Hellbound With You
8 I“ll show you
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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8 I“ll show you

A smirk carved on the man's face the moment he heard her. He lifted her chin with his cool finger as he spoke. "So that you can pay for the damage to my car?" he asked, his voice sounded dangerous again, chilly even.

"That is… an extra benefit. This was an accident caused by me and I don't have the money to pay you. And… and I really don't want to go to jail."

"So, if I tell you that I forgive you and you don't need to pay for anything, you won't offer yourself again like this?"

Abigail was surprised but she was quick to realize that this was just a 'what if' scenario he was describing. Could he be testing her resolve? Abigail tried to search for something in his eyes, trying to see if he was serious or just kidding but she couldn't fathom anything from those eyes of his. It was just impossible to decipher his expressions that all she could rely on was her gut feelings. She didn't know why but she just felt like there was both interest and disapproval coming from him as he spoke to her.

"If you forgive me, I'd really really appreciate it. But I'd still want to be your girlfriend." Abigail didn't falter and still insisted on what she wanted.

The man was speechless for a while. To him, this girl was simply intriguing. There were countless girls who wanted him but once he turned them down, and sent them away, they just left him alone like they were scared little bunnies. He knew they were scared. All of the girls in his life had always been fearful of him even though they tried to deny it. He could just sense the fear at the bottom of their hearts, and yet, this girl was… he wondered how long her fearlessness would last if he…

"Tell me, little lamb, why do you want to be my girlfriend that badly?" he asked, his eyes probing.

"Why? Why can't I?" she shrugged innocently. "Tell me, Mr. Qin, why are you resisting me that badly?"

"Pfft! Hahaha, nice comeback, Miss Chen." The man behind the car was grinning widely as he butted in, watching them with great interest.

But the two were so focused on each other that they didn't even seem to hear the third wheel's voice across them.

"I don't understand why you are refusing to try me, Mr. Qin. I am not an actress like Miss Song but I know I don't look that bad compared to her." Abigail bravely said. She was speaking to him so confidently even though deep within her, she was the one being surprised by herself the most. Perhaps, the almost outrageous praises she was always receiving from her family and Kelly about how beautiful she was was boosting her confidence? She didn't know. She really had no idea that she could even talk like this. Since meeting this man, she just kept on doing things she had never done before.

At that moment, the man just stared at her, his eyes unreadable as he continued to gaze with probing intensity into her eyes and then a soft, enchanting chuckle left his mouth. She kept her eyes on him and noted that his laughter didn't reach his eyes.

He leaned in on her, not breaking their eye contact. His enchanting face loomed closer, so close that his breath drifted over her face, leaving her dumbstruck.

"Abigail Chen…" he uttered her complete name. "You're right… I remember when you said you'll show me how attractive you can be. I might as well give you a chance to at least prove yourself." He smirked wickedly. His fingers played with her yellow scarf again before he leaned away. No matter how she tried, she just couldn't read anything from him at all; his wicked smirks, his enchanting chuckles, his beautiful icy eyes – they were not giving anything away, not even a tiny glimpse of his thoughts.

Somehow, Abigail managed to react immediately, not letting his spell bind her heart and mind completely.

"Mm. I'll show you." she said, her chin was up confidently, showing him all her intensity and determination, causing the man to chuckle again.

"Okay, you go back in your car now, daredevil little lamb or you'll cause another accident by leaving your car in the middle of the road like that." He finally released her from the force of his gaze as he looked at Abi's car.

"Oops!" she gasped and she quickly moved like nothing had just happened. She was reacting normally again but before she opened her car door, she paused and looked back.

"Uhm wait, how about…" Abigail trailed off. It was because the luxurious car was already back on the road. It appeared that the car was still working, with Mr. Black leather jacket behind the wheel this time .

"Are you sure your car can manage to send you home?" she said and Mr. Black Leather jacket half-smiled at her.

"Don't worry, Miss, this car is tough." he said loudly and Abigail could only blink.

She then returned her gaze towards Mr. Qin and when she saw that he had begun walking towards the black Lamborghini, Abigail ran after him. "Wait, please give me your number." She said, pinching a little portion of his coat and tugging it.

The man didn't turn to look at her but he lifted his hand, silently asking for her phone.

Abigail quickly gave her phone to him and in a short while, he gave it back, still not turning to look at her face. Abigail stared at his number and dialed it.

The man quietly brought out his phone and showed her its screen.

"I'll send you a message of where and when," he uttered and then, he left.

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    《Hellbound With You》