Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
16 Hargeon Town
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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16 Hargeon Town

As the train finally made its arrival to the large port Town of Hargeon, the two Fairy Tail Mages took a step off the train.

The white-haired Take-Over Mage stretched her body to the air, "Mmm.m, alright! Finally I get to stretch my legs after a long time of sitting!"

Ezra nodded in agreement, "Yeah, and the town looks so vibrant and lively. You could just tell by how many people are coming and going. I wonder if they have any great shops or souvenirs around here?"

He's been meaning to give Lisanna something as a thank you gift after she gave him that wooden turtle statue.

That, and also find a nice cake shop for his Nee-san. Hopefully they have pies too!

"We can look for those later. Right now we're supposed to meet the Mayor here. I wonder where that guy is?"

Mira tapped her foot impatiently while scanning around the train station, looking for a middle-aged man with a fancy suit and a top hat.

Ezra began searching as well. Though, it was a little hard with a bunch of people walking around, but that's when he noticed something.

"I'm guessing he's the man over there?" He pointed towards a man coming to them through the crowd.

"Excuse me! Excuse-! P-Pardon me! Mayor coming through! Yes, good to you as well, Madam! Oh! Watch where you are running children! Dear me! May I ask that you not touch my rear!"

A short, portly old man around his fifties came running towards the two mages with sweat dripping down his forehead.

"Yup, that's our guy."

Mira raised an eyebrow and putted her hands on her waist as the old man finally reached them.

"I....I do apologize for not arriving here sooner! But there was some extra paperwork that had to be finished at the office!" The mayor breathed in exhaustion as he wiped his forehead with a handkerchief.

"We understand Sir. Our Guild Master back home has the exact same problem as you do." Ezra said.

Poor Master Makarov. So much paperwork, so much daily collateral damage and complaints....

The old mayor gave a gulp and spoke properly, "Yes, well, I assume you two are the Fairy Tail wizards who accepted the request to help our town?"

The redhead nodded, "Yes. My name is Ezra Scarlet. And this is Mirajane Strauss."

The white-haired Mage then gave a simple nod and wave, "Nice to meet you."

The portly old man had his eyes widened, "Oberon and the Demon? Well that's splendid! I have heard such great things about you two!"

Mira leaned over to Ezra and whispered, "He might also know about our 'not so great' moments, but he doesn't want to mention them."

The red haired mail just nodded in agreement.

To be fair, Fairy Tail was the very definition for strong and taking things way too far.

The Mayor then turned to Ezra and asked, "Is the Titania, Erza Scarlet, also with you? I have heard you are always together, correct?"

Mira scowled and crossed her arms, "Only her and Ezra are always seen together. Fortunately she isn't here right now. I wouldn't want to be caught dead with that trash wearing-Hmmph?!"

Ezra then immediately placed his hand over Mira's mouth to stop talking. The redheaded Mage chuckled awkward at the slightly nervous Mayor.

"Ehehe...Please don't mind her, sir. She and my sister aren't exactly on friendly terms."

He removed his hand away from her and Mira gave Ezra an annoyed glare. Ezra just gave a smile of apology as the demoness huffed and turned away from him.

Guess that means she forgives him....probably...

The mayor looked between the two and spoke, "I-I see. Ahem! Anyway, I've never introduced myself. My name is Barney Marl VI! Welcome to the port town of Hargeon! And I do again apologize for my lateness. Now please follow me to the carriage, we have much to discuss of what happened!"

The two nodded and followed Barney out to front gates and into a horseback carriage.


The two Fairy Tail mages were currently found inside of a moving carriage with the town's mayor.

He wiped some sweat off from the side of his head with a handkerchief and began to talk, "T-Thank you again for accepting our request for help. It situation has been awfully because what's happened for the last few days."

Ezra nodded, "Think nothing of it Mr. Mayor. Now, we understand that there have been a series of kidnapping's going around right?"

"Y-Yes. Two months ago there has been a number of townsfolk disappearing in the middle of the night. I have already issued a very strict curfew for everyone who lives here, but more and more people have been vanishing like thin air! Just two nights ago a barkeeper reported to our local officers that his own daughter went missing! And I fear the worse for those victims...." The old man dropped his head solemnly.

"Has there been any recent break-in's as well?" Mira asked.

"Indeed, yes. But luckily there weren't any sort of trouble, well except a few minor mis-haps."

"What do you mean?" Ezra inquired.

The Mayor explained, "Oh yes, one of our residents, Kennedy Hoover, managed to defend himself when he too was almost a victim of being kidnaped."

"Did he use magic to defend himself?"

Barney nodded to Ezra's question, "Yes, he did. However he was badly injured from the attack and unfortunately he didn't even see who the culprit was. If you want to ask him anything about that night, he works as a sailor around here."

Ezra nodded his head, "That would helpful. But can I ask if we could take look into the people who are missing? Along with some personal information and the recent evidence that was collected? It might be help me and Mira in our investigation if we're gonna go anywhere."

Barney nodded, "Yes, of course. I'll have someone deliver what we know to the inn you are staying at. Unfortunately to be honest, we haven't collected much, but I do hope they can of use to you both."

Ezra smiled gratefully and bowed lightly, "We will take what we can get. Thank you, Mayor."

The portly old man shook his head, "N-No! If anything I should be thanking you! It has been awfully stressful these past few days and I'm just so grateful for Fairy Tail to respond to our distress."

Mira crossed one leg up to her thigh and gave a confident smirk, "Think nothing of it, gramps. Fairy Tail will always get the job done no matter how tough the assholes are."

In turn Ezra elbowed her arm and gave her a stern look. Mira just rolled her eyes about his reproach.

She wasn't wrong, and Ezra knew that.

However the mayor didn't seem to take any offence to Mira's crudeness. "Y-Yes, and I have full confidence in your search."

The carriage stopped moving as the old mayor knew exactly why, "Oh It seems we have arrived to the inn. Your rooms should be available once you visit the front desk. And as promised I will have someone deliver the evidence in just a few short hours."

Ezra and Mira smiled in gratitude, "Thank you again, Sir Mayor."

Both Mages exited out from the ride and stood in front of their temporary lodgings. The carriage then began departing as Barney waved them an arm of farewell.

Mira took a quick sigh and a stretch, "Alright, Ez. Since we're here what do you suggest we do first?"

The redhead turned to his white-haired friend and answered, "Lets unpack for now. Then I suggest we can visit the harbor to ask that sailor on what he knows during his attack."

Mira nodded, "It's a start, but I'm not complaining. Let's hurry and get started!"

She smirked as she walked inside the inn with Ezra following. But then he thought of something in the guild.

"Speaking of which, that reminds me....I wonder what Nee-san is doing back home?"

Mira frowned and she turned to Ez, "Really? Your thinking of her right now while your being here with me?"

"Eh? I was just wondering! In the morning, I left the house without telling Nee-san that I'll be going out. I'm just wondering what she'll do in the guild if I'm not with her."


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