Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
19 Night Time Disruption
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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet
Author :DemonOfParadox
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19 Night Time Disruption

"A Cult?" Ezra said while frowning.

He did not like cults for obvious reasons, specially the evil ones. If he ever spheard that there was some kind of cult in Magnolia, then he would be the first one to take action.

"Maybe its cult or maybe its just some Dark Guild, it may even be just some group of bandits that have an emblem on their group or something. Who knows, but I'm more on the cult side." The middle-aged man said.

"I see, so that explains the kidnapping's....A cult kidnapping people, huh." Ezra muttered to himself.

He then said, "But Kennedy-san, why didn't you take this piece of evidence to the police after the attack? Surely it would have been useful to them."

"Yes, that is true. But the thing was....I didn't want to." He admitted which surprised the two.

Mira looked at the man suspiciously, "And why not?"

The older man gulped nervously and shivered that the look Mira was giving. Those eyes meant she'll break his other arm if he doesn't say anything.

"B-Because....Because I don't trust them, more specially the one in charge. The Chief, Alexander Commell."

"Alexander Commell? Who's that and what's so bad about the guy?" Mira said.

Kennedy frowned, "Commell transferred from another town far off the north from here. He became the new head of police two years ago after the previous one retired. I know I'm not supposed to say stuff like this, but that man just sets me off the wrong way. Just two days ago he charged this poor lady a large sum money just because her nephew got into some accident with the other police. Not only that, he even beated a man near death just because he tried to steal something."

"A corrupt officer perhaps?" Ezra frowned with narrowed eyes.

He absolutely hates those who would abuse their power for the wrong reasons. All the more reason why he should talk to this police officer if he can.

"Possibly. Unfortunately, most of the townsfolk are afraid to report him because they think that bastard will end up hurting them. Barney is aware of this himself and tried talking with Commell before about his behaviour. It didn't go so well because the prick made some ridiculous argument of 'wanting to straighten out the order for the towns safety' and that was it."

"That old man really has no backbone huh. He's suppose to be a mayor, but he gives off the vibe of a passive person." Mira said while frowning.

"I see. Thank you on the input. We'll be careful if Mira and I ever encounter this person. Also, Kennedy-san, may we also take that cloth off your hands? It might be of use in helping during our investigation." Ezra asked.

"By all means, take it."

The sailor then gave him the cloth, "Just as long you don't give it to the police cause I really think they might take that. I'm fairly certain Commell brainwashed half of the other officers. Right now I can only trust you two from Fairy Tail into solving this case. I wish the best of luck to the both of you."

Both Mages nodded and stood up from their seats, "Thank you for your time, Kennedy-san."



It was in the middle of the night.

As promised by the mayor, he had someone deliver the stuff Ezra needed to his room. Right now he was sitting on the edge of his bed reviewing the papers on the people who've gone missing.

Kennedy mentioned a cult was probably behind all of this, but so far only four people have been kidnaped for the last two months.

Ezra had some experience in dealing with cults, but it's usually common knowledge for a cultist to use either one or more forms of a sacrifice for summoning a being they worship. It was a similar case like with....

With the Tower of Heaven...

Ezra tightened his grip on the papers as old, painful memories began to resurface. All those anguishing cries...the beatings...so many innocent people who...!

No! He shouldn't bring up the past right now! He can't think like this! Not now! All of that was behind him and his Nee-san! All of that...!

"It is something I can't forget about...Now matter how hard I try, I can't force myself to forget all of you....Especially you, Juliet..."

"You say something?"

Ezra jumped a little from his spot and found Mira coming into the room with a tray of food in her hands.

"N-No! Sorry, I was just talking to myself. Hehe..." He scratched his head awkwardly.

The demon gave the redhead a small look for a little while before turning into a grin, "Well don't do it to often. I do not want to be anywhere crazy aside what we're doing now."

She sat on another bed beside him while putting the meal aside on the nightstand, "So anything new?"

Ezra shook his head, "None so far. I've gone over these papers three times already and there's isn't anything else that's specific enough to why these people have been abducted. There's no pattern or anything."

"Let's review what we know from today. Maybe that will help." Mira suggested

The redhead nodded, "You're right, I'll start first. So far what we know that only four people have been abducted for the past two months. Several of which who have started to go missing during the night. Although the Mayor said he put the townsfolk on a strict curfew, there still has been an act of break-in and attempted kidnaping with the people."

Mira spoke, "The old man also said he had several officers staying late at night on every street in town. There's also a slight possibility that the Commell guy could be a suspect based on the way Kennedy talked about him. Or at least he should be am accomplice by helping the kidnappers in some way."

"That is true. Kennedy-san did say he was the new Police Chief around town, but he does go around abusing his authority. However, we haven't met the man yet, so we don't know if he's working with the kidnapers or not."

"I just hope we don't. The guy sounds like a real creep if you ask me." Mira shuddered before she continued.

"But there's one thing I don't get. Only four people have gone missing for the past two months, and not anymore except two nights ago. I don't support the thought, but if I were a kidnaper for some weird, demon summoning cult, I would have gathered more than that."

Ezra nodded at that statement. He was thinking the kidnapers were being precautions of what they were doing and tried to leave very little evidence for anyone to find them. Or maybe they're going after a specific group of people?

Looking back from today, he and Mira had visited the residences and stores of other people who either had a friend or family taken from them. So far it had been the same responses of people not returning during the night.

There was even one case where a man said he and a groups of friends were walking back from the bar when all of the sudden they were ambushed by some men in dark cloaks.

They were unconscious at the time, but when they came to only one of their friends was taken. So it must be a specific type of person that was being taken. But why?

"Ez?" Ezra snapped out of his thoughts as Mira was called out his name, "O-Oh, sorry, Mira. Guess I was to deep in thinking about the investigation."

"Well don't think to hard. Wouldn't want my partner to have his brain fried. Here, have something to eat first before it gets cold. Mushroom soup." Mira smiled as she passed the bowl to her partner.

"Thank you, Mira." He smiled in thanks.

Ezra took the spoon and put it in his mouth and savoured the flavour. It tasted good! Taking another scoop, Ezra ate in peace before Mira suddenly spoke again.

"By the way, Ez, wanna join me in the shower later?"


Ezra comically spit out the soup in his mouth and as the demoness began laughing at him!

"Ahahaha! Y-You should've seen your face! It was hilarious!" The demoness laughed as Ezra's face turned into the same color as his hair.


The white-haired woman stopped laughing while weeping a tear from her eye, "Oh relax, I was just joking. Unless you really want to join me for a shower? I'm ok with it, really...If its you...."

Mira said the last part in a barely audible voice as her cheeks became slightly red while Ezra just tilted his head at those inaudible last words.

She then grinned seductively as she playfully grabbed his hands, "Think about it, a beautiful girl like me asking a guy like you to join me in the bathroom alone together~. Other guys would kill for this, you know?"

Ezra's face turned redder in embarrassment and turned away which amused her. She was about to continue her teasing by telling him to at least sleep with her, but then.....



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