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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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12 The Talk

It was night time....

Inside of a regular medium-sized house, Ezra was currently found cleaning around the house while his older twin sister was occupied somewhere else in the bathroom.

After clearing up the misunderstanding back at the guild in the last few days, it was revealed that both he and Mira made some arrangements to go on a job together to another town for a while.

His sister was relieved that it wasn't a date, but she still didn't like the idea of him being alone with that white-haired whore of all people.

Both she and Mira have hated each other for a very long time. Ezra could still remembered it a long ago on how they started hating on each other

It was only a few years ago when he and his sister grew more adapted to the guild being their new home.

He remembered when the doors opened to three white-haired siblings walking inside the guild with curious, amazed, and slight cautious expressions, and then later hearing Master Makarov announcing them as new members of Fairy Tail.

He still remembered how both Lisanna and Elfman were open and friendly with everyone, while Mira was quiet and distant. It reminded Ez how Erza was like that once when they joined Fairy Tail.

Speaking of his twin sister, Erza once tried to form a conservation with Mira, but instead brushed her off and kept to herself mostly.

When suddenly, after a few days, Mirajane Strauss showed up with a major attitude change along with a whole new look to boot.

She was more lively, arrogant, rude, and haughty as she scared everyone who saw her that day.

Natsu and Gray were the very first two victims of the demoness' change...

Erza, being the strict and authoritative one, tried to talk down to Mira about her treatment with the other guild members, but it didn't go as she planned it to be.

Again, Ezra didn't how it happened, mainly because he stayed behind with his friends outside, but he knew that in the next moment the guild was trashed more than how it regularly was during the brawls.

And thus began a very hateful rivalry...

So many people were hospitalized that day...

After Ezra finished cleaning, he was currently found packing some of his belongings in a large suitcase for tomorrow's job with Mira. He could have his Requip Magic to store all his things, but he didn't want to be lazy about it.

Both he and Mira agreed to meet up early for the morning train since the trip would take four hours or so upon the arrival. And honestly, Ezra was quite nervous a bit.

This was his first job working together with another person other than his twin sister. Don't get him wrong, Ez both admires and respects Mira for who she is and what she's capable of.

But the thing was she had a very nasty habit of teasing him whenever the opportunity was open to her.

Damn his stupid shy personality! He thought he would grow that out of that once he got older, but no!

Maybe he let Erza baby him too much? I mean seriously their twins for crying out loud! Sure they both don't know who was the oldest since they were orphaned, and yes he was a few inches shorter than she was as kids, but still...

"Ez?" Speaking of which, the younger twin came out from his thoughts and focused his attention towards Erza.

She was standing outside his bedroom with her pajamas and her hair a little wet.

"Oh, Nee-san, is there something you need?"

She shook her head, "No, I just came to tell you can use the bathroom now, I just finished using the tub...And I see you're packing for tomorrow, aren't you?"

Ezra gave a small sigh, "Nee-san, are you still upset about this?"

"Frankly yes, I am. I understand if you wanted to go on a job with one of the other guild members, but going with her of all people was the very LAST thing I would consider you doing!" She exclaimed as she crossed her arms with a stern glare.

"Nee-san, I know you and Mira don't get along, but I promised that I would help her on the next job she wanted to do." He said.

"And she couldn't get her siblings or anyone else to help her?" The older twin questioned.

Ezra answered as he scratched the back of his head, "Well Lisanna wanted to spend some time with Natsu and Happy, and Elfman said he was helping Gray and Cana with another job. And you know how the others feel about working with her after...Umm, you know"

When Ezra had said that, Erza knew exactly what he meant. Apparently, when they were younger, Mira did once work with other Fairy Tail members before, but...

Let's just say they weren't heard from after weeks of intensive care and therapy...

"I was around that time and I voluntarily asked if I could join her, and she said yes." Ez finished explaining.

"And why have you never told me about this before?" She demanded with her narrowed eyed still pointing sharply at him.

"I knew you would be angry of the idea of me being alone together with Mira even if I told you anyway. So...I uhh...kept it from...you...I'm sorry..."

Erza still kept her stern, authoritative gaze on her twin brothers form until moments before she relented and gave a defeated sigh.

"Very well, it can't be helped then. I still don't like you being alone with that harlot, but I'll let it slide for now because I can trust you are responsible enough to not do anything funny with her."

The red-haired male rose his head, "Really? That's great! Thank you so much-!"

"But!" Ez stopped speaking as Erza continued.

"You aren't off the hook just yet. You still hid from me about you and Mira going on a job together alone, and I think a proper punishment should be in order."

"P-Punishment? Nee-san, I don't think-!"

"Is that a problem?" Ezra fidgeted on the spot as the female twin gave her brother another glare which made Ez to rapidly shake his head.

"No! No problem at all, Nee-san!"

She then nodded, "Good. Now clean yourself up first and then come to my bedroom afterwards. I shall enact your punishment there tonight."

With that, Erza exited out from her twin's room, leaving Ezra to himself for the next few moments.


After finishing his bath, Ezra was currently found outside his twin's bedroom door. He knocked on the door a few times before he heard her.

"Come in."

Swallowing down a small bit of his saliva, Ezra opened the door, it was where he found Erza sitting on the foot of her bed with her arms crossed along with the same stern look on her face.

"Good, you came."

Ez scratched the side of his cheek with his finger and muttered quietly, "Y-Yeah, you sort of made it that way so that I couldn't say no..."

"What was that?"

"Nothing! I was just wondering what my punishment is going to be...?"

"Oh, yes, umm...Ez, you have to..."

The twin brother looked at his sister questionably as he noticed she had an embarrassed look on her face and has red cheeks as she slightly faced away from him.

"I'm sorry, what? Can you repeat that?" He asked.

Again Erza's cheek grew red as she tried speaking up, "You have to....eep with me..."

"Nee-san, please speak up. I can't hear what you're saying." He pressed.

The female twin's entire cheeks now turned permanently red as her brown eyes met her brothers own.

"I...I want you...to s-sleep with me tonight..."




"Eeehh! W-Why?!" Ezra yelled, shocked as his entire face turned beet red.

Erza looked equally red in embarrassment, "N-Never mind why! This is your punishment, so deal with it!"

"B-But we haven't slept together since we were kids! Why are you asking this now so suddenly?"

The female twin looked away in embarrassment, "I-It's just only to keep an eye on you...."

"Thats it! I know I said earlier I can trust you to be responsible, b-but as your older sister it's my responsibility to make sure you don't have any deprived thoughts before tomorrow! So stop complaining and lay down next to me!" Erza exclaimed as she laid on one side of her bed, leaving the other side free for her brother.

Seeing no more room for argument, Ezra nervously made his way towards the bed and slowly laid himself right next to his sister.

Erza then switched off the lamp on her nightstand. Darkness filled the room as the moonlight from the outside was the only source of outlet for the twins to see one another.

Laying face-to-face, a sense of awkwardness was filled in the air as neither twins bothered to look at each other in the eyes. After a few more moments of silence, Erza spoke.



"Come a little closer. That way we have more space on the bed." She said.


Shifting their weights closer to each other, the twin's faces were now closer than ever as the tip of their noses nearly touched.

Red hues began to reform from their cheeks as the aroma of Erza's shampoo invaded Ez's nose,

'Nee-san...she smells like strawberries and vanilla...No! Bad thoughts! Bad thoughts! Gaaah!'


The younger twin stopped himself as Erza called out to him quietly, "Yes?"

"I'm sorry for making you do this so suddenly...I know it's been a long time since we've done this, and it might make you feel uncomfortable to do so but...I just got so worked up and I couldn't-!"

"Nee-san." Erza stopped as her brother then continued.

"You don't have to worry about it, I understand."


"But nothing. Yes, this does make me feel a bit uncomfortable, yet...at the same time I'm glad..." He confessed which surprised the elder twin.

"Y-You are?"

Ez smiled gently, "Of course! I mean, we are older now, but I've really missed sleeping next to you honestly."

He blushed as he admitted and continued, "Even when we were in that tower, you've always made sure that I was comfortable right by your side despite sleeping on the cold hard ground. But I didn't care about that, all I cared was about being in the warm embrace of my beloved Nee-san. And even if we were forced to work into slavery every starting morning, I would always try to back down my fears knowing you would be there right beside me when I open my eyes..."

"Ezra..." A single tear slowly traced down her cheek to the pillow as the red-haired female twin couldn't make out any words to respond back to her brother.

Erza blushed as she felt his warm hand tightly grab on to hers as Ez gave his usual gentle kind smile.

"So no more discomfort feelings. Tomorrow I have to meet Mira early for the job, but tonight I want to focus solely on Nee-san, okay?"

Erza smiled beautifully and nodded as both she and Ezra leaned in closer together as their foreheads touched.

"Good night, Nee-san. I love you..."

"Mm, I love you as well, Ez. Good night."

And like that, the Scarlet twins peacefully laid their eyes to rest as their hands never lost grasp of each other until morning.


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