Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
13 Just a Dream
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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13 Just a Dream

It was now morning....

Erza was peacefully sleeping with a blissful expression on her face. She then turned around and wrapped an arm around her 'little brother'.

She was dreaming about her and her twin brother, sitting around on the grass and their backs against a tree in their peaceful childhood days.

They were in a forest somewhere near the village. It was early in the morning and there was a beautiful sparkling lake in front of them. The morning light of the sun was the perfect lighting to make the scene beautiful.

And surrounded the lake, was a grassy land full of flowers as colorful butterflies were flying around the area, adding in to the peaceful atmosphere.

The twins were currently sitting closely besides each other as they held each other's hands. Ezra for some reason, reached out his hand and a random butterfly happen to conveniently land on his finger.

"Woa..." Ezra said in wonder.

"Am I a Disney Princess now?"

Erza then looked at her twin with a deadpan face, "No your not, what are you gay?"

Ez was slightly angry at his sister's remark and he whined, "Huh? How does that make me gay?!"

"I'm kidding! Oh, you look so cute when your angry." Erza sweetly said as she brought her brother's face to her chest and ruffled his hair.

"Ahmmm!" Ezra then began waving his arms around in a tantrum.

Erza then finally released her brother, Ez looked at her with an annoyed face as he deepy inhaled and exhaled before turning his head around in a pout.


Erza had a playful smile as she found her brother's reactions cute. She then leaned her head on his shoulders as she slightly pushed him to the right.

"Ohhh, I'm sorry Ez."

Ezra continued to look away from his sister while pouting before suddenly thinking about something that was recently being talked about on the village.

"Onee-chan." He called out.

"Hm?" Erza looked at Ez and she noticed that her little brother was thinking about something so she replied.

"What is it, Ez?"

Ezra looked at his sister in a wondering gaze, "Onee-chan, have you heard about big brother Albert and big sister Yentl getting married?"

Erza pondered for a while before saying, "Yeah....I heard that the wedding is going to start in five days from now. And, it will be held in the village."

Ezra's face transformed into that of excitement, "Really?! There will be food for the guests right?! We can go there! Right, Onee-chan?"

Erza just smiled and she ruffled her adorable little brother's hair and she pinched his cheeks, "Of course we can go! Albert-nii and Yentle-nee would be happy if we can attend! Hehehe, you can be the flower boy."

Albert and Yentl were young adults that live in Rosemary Village. Albert works as a blacksmith while Yentl works as a seamstress.

The two were known to be a lovey-dovey couple, and was about time for them to get married. They also treated the twins very well and would occasionally invite them for a dinner at their home.

"Yes! I know there's going to be pie! I just know it!" Ezra said in excitement.

"Of course there are." Erza smiled.


"Hm?" Erza responded with a head-tilt

"What does being married mean?" Ez asked with a curious and innocent face.

(Authors Note: You guys already know what's gonna happen. That's right I'm using this old trick! Its been too long since I've seen these. So I'm gonna make it and satisfy my fantasies, and of course, yours. *High Five*)


Erza began to recall all her knowledge regarding to marriage. She was taught by such knowledge by the headmistress of the orphanage.

"Uh...Marriage is a thing you do to the people that you truly love. If you truly love someone and that someone truly loves you back, then you should marry her so you can be with her together forever."

Erza said with a slight blush as she scratched her head. Ez then gave out an 'understanding' nod, his curiousity was fully satisfied. But he then said something truly unexpected.

"Then in that case. I wanna marry Onee-chan! I wanna be with Onee-chan together forever!" Ezra said with a warm smile as he then held his sister's hands.


Erza was taken aback of what her brother said and she blushed till her ears. For some reason she wanted to accept it, but another part of her was screaming that she should not as he is her biological brother.

In the end, she decided to treat it as a childish act and brush it off. She knows that Ezra didn't really understand 'Marriage' and just decided to say that out of the blue.

When he grows up, he would definitely think the same and he wouldn't take his words right now seriously.

Suddenly, the background of her dreamscape distorted and the reality before her has shattered and changed!

She was now in a different place and she looked like she was now around twenty years old. Erza looked around her surroundings and saw that she was in a Chapel and their were people sitting on the chairs in formal clothing as they watched an ongoing ceremony.

Natsu, Grey, Makarov, Cana, Lisanna and every single one of the Fairy Tail guild members were there. Some were crying with tears of joy and sweetness of the current event.

*Sniff* *Sniff* "Its so beautiful...." Natsu and Grey cried with tears of joy for their friend.

"I hope Natsu and I can have a better wedding..." Lisanna said while letting out a tear in her eye as she held Happy closely to her chest.

"T-this i-is a real Man's w-wedding...." Elfman said as he wiped off his tears.

"They grow up so fast....I'm so happy for my children. Waaaahhhhh!" Makarov said before crying with a river of tears.

Erza then looked at the center stage and she saw an adult Ezra and Mirajane. They were holding each others hands and there was a priest in the center behind them.

Ezra was wearing a black tuxedo with a white bow tie in a pattern. While Mira was wearing a bridal gown. They were smiling at each other warmly as they waited for the priest's final declaration.

"What....." Erza froze of the sudden development of her dream.

"You may now kiss the bride! May your love be Everlasting!" The priest exclaimed as he spread out his arms.


Mira turned to Erza and she did a mocking and a victorious smile before she turned back to Ezra, who didn't even spare a glance at his sister and just looked at Mira warmly.


Both of the couple then leaned forward for a kiss. Erza saw all of this and she felt something pierce her heart. She somehow couldn't accept this kind of development.

Was it because she was too overprotective of him and doesn't want her brother to leave her side, or was it something else...

She then felt her heart stopped beating for a second before it began to beat rapidly. Her anger, jealously, sadness, and even hatred mixed together in a chaotic emotional storm.


She then saw the two of them finally put their lips together, their tongue entering and coiling in each other's mouth as they sucked on each other's saliva. It was a passionate kiss full of love and affection.....and lust.

That's when Erza turned crazy.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Erza got up from her bed and she roared out loud. She was unconsciously releasing her Magical Aura and everything around her was crushed by the pressure.

"Wha-What?!!" She realized that she finally woke up from her dream and she began to frantically turn her head around, searching for someone in the room.

She turned her head to the side of her bed and saw that Ezra was now gone, and she was hugging a pillow all this time instead of her brother.

'That's right he was going to go on a mission with that whore...All alone with her...'

She then thought of yesterday, where Mira smiled in mockery to her because she managed to take Ez for herself in a whole week. And then on her dream...that very same smile where she managed to take Ezra for herself.

It was too scary to be a coincidence.

Rage, Sadness, and Jealousy filled her heart as she finally snapped.



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