Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
18 Meeting in the Restauran
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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18 Meeting in the Restauran



Ezra suddenly sneezed for some reason. Probably because of 'that' legendary reason.

"Someone must be talking about me. I feel like its Nee-san." He muttered to himself.

"Why do I have this strange feeling that Nee-san misunderstood something?" Ezra tilted his head in wonder.

Standing beside him, Mira gave her companion a weird look, "What?"

He shook his head, "Never mind. Anyway, you think this is the right restaurant where Kennedy Hoover always eats?"

He asked as he looked down at a small piece of paper that the innkeeper gave him. It had information of the occupation of the said man and the places he's tend to go.

The two Fairy Tail mages stood outside of a fairly large and wide building that seemed to be a restaurant, as the scent of food could be smelled in the air.

Mira shrugged, "Should be. Let's just follow the information they gave us. If anything, I would guess he'd be here. Its lunch time already."

"Okay, let's go in and look for him."

Nodding in agreement, the two entered through the front doors to find what would usually be in a restaurant.

Almost all of the seats and tables were now filled with people. It was lunch time, so of course there would be alot of people.

The smell of the foods they served here seemed to be good by just judging on their scents. Though, sea food was the majority of the cuisuine that they would serve.

Mira looked around and she rubbed her slightly rumbling stomach, "Damn! Everything here smells good! We have to take a meal here."

"Well, I guess we can if we don't find our man. We can take a break and eat here for lunch." Ezra said.

With that statement, Mira then placed her hands on her pockets and she sweatdropped.

"Oh crap...."

She forgot to bring any money.

She then looked at the man who has a Re-equip Magic before suddenly clinging to his arm.

"M-Mira?! What are you doing?" The red head said as he was flustered at her actions.

"Ezzy~! We're friends right~! And friends should help each other out~! So can you treat me for today~! I forgot to bring any money at all~!" Mira smiled as said in a cutesy/begging tone.

Ezra just scratched his head helplessly, "Sure, why not."

"That's why I love you Ezzy-kun~!" The white haired girl sweetly said as she clinged even closer to him.

It was like she was his girlfriend.

"Excuse me! You two!"

The Mages then turned their attentions to a tall, lanky man around his thirties wearing some sailor clothes, slicked back brown hair, circular framed glasses, and a sling wrapped around his right arm.

"Are you two perhaps the Fairy Tail mages that the Mayor has informed me about?"

Ezra answered, "Yes, we are. I'm Ezra, and this is Mirajane. Are you Kennedy Hoover?"

The brown-haired man nodded, "Yes, I am. The Mayor sent me a message that you'd be looking for me here. I take it you both want to ask some questions about what happened to me a few nights ago?"

They both nodded back, "If that's alright with you, Hoover-san."

The middle-aged man smiled, "Not at all. And please, call me Kennedy. Now lets find ourselves a table here, I will try to tell you everything I know to the best of my abilities."


Later, the trio managed to find a table for themselves. A then waiter approached them and asked for their orders.

The trio told them of their food orders and the waiter left as soon as they were done.

Ezra and Mira were sittting right next to each other and Kennedy was right across them on the other side of the table.

Mira then spoke as she slightly leaned on the table, "So, what can you tell us from the night of your attack?"

Kennedy nodded seriously and began talking, "Yes. After I was done on helping on the preparations in our ship, my Captain told me that we were going to sail after three days. So I left to head home to spend my free days there. And on my way there, I couldn't help but feel someone was following me."

"Did you notice anyone?" Ezra asked.

"No, I didn't. I was too scared out of my wits, I became paranoid! I didn't even try to look back. Thankfully I was able to return home safely, or so I believed."

"And that's when the kidnappers broke into your home. The Mayor said you used magic to defend yourself, right? What kind of magic did you use?" Ezra inquired.

"I use type of Plant Magic."

He answered Ezra's question as a small green magic circle appeared on his hand, and on it grew out a small vine.

"And also, before that day happened. Me and some of my mates managed to find some kind of remains of a large sea creature by chance. I think it was somewhere in the shores of Kiluca Island a few weeks ago."

"That's sounds really cool. What kind of monster was it?" Ez asked. He was seemed to be completely interested in the man's discovery.

"Oh! Well, my friends and I discovered the bones of an unknown sea creature. And let me tell you, what we found was huge!"

"Really?! How big was it!"

"It was larger than our ship! I think it has long neck, the thing also had like a large mouth that had some scary rows of large sharp teeths. We also found some other stuff besides the creatures bones."

"Cool! What else have you guys found? Like magical items or even old weapons!"

Mira just groaned at hearing the red head mentioning 'weapons'. She knew that Ezra has some kind of weapon fetish.

Ezra wasn't going to deny it, but he was sorta a geek when it comes to weapons.

He didn't have a total obsession, just a frequent fascination. He also loved making weapons the old fashion way, blacksmithing.

He even handcrafted some of his sister's swords for her!

"Now that you mentioned it, we did! They were like magical items that was used in ancient tim-..!"


The two males stopped their conversation as the sole white-haired woman gave them an impatient look.

"Are you two just going to talk about some dusty old bones all day or are we going to hear what the man saw?"

"R-Right, I apologize. I got almost got carried way."

Ezra scratched the back of his head awkwardly, "Sorry, my fault."

The demoness rolled her eyes, she then crossed her arms under her big chest, and huffed.

"Whatever. Did you even manage to see who was after you? Even at the slightest?"

The sailor spoke seriously again, "No, unfortunately. They put a sack over my head, so I couldn't see anything at all. And they began beating me as I struggled. I feared for my life, so I just used my magic in panic. There's was a bit of conflict going on, but I managed to defend myself until the authorities came over because of all the commotion."

He then sighed, "Unfortunately, they escaped. Most of my house was ruined, and they managed to break my arm."

"And that was it? There wasn't anything else?" Ezra said in disappointment and the two Mages were prepared to leave.

But it was understandable if Kennedy had nothing else to say. Like he said, he couldn't see anything at all.

"Actually, there is one more thing."

Both mages straightened themselves up as the brown-haired man pulled something out from his pockets.

"This is a piece of fabric that I managed to tear off from one of the attackers during my struggle. I found it right after they escaped. There's even this strange symbol sewn on to it."

Looking closer, the cloth had a patterned symbol, but it was incomplete.

The two then questioned, "Do you know what this symbol means?"

"No, I don't. But if I had to guess, It must be the emblem of some kind of cult or something."

Mira then widened her eyes in shock. Ezra was the one who was mostly affected of the sudden development.

"A Cult?"


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