Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
10 Mira is Back
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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10 Mira is Back

Fairy Tail was considered to the strongest and greatest guild of all of Fiore. However, it was also known to be the loudest and the most destructive guild of all of Fiore.

Throughout the guild's history and generation, Fairy Tail has done a lot of crazy things that ended up gone wrong...

Stopping a band of bandits, accidentally destroyed half a town.

Hunting a monster, burning an entire forest to the ground.

Bodyguard certain people, have the client end up in a body cast and wheelchair.

Handing out flyers, demolished a bunch of random buildings.



Either way, Fairy Tail has the highest number of collateral damage throughout their years as a guild. And yet somehow they magically managed to get away with it.

But no matter how crazy, insane, loud, lazy, destructive, or violent these people were, they were still good people. And speaking of violent...


Everyone stopped whatever they were doing as they turned their attention to a random guild member who came in through the front entrance like he's seen a monster.

He was sweating rapidly, pale-faced, and panting in exhaustion. He then caught his breath before speaking up loudly, "Bad news guys! It's Mira! She's back earl-!"


The poor guy didn't get to finish his sentence as the front entrance again was kicked open, causing the guy to be flung into the air and crash into a bunch of tables.

"Ugh!" Everyone groaned.

They just cleaned that dammit!

Coming from the entrance were two figures. The first was a young petite girl with short white hair and blue eyes.

She wore a short, dark red dress with a white collar and bow. Upon her arms above her elbows, she wore gold rings with a pale pink fabric flowing down from them. She wore tall, black socks along with brown shoes.

This was Lisanna Strauss. A Take-Over Mage.

The other figure was a slim young woman of below average height. She has long, white hair which curls slightly at the ends, with two bangs framing her face and reaching down to her chest; she has some hair covering her forehead and a slightly dark red ribbon tied to the back of her head.

She has large blue eyes and a curvy, voluptuous body, with large breasts. She wore a black short tank top, a skimpy dark purple mini skirt with a white belt buckle, black thigh boots, and two silver bracelets on her right wrist.

This was Mirajane Strauss. Another Take-Over Mage, older sister to Lisanna, and one of the S-Class mages in the Fairy Tail guild.

"Fairy Tail's strongest woman is back home!" The older sibling announced with an arrogant and cocky smirk on her face.

"Hey, guys! We're back early!" Unlike Mira, Lisanna was more cheerful with an added warm smile.

"Nee-chan! Lisanna! Welcome back!"

A large, muscular man with tanned skin, whose height causes him to tower over most of his fellow guild members, approached the siblings. His long white hair is kept styled upwards in long, wavy spikes, and his dark eyes possess no visible eyebrows.

He wore a formal black Japanese school uniform, with five golden buttons on his jacket with a white trimmed collar, and brown shoes.

This was Elfman Strauss. Younger brother to Mirajane and older brother to Lisanna. Also another Take-Over Mage.

Lisanna smiled brightly at the sight of her brother and ran up to him, "Elfman-nii-chan!"

The two then embraced each other while laughing joyfully. Mira casually walked up to her siblings with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Good to see you too Elf."

Elfman turned to his older sister and smiled, "Yeah! I'm happy to see you too, Nee-chan! So how was the job? I bet you two were manly out there huh?!"

Mira rolled her eyes as Lisanna giggled at her brother and answered, "Not too bad really. Mira-nee and I took care of the problem with no trouble at all."

The older Strauss smirked and said in a cocky tone, "Yup, even if it was such an easy task, the villagers thanked us by throwing a celebration in our accomplishment. I'm telling you, these jobs are getting a lot easier."

Lisanna continued, "Since we didn't expect to be finished early, Mira-nee and I wanted to come back and surprise everyone."

"Is that so? Well, I should tell you both that you aren't ones who finished so soon. Both Ez and Erza just came back a few minutes ago like you two." Elfman said.

Both female Strauss siblings blinked their eyes a bit before Lisanna spoke up, "Really? Both Ez and Erza are back?"

Mira however, snorted, "I bet the tomato head couldn't handle the pressure and begged Ezra to take her home."

She mocked with a smirk. Erza overheard of what Mira just said and angrily marched towards with a worried Ezra following behind her.

"Says the harlot who casually walks around looking like some cheap street whore in broad daylight! I wouldn't be surprised if the townsfolk would have been offended by how you act and dress." She said as she stood several feet away from them.

Mirajane gained a tick mark and stomped towards Erza, coming in near face to face, "Well, well, well, look who it is. At least I'm not some armor wearing freak with nosebleed hair! I also don't need to hide my figure from people by wearing scrap pieces of metal, unlike you. And it's a real shame too, Ez must be tired of carrying that fat ass of yours!"

This time Erza gained a tick mark and soon angrily butted heads with the older Strauss sibling, "Care to repeat that again, slut?!"

"I'd be more than happy to do so, but I prefer to shove that sword up your tight ass!"




"Armor freak!"

"Demon slut!"

As the two continued to throw more insults at each other, Ezra, Lisanna, and Elfman stood by together while watching their elder sisters verbally assault each other.

As they went on, Lisanna gave a low sigh, "Looks like they're at it again, no surprise."

She then faced the male Scarlet twin, "So anyway Ez, how was the mission with you and Erza Elfman-nii-chan said you guys finished earlier like Mira-nee and I."

Ezra answered, "It went well. Nee-san and I handled that bandit problem without any trouble. How about you, Lisanna? I'm guessing you and Mira-san were easily successful in completing your task, huh?"

The younger Strauss sibling nodded her head excitedly, "Yep! The villagers were even kind enough to throw us a feast after we finished helping them. It was really exciting and fun!"

It was also fortunate that Lisanna left out the part where Mira threatened a guy for trying to flirt with her while he was drunk.

The only thing the dude got out of it was two black eyes, a few missing teeth, some bruises, and needing therapy after having his dick got kicked ten-times over...

The poor unfortunate fool never knew who he was dealing with...

"Hmph! It's no secret that my sisters are strong enough to get stuff done no problem! It's manly!" Elfman boasted with a large proud smile as Ezra and Lisanna chuckled at the muscular male.

"Oh, that reminds me, before leaving I bought a few souvenirs for everyone. I have yours right here, Ez."

Lisanna pulled out her bag, she fished out a small wooden turtle carving in her hands and presented it to the red-haired twin. Taking the item off Lisanna's hands, Ezra examined the small gift and spoke.

"Wow, this is really stylish. Thanks, Lis!" He said sincerely with a smile.

Lisanna smiled back, "I'm glad you like it. By the way, have you seen Natsu or Happy around? I'm pretty sure they'll be excited about the gift I got for them."


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