Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
14 Time in the Train
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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14 Time in the Train

Inside of a moving train...

Ezra quietly looked out from his window as his view passed by a group of farmers working in a large field of fully-grown crops.

Across him was Mira, who was boredly reading a magazine on her lap. She was currently flipping one page at a time with no interest, not even bothering to read any of the written articles.

With a frustrated sigh, she tossed the magazine aside and groaned, "Ahhh...How long is this damn train ride?"

Ezra answered for her, "We've been here for at least twenty minutes or so. So I believe we're about thirty minutes away before we reach Hargeon Town."

"Really?! Thirty minutes?! Fuck! This is going to be a real thrill ride." Mira said sarcastically as she crossed her arms under her chest.

She then gave out an annoyed huff and slouched against her seat, Ezra just gave a small chuckle at Mira. Admittedly he was no fan himself for long train rides, but he wasn't the one to complain.

He and his sister would always have a nice conversation to pass the time more quickly whenever they're going somewhere far. And that sorta gave him an idea.

"Hey, how about we talk about something to occupy our time? It'll probably move along faster."

"Or...." Mira said before continuing.

The redhead froze as Mira leaned towards him with a little sultry smile before suddenly pining him against the train wall.

"I got a better idea....How about you and I have a little quickie inside one of the passengers restrooms. I promise to be very gentle with you..." She said in a seductive tone.

There was no other passengers in the other seats because of this early in the morning. So they could do whatever they want. Even if they didn't do it in the bathroom, they could still do it in the passenger seats without any problems.

And just like that, Ezra's face lit up like a Christmas tree as he began stuttering uncontrollably, "Wha-?! I-I-I-I-! D-don-don! Wha-w-!"

"Pfft...!" Unable to hold it in any longer, Mira bursts out laughing while holding her stomach.

(Authors Note: What? You expectin an H-scene? LUL, get cucked boi.)

"Hahahahaha! Y-You should seen your face! It's so red right now! Hahahahaha!"

Realizing it was just a bluff, Ezra slowly simmered down a little and gave the white-haired demoness a small glare while his face was still a little red from the embarrassment.

"T-That wasn't funny! Seriously, my heart almost leapt out from my throat!" He exclaimed.

However, Mira kept on laughing, "Hahahaha! O-Oh relax, will ya? A little teasing couldn't hurt anyone..."

Well, except Natsu and Gray perhaps...

"Besides, I wouldn't want that uptight sister of yours to be hollering up my ass if she found out we did something like that together."

That was true. Ezra remembered his sister giving Mira a very threatening and violent warning yesterday in the afternoon.

"But you know..." Mira started to speak again.

"We could have that quickie now and after the train ride. How about it Ez, you interested? Erza doesn't need to know anything at all~! You can keep a secret right?" She closed in again and purred in his ear seductively.

Once again, Ezra's face turned into a shade of bright red as Mira laughed at his reaction one last time.

"Hahaha! Oh god, you're so cute when you're embarrassed like that! It makes me want to tease you even more!"

Ezra turned away from the white-haired female and groaned, "Oh come on...You already did that, don't you? Plus, I'm really considering a visit to a doctor to have my heart checked out. I swear it might implode at this rate!"

Mira rolled her eyes and smirked, "Oh quite exaggerating. I mostly tease you just to get a rise out of your sister. I absolutely love the expressions she makes when I piss her off!"

She then let out a quick laugh and Ezra composed himself again and faced Mira, "You know I never really figured it out, but why do you and my sister hate each other?"

The white-haired woman casually shrugged, "We just do. Honestly it annoys the hell out of me how that tincan can be such an uptight stickler all the time. I for one, want to show that redheaded broad where her rightful place is, and that's right beneath my boots!"

She smirked widely, but quickly realized who she was talking too, "Oh, no offence, Ez."

Ezra waved his hands in dismissal and chuckled nervously, "No offence...sorta. But you're not technically wrong. Nee-san can be a bit bossy sometimes. Although, Mira, you kinda don't have room to say any of that yourself."

He then pointed out rather sternly, "Not only do you harass my sister, but you also bully everyone else at the guild. And that's something most people can't stand for, even myself."

Normally when a normal person ever talks back against Mira, it wasn't a happy end for them. But in Ezra's case, he was not going to let anyone talk about his twin sister like that. Even if they were allies of the same guild.

Surprising, Mira didn't look angry. Rather she just huffed in annoyance. She then frowned and crossed her arms.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'm a bitch to everyone, you don't need to say it to my face, Ez."

"Actually that's not completely true of how I see you, Mira-san" The red-haired male interrupted.

"Eh?" Mira was caught off by surprise a little as she turned back to see Ezra's warm smiling face.

He spoke sincerely as he held her hands, "True you have your flaws, but behind all of that you are a real caring person, even if you don't show it all the time. Plus, you're strong, beautiful, and you even have a great amount of ambition to become strong. I even heard from Elfman you're also an amazing cook. I kinda find all of those things to be very cool and admirable of you, Mira."

Ezra threw in one of his most honest and heart-warming smiles. Mira, for the first time in her life, had her cheeks blush red as she shyly turned her head away from Ezra's gaze.

"G-Geez...Going all out and attacking a woman like that....you asshole..." She muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing! I-I just mean to say...thank you for what you said, Ez." Mira said with a bright smile on her lips.

Ezra smiled back, "You're welcome, Mira."


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