Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
7 Escape from the Tower of Heaven End
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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7 Escape from the Tower of Heaven End

"The others belong to me, I'll need sufficient manpower to complete the Tower of Paradise. You don't have to worry, I won't be like those guys. I will give everybody clothes, give them food, let them rest, and even give them wages. Because labouring under fear and brutality is much too indifferent." Juliet said.

Erza glared at the blue haired girl and exclaimed, "What are you talking about? Everyone is already on the ship! They're all waiting for us! They'll never come back to this island to work!"

"Those guys never told them the purpose of their labour. I will tell them that the true purpose of their work is to revive a great magician known as Zeref!"

"Juliet, please open your eyes..." Erza begged. However, with a motion of Juliet's hands, a dark spectral phantom arm suddenly grabbed Erza by the throat as it squeezed her neck.


As the crazy blue haired girl continued to let the arms choke Erza, she said, "I don't need you anymore. But I won't kill you, I am thankful that you took care of those guys who were in the way. Insignificant 'freedom', if you want. Go and pursue your fleeting."


Juliet began to slowly walk down the hill of rocks and approached Erza, "I think you understand that what happened here is not to be spoken of to anyone. If the government gets wind of the Tower of Paradise, this rare opportunity will be ruined."

Juliet stopped right in front of her as she continued to speak, "When we are found out, I will have to destroy the evidence by destroying this tower and everyone in it. And I'll start with Ezra and the others."

"Juli...et..." Erza began to let a stream of tears fall from her left eye as she found herself helpless to do anything.

"That's your precious 'freedom'! Go on and live while carrying the lives of your friends and brother upon your back, Erza! Ahahahahaha!"

As the ghostly arms began to grip her throat even tighter and tighter, Erza's vision began to fade.

'Ezra...I'm sorry...Onee-chan won't be able to keep her promise...'

"Juliet! Stop!"

Erza's eyes snapped wide open as she and Juliet looked above them and found a panting Ezra.

"Ez...Ezra?!" The older twin said in shock. Shouldn't he be with the others on the ship?

"Oh my, Ez, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be on the ship with everyone else?" Juliet asked in a mocking but sweet tone as she continued to grip Erza's neck.

Ezra just stared at the blue haired girl nervously for a second before speaking, "Juliet, please stop! You don't have to do this! Just come with us on the ship so we can leave!"

Juliet just shook her head in mock disappointment and said, "Oh Ezra, if only you understood what the true purpose of this tower truly meant."

"What do you mean?" He asked in confusion.

Erza continued to struggle against the phantom arm's grip as she looked at her brother, "Ezra, don't listen to her! Just hurry and go ba-Guh!"

"Onee-chan!" Ezra exclaimed as the spectral arms tightened his sister's neck.

Ignoring the cries of the twins, Juliet turned her attention to Ezra, "Ezra, this place isn't what you would originally think of it. All this time we have been building a tower that would lead us into paradise."


Juliet gave a crazed gleeful look and nodded, "Yes, a paradise that only Zeref can give us. Unlike those fools, they never really understood what it was like to have felt and spoken to Zeref himself. Even your own sister cannot understand herself. We can continue building this tower together with everyone so that Zeref may lead us to his world of freedom!"

Juliet extended her hand towards the boy and continued, "Join me, Ezra. Together, the two of us can accomplish so many things by completing this tower, and Zeref will grant us eternal freedom. We can live the rest of our lives as a king and queen, together!"

Erza could only listen helplessly as Juliet tried to persuade her brother. However, that only made the female twin angrier at Juliet of trying to use Ezra in front of her even after the crazy blue head said that she would threaten him and her friends.

However, much to Erza's relief and Juliet's disappointment, Ezra shook his head rapidly, "I don't want any of that! All I want is for you, Onee-chan, Sho, Wally, Simon, Millianna, and everyone else to leave this island for good! I don't anything to do with paradise or Zere-..."

Much to Erza's horror, Juliet swiped her hands in the air as Ezra was suddenly flung away to the side as his small body landed on the hard ground with a loud thud.


Juliet then gave a sigh of disappointment at the boy, "I'm really disappointed in you, Ezra. And here I thought you could understand better than your sister here. Guess I was completely wrong about you-.."


Much to Juliet's shock, Erza somehow managed to regain her strength and head-butted Juliet as the spectral arms vanished when the girl lost her concentration.

Juliet held her head in pain as she growled at Erza, "You.."

Juliet was suddenly struck on the cheek as Erza punched the crazy blue head right across the face and was sent to the ground.

"Ezra!" The female twin yelled to her brother as she ran over to his lying body.

Juliet glared over her shoulder at Erza as she used her telekinesis to stop the scarlet haired girl in her tracks. With a swipe of her hand, she sent Erza flying away from her brother.


Erza slammed against the wall as she groaned in pain. She then looked up and saw Juliet approaching her with a menacing look.

"I gave a chance for you two to join me. But yet, you and Ezra still share a view of inefficient freedom."

She raised the palm of her hand as a flare of magical power was pointed directly at Erza, "But unfortunately, if you can't see how things can go with Zeref's world...then you two are unfit to be a part of it."

Ezra groggily lifted his head and widened his eyes in shock as Juliet was about to blast his sister. He tried to push himself back to his feet, but unfortunately fell back down due to the pain, "O...Onee-chan..."

Erza remained unmoving as her entire body refused to move in fear and Juliet just gave a dark smirk.

"Goodbye Erza." She fired a blast of magic towards the female twin.

Ezra could only watch helplessly as the blast came closer and closer towards his sister.

He hated himself for being useless to Erza...

He hated himself for not being strong or courageous as her when she led the revolt...

He hated for not doing anything right now!

He promised himself that he would always protect her. That they would always stay together. That they would grow up together. That they would do everything together. That they would never leave each other.

He promised her...


As Juliet's attack was about to hit Erza, a large cloud of dust and smoke spread across the entire room. As the smoke began to fade, Juliet widened her eyes in shock as Erza was unharmed.


Erza was also shocked that she was unharmed by Juliet's attack. Right before their eyes, Erza was protected by a barrier of multiple red glowing swords.

"Magic?" Erza muttered in confusion.

"No more..."

The girls turned around and found Ezra back to his feet. Another thing is that they noticed his eyes changed from brown to bright red while releasing a red aura.


"No more! Don't hurt my Onee-chan anymore!"

From his loud cry, the weapons around Erza began to spin rapidly in a circular motion as they all pointed towards Juliet while crackling with some kind of red energy. The blue haired girl widened her eyes in shock as the blades all flew towards her.

Juliet began blasting the attack with her magic as the swords shattered into pieces. However, hundreds of swords suddenly appeared in thin air as they quickly flew towards her.

Juliet quickly retaliated by destroying them with another wave of blasting with her magic as she clicked her tongue.

"Tch! I would never anticipate that Ezra would use magic as well. I may not be able to destroy them all, but I can always get rid of the source!"

Erza widened her eyes as Juliet shot a blast of magic towards her brother, "Ezra! Get out of there!"

As soon as Juliet's attack blasted the boy, the same barrier of swords protected the boy as Ezra remained unharmed.

A single sword suddenly appeared in thin air as it flew towards Juliet. The girl didn't have time to react as the blade slashed her shoulder, leaving a deep bloodied cut.

"Gaaahhh!" Juliet held her injured bleeding shoulder in pain as she fell to a knee.

Multiple glowing swords suddenly appeared and began forming above the girl as they all pointed directly at her. Juliet widened her eyes as many of the blades came down on her.


All the swords exploded on impact, greating a strong gust of wind and leaving a large dust cloud in the entire room as Erza was forced to cover her left eye.

As the dust finally settled, Erza uncovered her eye and stared in shock as she found an unconscious Juliet lying on the ground with small cuts and bruises.

Ezra's eyes suddenly changed back to his original colour as he passed out from magic exhaustion. Erza noticed that the swords began to vanish with a spark as soon as her brother fell to the ground.

Erza quickly ran over to her brothers side and shook him, "Ezra! Ezra, are you okay?!"

Much to the older twins relief, Ezra slowly opened his eyes again at his sister, "Onee-chan..."

The boy managed to mutter out before passing out again. Seeing that her brother was okay, she lifted him up and carried him on her back.

"Lets get out of here."

As she was about to leave, Erza stopped for a moment and looked at the unconscious form of Juliet.

In all honesty, as much as Erza wanted to leave the girl who tried to kill her and her brother, and tried to enslave her friends just to continue building the tower, Erza wasn't that heartless to leave Juliet like that.

As Erza was about to approach the blue haired girl, she was then struck to her stomach by a fast and solid round object.


"Guh!" Erza then fell to her knees and onto the ground in pain. She then heard another young girl's voice.

"How disappointing. To think that Juliet would lose so quickly to a little boy. But, his magic is quite impressive."

'W-What?!...W-Who is..?' Erza thought as her vision began to quickly fade away

"But no matter, she still has her uses...All will go according to plan..."

As Erza's vision finally faded, she only managed to see a girl around her age with dark purple hair, tending to the unconscious Juliet.


On the Shores of Fiore....

In the middle of the night, Erza woke up on a wet sandy beach in the middle of nowhere. She forcefully pushed herself up with her arms and looked around her surroundings of where she was.


She began to frantically turn her head to different directions in search of her brother. Erza stopped moving her head and found her brother lying not too far from where she was.

She quickly got back up to her feet and tried to run towards her brother. Unfortunately, she fell back to the sand, but that didn't stop her.

Erza tried to get up again and rushed to her brother's side and dropped her knees over his body. She rolled him over to his back and quickly placed her ear against his chest.

Much to her relief, Ezra was breathing.

Erza placed her brothers head on her lap as she pressed their foreheads to each other. Tears began to well up on her left eye as they fell onto her brother's face.

Erza began to cry loudly to the full moon.


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