Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
6 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 6
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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6 Escape from the Tower of Heaven Part 6

"W-Way to go Erza! She defeated them in a flash!" Wally cheered.

"Nee-san can use Magic!" Sho exclaimed in awe.

Erza looked at the palm of her hand before she squeezed it into a fist, "This is magic..."

With the new power she has now she can save Juliet. The red haired girl looked over her younger twin, that was still continuing to weep over Rob's lifeless boy. The older twin came up to him and kneeled by his side.

"Ez, can do this. We can save Juliet, and win our freedom. For Ojii-san's sake, let's at least do what he wants us to do."

Ezra looked at his sister with tears in his eyes as he nodded in understanding, "For Juliet and Ojii-san..."

Erza smiled kindly at her brother before taking his hand and lifting him up back to feet. She grabbed her sword from the ground and held it in the air with a cry.

"Come with me!"

The prisoners all roared and cheered as they raised in their weapons in the air, Erza's display of strength clearly boosted their morale. They all began charging towards the exit with the twins running in front of them.

Some of the remain cultist began to tremble in fear as a large wave of people were charging straight for them. There were now only a few of them left because of Erza's attack earlier.

"R-Run away!" One guard yelled as he dropped his spear and ran towards the other direction.

Very soon many other guards followed after as every last one of them ran away from the enraged mob they have enslaved for years. Some were taken out by the rebels as the former slaves came closer towards the exit of the cave.

From a distance, Erza could see a clear view of a large ship that was big enough to hold everyone.

"There's the ship! Now's our chance and be free from this tower!" Her allies all cheered as they quickly ran towards outside.

Wally stopped for a moment when he was suddenly grabbed by the arm. He turned his head and saw Erza holding onto his arm.

"What's up Erza?"

Erza lightly pushed her brother towards her friend and said, "I need you to look after Ezra while I'll go look for Juliet."

The kids widened their eyes in shock as the twin protest, "What?! But I want to go with you!"

Erza looked at Ezra in the eye, "I know you do. But please, stay with Wally and others until I come back with Juliet."

Ezra still had a look of defiance and kept pressing on, "No! I want to save Juliet too! I promised I would protect you both!"

The older twin smiled warmly at her brother, "Ez, this is something I have to do on my own."


"Ezra, I promise that I will come back with Juliet and all of us can escape together, okay? You just need to be patient."

Ezra dropped his head in sadness of being prevented of coming with Erza to save Juliet. While he could understand what his sister was saying, he just wanted to protect her and Juliet as well.

Ezra then gave a low reluctant nod to his sister as Erza gave a sigh of relief. She the turned towards Wally, "Bring Ezra to the ship with the others. I'll be there once I get Juliet."

"You sure you'll be okay on your own?" Wally asked.

Erza got up and answered, "Don't worry, we'll be back before you know it."

Wally nodded at the girl, "Alright. But be quick ya hear?"

The female twin nodded back as she grabbed another sword from the ground and sprinted back inside the tower to save Juliet.

Seeing Erza off, Wally turned to Ezra and held his hand, "Come on Ez, everyone else is waiting."

Ezra didn't say anything but did what he was told and ran outside with Wally.


The scarlet haired girl was currently found rushing through the caves the Disciplinary Chambers.

Erza stopped in her tracks as she saw three other men and the same two cultists who tortured her, Ezra, and the rest of her friends.

All five men looked at the girl fearfully as they began to sweat nervously. The lanky cultists raised his hands at Erza and said.

"Wait! Wait! We know we wronged you and your brother before, but we were only following orders from above! We had no choice but to do what we did!"

Erza didn't bother to listen as she slowly walked towards them with both swords in her hands. It was then the fat cultist spoke, "W-We are the only ones left from The Order. How about w-we all make peace, huh?"

To her answer, Erza gave the men a hard cold look with her one good eye, "Out of the way."

Erza quickly rushed at them as she created a powerful force of wind just by swing her blades. The remaining men was sent flying into the air and knocked out as Erza ran past them.

As the scarlet haired girl ran deeper in the chambers, she soon stopped in her tracks as she found Juliet tied up to a wooden post by the wrists.


Erza then ran towards her as she cut the blue haired girl loose with her sword, "It's okay, it's all over! It's just like you said, we all stood up and fought!"

Juliet didn't say anything rather then just by keeping silent. Erza however kept talking to the girl.

"Simon is badly hurt. Rob-Ojii-san protected me and Ezra, and...many others sacrificed themselves..." She said in a low and sad tone.

Erza then gained a wide smile with a single tear falling out from her eye, "But we won! We're all free!"

Erza then lifted the unresponsive girl by the arm and held her up to her feet, "Let's go! Ezra, Wally, and the others have taken those guys' private ships. We can leave this island!"


Erza widened her eyes as she heard Juliet spoke. She was then taken off guard when Juliet suddenly hugged her and whispered, "We don't have to run anymore..."


It was then that Erza felt that Juliet's hold on her began to tighten as she could feel her body wincing in pain, "Juliet...?"

Juliet raised her head from Erza's shoulder as a dark smile spread across her face, "True freedom is right here..."


From the outside of the tower and on a ship, many of the former slaves all cheered, danced, hugged, and cried in absolute joy of finally being free after so long.

From the side of the ship, Wally was currently found with Millianna as the black haired boy was rummaging through the crates. His eyes then widened in excitement as he found something.

"Hey look at this! It's a Magic Movie Crystal!"

Millianna tilted her head in confusion, "Magic Movie Crystal?"

"It's a magic crystal with a movie recorded in it. I can't believe those guys would have something like this!"

Again, Millianna was confused, "What's a 'movie'?"

"It's a story. Actors take it and play it for everybody!" Wally summarised for the girl and then continued.

"But, I've never seen one before."

Wally then pressed a button from the side of box, and to their surprise, a holographic moving image of a dandy-looking man shot off his gun at another man, "I'm sorry, Tony Joe..."

The main character said as he blew the smoke from his gun, tilted his hat downwards, and looked at the audience, "But your fate was sealed the moment you met me."

Wally gained a ten-megawatt smile as his eyes shined in admiration for the actor, "That's so deep!"

Millianna however just looked at her friend like he was crazy. As Wally continued watching the movie, it was then that he remembered a certain red haired boy.

"Hey Ez! Come check this out! I bet you're really gonna like this!" Wally said as he turned his head to him. However, much to Wally and Millianna's shock, Ezra was gone.

"Huh? E-Ez?! Where did he go?!" Wally stood and turned his head frantically in search of the missing red haired boy.



"Juliet, what are you saying?! Let's escape this island together!" Erza tried to convince her blue haired friend, but instead, Juliet kept walking away from her.

"Erza...Freedom does not exist in this world..." Erza looked shocked when Juliet said that. She then heard Juliet continue.

"I've finally realized, what we need is not fleet freedom. True freedom...lies in Zeref's world."

Erza became unnerved as Juliet turned around and showed Erza her dark crazed look and smile. Juliet slowly walked up to an awake but lying cultist and said.

"I'm beginning to appreciate their feeling, their desire to revive Zeref. But those guys could never feel Zeref's presence, they were only a bunch of pitiful believers."

She then stomped her bare foot on the cultists face with a cruel smile, "Isn't that right?"

The cultist gave a low shriek in fear as Juliet continued, "The tower is mine. I will be the one to complete the R-System and resurrect Zeref."

Erza now became frightened by Juliet's sudden change of character. She started trembling of how Juliet was acting, "W-What's wrong with you Juliet? I-I don't understand what you're saying-..."

Much to Erza's horror, she covered her mouth with her hand as Juliet crushed the man's skull with her foot with blood covering the bottom of her feet and her face having a cruel smile.


Erza watched again as Juliet approached another man who begged to her, "P-Please stop!"

Juliet didn't listen as she instead swiped her hand in the air as the cultist was suddenly pushed by an invisible force that sent him flying towards the rocked walls, killing him upon the fast impact.

Erza widened her eyes in shock, "Magic?"

Juliet continued to laugh as she approached two other men as she then swiped air hands again in air as both men flew to the walls upon impact then dying with their blood spilled all over.

"Stop! Juliet!"

Juliet looked over her shoulder to Erza, "Stop? Don't you hate these guys Erza? Besides, weren't they the ones who tortured you and Ezra as well?"

"Y-Yes, but this is..."

"That won't do. You'll never feel Zeref's presence like that."

Juliet then turned her attention to the last man who began running away. Unfortunately, he wasn't even able to make it as Juliet reached out her arms and blasted him with magic.


Erza was forced to turn away and closed her eyes at the scene as Juliet just gave another crazed laugh.


"Juliet, get a hold of yourself! It must be because you've been tortured for days..."

"I'm just fine." Juliet said as she turned around to face Erza.

"Erza, let's complete the R-System together....No, The Tower of Paradise together!"

Erza gritted her teeth at the blue haired girl, "Stop talking nonsense! We're going to leave this island-..."



A powerful invisible force suddenly pushed Erza back as she was sent flying to the outside. She painfully tumbled down a pile of rocks and into another mining section of the tower as she landed on her front.

Juliet came out from the entrance and looked down at the girl, "Fine. If you want to leave so bad, then go by yourself."

"By myself?!" She said shocked. If she did that then it would mean leaving her friends behind.

To leave Ezra behind...


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