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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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8 Timeskip

Inside of a random town, an army of bandits and two people was breaking out a fight. Even though the bandits had the number advantage, they couldn't just defeat the two people.



Multiple bandits cried out in pain as they were sent flying to the air. The rest of the men looked at their lying comrades in shock as they were taken out in an instant.

"S-Shit! How strong are these two?!"

In front of them were two teens with matching red hair and brown eyes.

The girl was a seventeen-year old who wore a custom-made armoured chest plate and gauntlets with a blue skirt, black boots, and a diamond shaped silver earrings.

The other was a seventeen-year old boy who wore a.....

(Authors Note: I don't know how to describe Knight Emperor's clothing ok. Just know that Ez is wearing the exact same attire as the man in the Cover Image, and the same can be said for his sword. But he doesn't have that cape yet ok.)

They were Erza and Ezra Scarlet. The Titania and Oberon of the Fairy Tail Guild!

"So what do you think everyone back in the guild is doing?" Ezra asked his sister.

Erza brandished out her sword and replied to her brother, "Hopefully they aren't causing too much of a problem back in Magnolia. If not, then I'll see to it that they'll be punished if anything happens."

Ezra sweatdropped and chuckled nervously at his twin sister's answer. He just hoped the others behaved or else they would have to deal with Erza's fist.

The twins then found that multiple bandits came charging at them at once with weapons raised in their hands while letting out a battle cry

Erza got into stance and Ezra smiled as he pulled out his classic but fancy-looking sword, which strangely had a blue gem on the middle of its stylish guard.

It didn't take a long time for a bunch of cannon fodder level bandits to be defeated by the twins. They were all beaten up badly and was left on the ground to be apprehended by the authorities.


Six years have passed ever since the incident with the Tower of Heaven.

Inside on a train returning home to Magnolia after completing another successful job, Ezra couldn't help but think to himself.

He was happy that he and his sister escaped that hellish place a long time ago, but he couldn't help but think about his other friends on what happened to them. But he assumed that some of them must've escaped.

Wally, Millianna, Simon, Shô, Rob, and everyone else...Especially Juliet...

Ezra gave a mental sigh once he reminded himself of that name. Aside from his sister, Juliet was another person who he trusted the most out of everything. She would always help him, support him, and comfort him like his older twin does.

He looked up to Juliet and despite being imprisoned, Ezra couldn't help but feel his heart pound every single time she smiled at him. No matter how many times she was tortured or exhausted, Juliet would always keep her head high and smile no matter the pain.

In all honesty, if Juliet or his sister hadn't been there to comfort him every time, he would have lost it...

Though, after what happened six years ago, Ezra couldn't help but grimace slightly at what happened with Juliet's sudden change...

He never knew what came over her and his sister would always avoid answering his questions regarding what happened to her. He didn't want to be forceful to Erza. No, he could never be forceful with her at all.

Ez knew it too, that his twin didn't want to recall bad memories from long ago. Ezra loves his older twin more than anything and he'll respect her decision to keep things a secret for now...

"Ez, is something wrong?" Ezra turned his attention to his older twin sister who was sitting in front of him with a plate of strawberry cake in her hands.

The younger twin noticed that there was a slight look of concern in her eyes as Ezra quickly waved her off, "N-No! Nothing's wrong. I-I'm sorry for worrying you, Nee-san."

Erza smiled a bit at her twin, "It's nothing to worry about. I was just wondering why you were staring off into space. It is very unlike you, especially since you have some pie crust on the bottom side of your lips."

Ezra looked at his twin confusingly before looking at the reflection of his face from the window and found small crumbs of pie crust and jam on the side of his bottom lip. The redhead blushed in embarrassment.

"A-Ah! My bad..."

Erza giggled at her brother as she took out a handkerchief from her pocket and leaned towards her younger twin, "Here, let me get that for you..."

Ez found himself blushing again at the closeness of his twin. It wasn't because Erza was babying him, no, it was because how close their faces were. He mentally screamed at himself to stop his rapid heartbeats.

As Erza finished cleaning the crumbs off of Ezra's face, she soon looked up to lock her brown eyes with his own. The older twin blushed herself not before sitting back down in her seat.

The twins continued to sit in silence for a few more moments before Ezra broke it, "U-Um, thank you, Nee-san."

"Y-Yes, it's no problem, Ezra." She said as she began to eat her cake again in silence. Wanting to get rid of the current mood, Ez quickly changed to a new topic.

"So, what do you think everyone back at Fairy Tail is doing? I bet they're all doing what they usually do, especially Natsu and Gray." Ezra gave a light chuckle of remembering the two certain rivals.

Erza gave a low sigh, "I must agree with you, though I do hope those fools haven't caused too much trouble for the Master. Especially that white-haired harlot..."

She muttered the last one to herself. Ezra however still heard her and gave a small smile, "You're still angry at Mira, huh? It was only an accident you know..."

The older twin shook her head and scowled, "That was no accident, Ezra. That slut tried to forcefully have her way with you while your guard was down. If I hadn't been to stop her you would have fallen into her clutches!"

"Nee-san, she wasn't trying to seduce me. Mira tripped on one of the mugs by accident during the guild's last brawl and I caught her. That's all." He tried to reason with her.

"That was only a ploy! That wench wanted you to catch her to believe it was an 'accident'! Did you see what she did the moment you caught her?! It's just one of her devious ploys to seduce you!"

Ezra lightly shook his head at his twin but still gave a small smile in amusement. Although he wouldn't mind to be in a relationship with Mirajane, his sister absolutely wouldn't allow it.

For as long as he and everyone else knew, both Erza and Mira had a very serious type of hate-rivalry going on between each other. He didn't exactly know what started it in the first place, but it was to say it did not start off on a good note.

Ez could still remember the day that his twin sister and Mira nearly trashed the entire guild for the first time when they were going at it at like mad dogs. No one was safe that day...

Much like Natsu and Gray, both his sister and Mira has been butting each other's heads for years, which now became a daily routine for them.

Only a lot more violent.

Though despite his older twin and the elder Strauss hating each other. Ezra have a strangely friendly relationship with the white-haired demoness. Sure she does tease him from time to time, but that's only to annoy and irritate Erza to no end.

Plus, Ezra did learn from the other Strauss siblings, Lisanna and Elfman, that their sister can be sweet and kind whenever she wants to be, she just rarely shows it to anyone.

He kinda wished she would show it a bit more often. Mira has treated him like that many times im the past and Ezra found it really cute.

Shaking the thoughts out of his head, Ezra turned back to his sister and grabbed her hand as he rubbed his thumb on her knuckles.

"Nee-san, you know that no one is ever going to take me away from you. I promised you a long time ago that I would stay with you no matter what happens." He comforted her with his usual shy smile.

Erza had a moderate timt of red in her cheeks but gave a smile of relief, "I know you won't...Forgive me for being overdramatic, Ezra. It's just that I..."

The elder Scarlet sibling stopped speaking as she felt a warm hand cupping her cheek as Erza looked up and met her younger twin brothers brown eyes staring at her own.

"I know...I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."

Erza placed her own hand on top of Ezra's and smiled beautifully at him, "Thank you."

The twins stayed like this for a few moments before stopping as the intercoms of the train were on and announced.

"Attention passengers attention. We have now arrived at the Magnolia Train Station. Please remember to collect all personal items before leaving the train. Thank you."

The twins separated from each other as Ezra spoke up, "Good to be home, huh?"

Erza nodded, "Yes, now let's head back to Fairy Tail."


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