapons on the ground started rising to the air and pointed to the guards, shocking everyone seeing it.

"Eh? Those weapons are floating..." One guard said.

Erza reached out her arms at the guards and all the weapons was sent flying at them.


Hundreds of weapons was sent flying at the guards. Stabbing, smacking, and sending all of the guards flying away at the barrage. More and more cultists were flung to the air either injured, unconscious, or even dead.

The surviving guards screamed in fear as they saw the weapons removing itselves from the ground and corpses before levitating again and launched itselves at them.

(Insert Being Stabbed SFX)

The second wave of attack wiped out the remaining guards. The rebels were in absolute awe of what they just saw.

They just witnessed Erza use magic.


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