Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
17 Meanwhile in Fairy Tail
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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17 Meanwhile in Fairy Tail

After Ezra departed with Mira without him telling his sister that he was going out. Erza was now spending her time drinking in the guild; lamenting her plight.


A red haired girl smashed her cup on the wooden table. The bar maid was startled at the loud sound and she turned to the red head.

"Gimme another one dammit!" *Hiccup!*

It was to say that the elder twin was not doing okay back home. A drunk red faced Erza Scarlet was currently found slumping her head against the countertop of the guilds bar with a beer mug gripped on her left hand.

It has been exactly two hours ever since her innocent younger twin brother left with the bitchy harlot known as Mirajane Strauss.

And so far after their departure, Erza immediately went to the guild and began drinking herself none stop which would nearly beat Cana's own drinking record.

She was drinking her pain away.....

The barmaid across from her only sweated nervously with a matching smile to add to the boot. She then said to the female red head.

"U-Umm...Erza-san, I think you've had enoug-!"


The poor girl jumped in fright as red heads gauntlet hands slammed against counter creating some small cracks, "Eeek!"

"Haaaa?! When I said I want another one, I want another one damn it! Don't make me come over there and....And Ahhh! Just get me another fucking drink!" Demanded the drunk female twin.

The frightened girl only nodded her head furiously, "Y-Yes! Right away, Craz-! I mean, Erza-san!"

With that, the poor bar maid left....

Erza once again planted her head on the table with a loud thud. She then began muttering to herself with drunk and teary eyes.

"Stupid, Ezra....Leaving your own Nee-san behind to be with that white-haired tramp! I'm the one who raised you when we were kids, not her! How could you accept her request to be alone with her? What does she have that I don't? I'm ten times better than that demon slut! Ezra~! You stupid brother~!" She comically wailed for her twin brother.

Over at another table, a bunch of certain young Mages, plus one pink-haired male and his blue cat who were busy eating, could only stare awkwardly at the drunk S-Class Mage.

"Man, I've never seen Erza act like this when Ez isn't with her. Kinda weird to be honest." Gray commented.

"Should we do something about it?" Fairy Tail's resident bookworm Levy McGarden asked.

A brown haired woman with a bikini top answered, "I don't think that would be a good idea, Levy. The way Erza is right now is not someone you should approach so casually."

Many were weirded out of the Titania's condition, but they also treated her as a beast that would go out and rampage if it was wrongly approached.

"You're one to talk, Cana." Gray said.

Cana gave Gray a small dry glare, "Watch it, Popsicle Head. Or else I'm throwing you in the lion's den. And put some clothes on!"

Gray looked down at himself and found that his clothes were missing again, "Oh c'mon!"

He then ran around the guild searching for them.

"Maybe one of us should fight her! I bet that'll cheer her up!" Natsu audibly said with food stuffed inside his mouth.

"Aye! Erza will feel much better if she kicks your butt!" Happy said while having a fish on his mouth.

"Ye-what?! No she wouldn't! And whose side are you on?!" The Dragon Slayer snapped at his cat.


"Then why'd you say she would kick my butt?!"

"Because I'm telling the truth."

"Come-ere you!"

"Lisanna~! Natsu's being a meanie~!" Happy flew to Lisanna's arms as the youngest Strauss sibling giggled.

"Natsu, I don't think fighting Erza in her current state is a good idea. If anything, that will only worsen her mood. And Elfman-nii-chan, don't you dare support the thought or even say 'it's manly'." Lisanna sternly pointed at her brother who sat back down with a disappointed look.

The white-haired girl continued, "I suggest that we let her be for now until Mira-nee and Ezra come back. Besides, she's not doing any real harm asides from her angry shouting and threats."

That, and Lisanna didn't want to mention the three other guild members Erza punched by accident.

Poor fools haven't woken up since then...

Back with Erza again.

She chugged down another pint of her ale and rested her head on the counter and hiccupped.

Usually a nice strawberry cake would have helped calm her frustration or anger. Even her own brother's homemade cooking would have helped.

But seeing as her own twin is out on a job with her most hated rival, she needed something stronger than her usually sweets.

And by the gods this was going to giving her a bad headache afterwards...


The female twin raised her head to find her Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar, who was giving her a stern look.

"Oh, it's just you Master. I apologize, but I wish to be alone right now." The redhead spoke glumly with a slight annoyed tone.

The tiny old man gave a small sigh, "Erza, drinking this much won't help you at all. That's Cana's thing really."

The said brunette then stuck her tongue out childishly at the Master who overheard him.

"Besides, don't you trust Ezra at all? He's a wholesome young man who can be responsible without his own sister breathing down his neck all the time. Plus, I even doubt Mira would go as far to do something that would incur your wrath involving your brother. Teasing him a bit, yes. But nothing out of hand." The old man assured.

Erza took a few moments to process what the tiny old man had said and theb she spoke back.

"I guess...I guess you're right, Master."

She then chugged down the cup of beer in her hands before she continued on.

"Its just.....I have always been overprotective of Ezra ever since we've been growing up together. And I have always disliked Mira for the way she acts which to no end irks me. Seeing that the person I love most is with the person I hate the most, really made me feel weird and it clouded my judgement."

"That's what being overprotective gets ya. Ezra has been always honest with you, hasn't he?" The old man leaned on the table.

Erza nodded for an answer. Her twin never once lied to her, it was always honesty between them.

Even if he did tell a lie, Erza would know immediately and force him to tell the truth.

Although Makarov had said that it was because of her overprotectiveness, Erza couldn't help but feel a foreign aching in her chest when she saw her brother and Mira together...

Specially because of the dream she just had. It was like a revelation into the future.

She then gave herself a mental sigh. She was to drunk to even think. Besides, Ezra already gave his word that he and Mirajane wouldn't do anything indecent while working together.

'Ugh! Fine, I'll just let this one slide off for now and-...'

"Although, now that I think about it, I wouldn't be surprised if those two did it right then and now." The tiny old man Master said while interrupting her thoughts.

'Wait, what?'

"I mean, they're both still young and I can't really blame them if their urges start building up. Ezra's strong but his personality, he's basically easy prey for women like Mira to get her hands on."


"All alone together in the middle of the night in one bedroom and going at it under the sheets like damn reckless kids."


"To be young again....Ehehe, apologies for being a perverted old man, Erza. I was only joking-!"



The Guild Master slowly turned his head to find that the redhead had crushed her mug into pieces with her bare hand as a feeling of dread overwhelmed her entire being.


The older twin didn't respond. Her hair shadowed her eyes, a large flare of magic surrounded her body as her anger slowly grew.

"That fucking bitch...How dare she...How dare she...?!"

Fairy Tail itself shook, almost everyone inside froze themselves in fear, as they knew what was coming.

Their Master just had to make a terrible joke like that in front of her!

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Erza, I was only joking when I said-!"

The tiny old man didn't get to finish as the female twin gripped his head and threw him across the guildhall!


And just like that, the famed Titania flew into mindless rage.


The red demon then proceeded to destroy everything that catches her sight and began throwing away some chairs and tables.

"Master! What the heck, Er-ooof!" A random guild member's face met a chair that Erza threw at him.

"You think you could just take my brothers innocence when I'm not around?! I'll show you the tip of my sword when it's down your slutty throat and out your ass, you demonic whore!"

Erza ripped and tore every piece of object in her sights as well as mangling any screaming guild member that was within her arms reach!




"Ugh! Master just had to tell her a really bad joke while she's still drunk. This will take forever to clean up." Lisanna said as she hid under a table with Cana, Levy, and Happy, who was still in her arms.

Her brother, Elfman, had been already knocked out when the angry drunk redhead threw a wooden barrel at him.

Meanwhile Erza just continued on with her mindless rampage.

"Not to mention we'll be receiving another letter about noise complaints and property damage." Levy commented her own piece as the other three nodded.

They were then reminded with something and Lisanna spoke, "Hey, where are Gray and Natsu?"


The body of the said Ice Mage was smashed against another table, rendering him unconscious.

"There's Gray." Cana said.



"And there goes Natsu." Happy said as he watched his partner being sent to the ceiling and outside to the air.

This was going to take a while...

"Raaaahhhh!" The drunk twin roared as she then brought out her weapons and charged madly at a grouped up guild members.

"Run for your lives!"

"Its every man for himself!"

"Why couldn't Ez take Erza as well!"

"That would have made things worse with her and Mira together!"

"Better them than us!"


This was REALLY going to take a while..


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