Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
11 A Date? Possibly
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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11 A Date? Possibly

Ezra looked up to the huge hole on top of the building and he said, "Oh right, Natsu and Gray are-!"


"Ow! Watch how you use that hammer, you moron!"

"Me?! How about you quit getting all over my space and let me do my work!"

"That looked like you intentionally hitted me you fuck!"

"Are you kidding me?! It looks like you haven't done any shit except screw things up!"

"What'd you say?!"

"You heard me, ya Flaming Turd!"

"Fuck you stripper!"

From above them, the three could hear the sounds of yelling and bickering before it turned into sounds of fighting. As the conflict went on from above, the group could faintly see the recently cover of wooden boards until....



The wooden boards broke apart as two individuals fell from the ceiling and to the ground below.


Ezra, Lisanna, and Elfman all winced at the sight of the fall, as both the Ice Mage and Dragon Slayer groaned and moaned in pain. A blue cat then floated down with them.

"Natsu?! Are you okay?!" Lisanna said before quickly rushing over to her 'husband' and kneeling to his body.

The only response she got from him was an "Aw..."

"Yeah, he's fine." Said the watching guild members.

Both Ez and Elfman did the same for Gray as the red head asked, "Gray, you alright?"

"That was one manly fall you guys took!" Elfman said.

"Not the righ time, Elfman!"

Rubbing the back of his head in pain, Gray was still able to give an answer, "Yeah, I'm fine, but this shouldn't have happened if it wasn't for that idiot destroying the roof again!"

The pink haired mage turned his head at the seemingly somehow now clothes-free Gray, "Me?! The hell you talkin' bout?! This is your fault, you ass!"

"It was obviously your fault! If you hadn't distracted me, we would have finished sooner! Now look what you did! We gotta do it all over again!" Gray exclaimed as he pointed to the opened holed ceiling.

Natsu retorted back, "As if! You're just-!"

"Okay, that's enough you two." Ezra spoke up.

"Guys, I know you two don't get along well with each other sometimes, but I asked you guys to fix that hole before Master Makarov returns. So you gotta do it, or else..."

Gods forbid how many times the old man nearly had several heart attacks of how expensive the cost of property damages were.

"He started it! What'd you say?! Fuck you Ice Prick/Flame brain! Raaah!"

Natsu and Gray pointed at each other childishly before they began to wrestle with each other on the floor as a comical dust cloud covered them.

From the sidelines, Ezra, Lisanna, and Elfman all looked at the scene before them while Happy was found being carried by the youngest Strauss with a fish in his mouth.

"Even after falling from the ceiling, those two still have a lot of energy to throw punches at each other..." Ezra sighed.

"Yeah, but what else can you expect from them? They've been this way ever since they laid eyes on each other..." Lisanna said as both her brother and Happy nodded in agreement.

Speaking of which....

"The hell did you just say?!"

Everyone's attention, including Natsu and Gray that stopped their fight and turned their heads to the source, were soon converted to the sides as they saw Erza holding out her sword threateningly at Mira who looked unfazed and smirking.

"Mira...Would you care to repeat what'd you just say?"

The elder Strauss sibling smirked, not even caring if the point of Erza's blade was close on the tip of her nose.

"You must have a really shitty hearing if you of all skanks are asking."

"Don't test my patience, you harlot! Now I'm going to ask again...And you better answer me truthfully..." The female red head said slowly as she brought her sword closer to Mira's face.

"Is. It. True?" She pressed on as the white-haired woman only smirked.

Right before Mira could answer, Ez decided to intervene, "Nee-san! That's enough! You and Mira shouldn't be fighting or else the guild will be ruined! Now please put your sword away and let's-eppp!"

Ez was suddenly pulled close to meet his twin sister's glaring eye as she tightly gripped on his shirt, "Ez..I'm going to ask you this once and you better answer me honestly....understood?"

The younger twin nervously nodded his head as he felt his sister's grip loosen but still keeping a firm hold.

It was not often that Erza would demand something out of her brother like this, it was mostly because it was for his own safety and Ezra knew about. But sometimes his older twin sister would do it for some other weird reasons...


"Now...Ezra is it true that you and Mira...were planning to go on a date next week?!"





Everyone around them widened their eyes and yelled in shock, while some females were squealing at Mira's courage as a woman to actually ask Ezra on a date.

Well, who wouldn't want the man? Ezra basically looked like the male version of his sister, but nicer. Erza was really beautiful while Ez was incredibly handsome. He was actually approached by many females in the past, but Erza would just chase them away.

Ezra began stuttering, "W-W-What?! N-N-Nee-san, what are you talking about?! Mira and I...! W-We aren't like that! It's just...!"

"T-Then why did that bitch say you two were planning on going out of town?! And why the hell is it you're going to be alone with her?! W-W-Were you two planning on-?!"

Ezra shook his head and said interruption, "N-No! Nothing like that! M-Mira, please tell her that its not like that!"

The male twin pleaded to the white-haired demoness. But she just gave a mischievous smile as the female twin turned her head to her.

"Ara, but Ez, didn't you agree that you would go out with me to another town for next week, alone together? You seemed pretty excited when I asked you out." The demoness said 'innocently'.

Everyone was silent as a gentle breeze was only thing that could heard in the background. They all stood in still with their mouths open of what the older Strauss just said.

Erza slowly rotated her head to her brother and proceeded to shake him violently.

"What is the meaning of this, Ezra?! Why are you leaving me?! I thought you wanted to be with Onee-chan together forever! Did that bitch swindle and corrupt you while I wasn't looking?! Tell your big sister everything now and I'll help lead you back to the right path!" Erza had a crazy look as she yelled at her brother hysterically.

"Gah! N-Nee-san, wait! Please, calm-Bwah!" But to no avail, Ez couldn't spill out a proper answer as his older twin sister kept shaking him violently.

From the sidelines, the others were watching the scene with amused and shocked expressions on their faces of what was happening. Elfman then spoke out,

"Oi, Ez! It's not manly to do something like that with somebody else's sister!"

Lisanna just sighed as she already knew what her sister was doing. She then held happy closer to her chest as she said.

"Elfman-nii-chan, you should already know that Ez isn't like that, and Mira-nee is only making things worse...right?"

Unfortunately, Elfman ignored her as he kept ranting about how unmanly it was to take another man's sister. He was truly oblivious of what was really happening.

"I don't get it. What's going on?"

As well as for the pink haired mage, as he asked in confusion. The blacked haired stripper then scoffed at him.

"Have you not been paying attention? Wait, don't answer that because you'll just say something stupid anyway."

"The fuck you'd just say?!"

"You heard me!"

And like that, chaos has ensued once more in the Fairy Tail guild. While Erza just ignored the situation and dragged her brother's hands as they walked back to their home to have a long talk.


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