Hellbound With You
14 Exception
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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14 Exception

The man was completely stunned for a moment and his jaw actually fell from his astonishment. He just could not believe that she did that! The face that was so indecipherable just a moment ago, now expressed an emotion that Abi did not expect. It was obvious he found what she did utterly shocking.

His reaction made Abi immediately realize that what she did was not what she was supposed to do with that thing and she hastily spat it out of her mouth into her palm. She was panicking a little and blushing even harder. She bit her bottom lip and her eyes wandered around as she tried to compose herself.

"You… have you never seen this thing before?" the man asked and Abi quickly shook her head. She heard him let out a quiet sigh and his expression was back to its unreadable state.

"Come over here," he commanded again and Abi meekly walked towards him, her face as red as a ripened tomato. As she got closer to him, her heartbeat sped up and it drummed loudly in her ears.

"Give it to me." Another command was given to her as he lifted his hand towards her and Abi placed the pink thing on his palm. He put it on top of the bedside table and held his hand out towards her again. She placed her hand on his and then he pulled her towards the bed, indicating for her to hop on it. She climbed on, one leg after the other, and knelt before him.

Abi bit her lips to control her breathing. She was so nervous that her hands were shaking slightly but she didn't despise this overwhelming feeling. Surprisingly, she was filled with anticipation instead. She felt like she was now pushing open the door to this unknown world, a world she had been wishing to see for a while now. This was definitely the most thrilling thing she had ever done in her life, if not the most daring too.

She looked at the man who still held her hand captive and patiently waited for his next instructions. However, to her surprise, he pulled her hand closer to his face where the tip of his nose slightly grazed her knuckles. He then softly placed a kiss on them before opening up her fingers. Abi watched him as he slowly opened his mouth and placed her finger inside it. He then closed and sucked on it, ran his tongue along it as he slowly drew it out again.

Abi gasped in both surprise and pleasure. The unexpected action caused her body to react in ways it had never done before. She was overwhelmed by all the new sensations she was experiencing at that moment that she nearly missed his next words.

He released her hand and said, "use your hand then," as he gazed up at her through his long thick lashes. There was a hint of amusement in his eyes as he saw her reaction to his teasing but there was also a hint of something else, something dark and dangerous.

However, Abigail was too much in a daze to notice and she was also distracted by what he just said. She just blinked again as she froze before him. Use my hand? For what?

"Touch yourself," he added and Abi's brows knotted in confusion. She thought that he was going to do something more - a kiss on the lips, embrace her so that they would be closer to each other - but 'touch yourself' was what he came up with? She thought that this was a two person deal but all he was doing was ordering her around and making her do things by herself. What was going on?

"Abigail, are you trying to test my patience?" The man smiled wickedly when Abi didn't move, causing her to snap back to the present. Unsure of what he was wanting, she awkwardly lifted her arms, crossed it and hugged herself, touching her own shoulders down to her elbow.

"Like this?" she asked, innocently.

The man finally snapped. What was this woman doing? Was she actually trying to test his patience, because if she was, she was doing a hell of a job in making sure she succeeded. His patience was definitely running out pretty damned quickly!

"Uhm… please don't make me guess. Touch myself? Sure, but where? Can you please just be specific?" she asked, somewhat frustrated herself, but her expression was serious.

"You…" He lifted his hand and touched her chin. He flashed his wicked killer smile again as if he just realized something interesting. "Oh, so you want me to say it, huh? Okay, since you impressed me with how beautiful you were tonight, I'll grant your request," he muttered sexily as he traced her jaw with his finger. "Touch your sex."

Abigail was shocked. Her face immediately burned red. She swallowed her own saliva as she looked down at him. 'Oh. So that's what he meant…' She suddenly felt shy again. She was utterly shocked but she thought that this might be normal so in the next moment, she squared her shoulders and took a deep breath, then she placed her hand over her flat, toned stomach.

Her hand then slowly traveled downwards over her flat abdomen and over her sexy, black, lacy underwear. The man leaned back to get a better view of her. The girl's hand went down some more and at last her finger found her sex and touched it through her lacy underwear, as he asked. He waited in anticipation but the girl didn't move her hand again.

He looked up at her.

"What are you doing?"

"I-I touched it."

". . ." The man was again rendered speechless but he calmly closed his eyes before he spoke again.

"Move your hand," he ordered and Abi quickly moved her hand away from her sex.

"What are you doing?"

"I moved my hand," she said, looking at him with an innocent expression.

His jaw just dropped and not for the first time that night.


To my dear readers,

I know that our ML's actions are very uncomfortable to some of u. I did say beforehand that this story will be much more daring and different from all my other books. As an author, i'd like to dare and try something new and challenge myself and go for a journey i never tried before.

So I'd like to ask you guys to give this book a chance and read further before u decide dropping it or not. I know you guys already know my style, that there will always be a reason behind everything that happens, and why the leads are like that and everything.

Also, i'd like to tell you that this book is my entry for the theme "SWEET LOVE". With that alone, i know you guys already know what to expect in the near future ^_~. I'm not going to spoil anything so i hope you will follow Abi's journey till the end.

Last one, i know you already saw that this book is r-18 but i still want to remind everyone. ^^

Thank u and please know that i will always do my very best and give everything i got to make this story worthy of your time, love and support.



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    《Hellbound With You》