Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
15 I“m Not Entirely Like my Sister
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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15 I“m Not Entirely Like my Sister

It's been ten minutes since the last conversation happened, and the train was still going to Hargeon.

Right now, the two were having a new kind of conversation....

Quickly straightening herself out, the demoness spoke again, "Anyway, enough about me. I want to learn more stuff about you."

"About me?" Ezra asked as he pointed to himself.

"Yup! For starters, what's the limits of your magic? I only learned you can create weapons, right?"

'Hehehe, if I'm right about some things. Then we can strike a fortune with some dirty business.'

Ezra nodded, "Yes, you are correct. My magic is called Projection Magic. As you may already know, I am able to create any weapon I want just by thinking about it. I can even mentally command the weapon if I want it to fly around and all that stuff."

"I see. So does that also mean you can also copy the weapon of another person?" Mira asked.

Ezra nodded again, "Correct. Just by only looking at the weapon once, I can easily duplicate an exact replica of another person's weapon in seconds. Even if that weapon has a unique ability or some kind of power, then my copied weapon can also have that power, but it would be weaker."

'That's it! Hahaha, I knew it!' Mira thought while coming up with an insurance plan.

"So that basically means you can create forgeries?" She smirked as Ezra deflated a bit.

"In a sense....yes." The redhead slumped his shoulders in slight shame and embarrassment.

Mira laughed a little and grinned, "Oh don't let it get you down, Ez. You can probably make a real good fortune if you sold the weapons you make!"

"Huh?! I would never!" Ezra flinched.

She then folded her fingers and her face turned to a business-like look, "No, Ezzy-kun. WE can make a fortune. Think about it. If we just do it right and find the right buyers, then we'll strike it rich! It'll be a piece of cake. You and me buddy, we'll be filthy stinking rich in no time."

"That doesn't sound any better at all!" He comically snapped at her.

Besides, his Nee-san would severely discipline him if she found out that he was selling forgeries! No, it may even be a lot worse than that.

"Hahaha! Oh lighten up. I was only messing with you. Besides, you're the very last person I know who would ever do those shitty con deals. Do that, and your sister would gut you alive."

The red haired boy became tense after the statement. Though, he still believed that his sister would actually not really hurt him.

Mira continued, "So does that also means you can create and copy armors as well? Like Erza?"

Ez managed to catch the small displeasurable tone in her voice. Mira doesn't happen to like armor for obvious reasons.

However, much to her satisfaction, Ezra shook his head for a no, "That's Nee-san's Re-equip Magic, it doesn't create armors, it only summons it from her pocket dimension. And, I can only create weapons not armors. Gauntlets, leggings, greaves, and shields however are a different story since they can be used as weapons and I'm able to use them to fight directly."

Mira had a pleasured smile and Ezra continued, "Plus....I'm not a big fan of wearing armor myself."

The demoness had a look of surprise on her face, "Really? I thought you and Erza were all twinzy and have the same preferences or whatever?"

She then took looked at the red haired boy's attire. Ezra was now wearing a dark red jacket with buttons that had Fairy Tail's emblem, the buttons were sequenced in details on the breast pockets.

He kept the jacket unzipped and it only had an elbow-length sleeve. Underneath the jacket, he wears a dark red shirt with triangular arrow prints. He also wears a dark red trousers and black buckled boots with red soles.

Ezra wasn't wearing his classic attire for some reason. And this made Mira let out a "Hmmmmmm" as she looked at him with a contemplating gaze.

She always thought that because of that attire, that had some armor here and there, he was also an armor freak like his sister.

(Author's Note: Not wearing his 'Knight Emperor' attire. Or just look at the cover image to get a good look of his iconic clothes.)

The red-haired male chuckled, "Well you're not completely wrong, Mira. We both like using weapons as part of our magic, but I just don't like using armor all that much."

"What about your classic attire? The one you always wear when you go on a mission with Erza. Those have some armors too you know. You always wear them and you say that you don't like armors?" Mira asked.

Ezra just sighed. He could still remember when his own sister tried to force him to always wear armor. They argued for a little bit, until she finally conceded to his wishes.

Although Ezra found it really adorable when his sister was acting all huffy and pouty when he said he didn't want to wear some armor all the time.

Wait! Losing focus! Losing focus!

"Well, at least I don't wear armor constantly like Nee-san. I only wear it when we're doing a mission." Ezra said.

Mira raised an eye brow, "Then why aren't you wearing it right now?"

"I'll just wear it when we really do the mission." Ezra said.

It wasn't really a problem because of his Re-equip Magic. Mira already understood this and she nodded her head.

"Anyway, I'm just glad you're not completely like your sister. It would have been frustrating if there were two armor freaks walking around the guild with poles stuck up their ass." Mira smirked.

Ezra only shook his head at the crudeness of his current partner, "By the way Mira, I want to do a quick review of the job we'll be handling. It involves an investigation on a series of kidnappings, right?"

Mirajane nodded and crossed her arms, "Yeah. Just two months ago, right after the opening was posted up, there have been some strange disappearances going around Hargeon Town, and it's usually happening around the night."

Ezra placed his fingers under his chin in thought, "I see...Have there been any recent rumors you've heard in Hargeon?"

The female mage shook her head, "Not that I've heard of any, no. We're supposed to meet the town's mayor right after we get off the train. He'll be the one to give us some further details of the situation."

"Well let's just hope we can get enough information as much as we can. Otherwise more people will keep disappearing."

Mira nodded along in agreement. Strange kidnapping's happening around the night...

If Ezra had to guess it could be simple as a group bandits picking off people wandering alone in the dark and using them as a ransom against a modest looking town.

Although, Ezra always had a gut feeling that there was something much worse then some regular old bandits. The question is what...?

"Hey, Ez."

Breaking off his thoughts, Ezra turned his attention to teasing, yet mischievous looking Mirajane.

She was now sitting besides him and was leaning her head on his shoulder.

The girl then suddenly moved and pinned him down to his seat, she was now on top of him.

She licked her lips as she placed a hand on his chest and then slowly moved it down to that special spot....

"Since we're going to be here for a while.....Wanna have that quickie now?"

And just like that, all of the seriousness he had moments ago was immediately replaced by a stuttering and a red-faced young man with a white-haired woman laughing at him.


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