Hellbound With You
57 Made of ice
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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57 Made of ice

Still trying to decide, Abi stood before him, staring hard at him and then, suddenly, she threw herself at him and hugged him.

Alexander's eyes slightly widened. He never expected this little lamb to throw herself at him upon coming back. Abi was actually surprised as well. She was planning to kiss him but she ended up hugging him, instead. Maybe it was because she was a bit tired.

"T-this is what a good girlfriend does when they see their boyfriend when they get home, right?" she mumbled and Alex finally snapped. He looked away and rested his chin on his palm.

"Well… I'm surprised you at least know how to be sweet, little lamb," he replied. He was about to give her more information on what else a good girlfriend did but Abi spoke first.

"You're warm, Alex," she suddenly uttered and it looked like she surprised the man again. Alex didn't see those words coming. He was speechless.

Three seconds passed before his expression returned to normal.

"What? Were you expecting my body to be cold as ice?" he asked with a smirk on his face and Abi nodded without hesitation.

"That's right. You can't blame me! You are so cold towards me almost all the time that I sometimes thought you were made of ice."

A laughter echoed inside the living room. "Little lamb… did you know that you are the first girl to actually bravely tell me that right before my very face?" he was both amused and bewildered.

"I'm the first?" she pulled away, curious. "Really?"

When Alex nodded, Abigail's expression changed into something Alex never expected.

"That's strange."

"What is strange about that? Huh, Abigail?"

"You are supposed to have a lot of past girlfriends. And now you're telling me, not one of them ever told you that you are cold? Alex, it seems like my first impression of you was wrong after all, because it seems like you didn't really have as many past girlfriends as I thought."

Alexander was once again rendered speechless. He had no words to say at all. This girl… this little lamb… how could she think like this?

He couldn't help but bite his lips. He had never met anyone who dared to talk to him like this, to the point that he, of all people, couldn't even say a word back. She was just… What the hell was with this girl?

The man pinched the skin between his brows while Abi just rested her head on his chest again. It was only the second day but she was already like a pet who had immediately grown attached to its master who gave her food and shelter.

"Uhm… Alex," she called his name as she moved away again and stared at his eyes. Her hands were still on his waist.

"What?" The man arched his brow.

"I have a request again." she said with an expectant look in her face and a crooked smile curved on Alex's face. Did this girl come here and act this sweetly to pacify him before asking for her request? Not bad, little lamb…

"What kind of silly request are you trying to ask of me now, huh?" he lifted her chin with his elegantly long finger.

Abi swallowed. She met his probing gaze and ignored his evil smirk.

"Can we climb to the roof?"

". . ."

A sound of a flying noisy crow could almost be heard because of the sudden deafening silence between them. The two of them stood still as if they were frozen in time and just stared at each other.

Alex was speechless, while Abi was holding her breath for his reply.

After another few seconds, the man finally opened his mouth.

"No," was yet again, his solid answer. He really couldn't believe this girl at all. He predicted that it was something silly but she completely leapt to another dimension of silliness. No, this couldn't even be called silly, it was simply outrageous. "Go and rest, Abigail. I have important things to do tonight." He rejected her outright.

"B-but, Alex, I –"

Suddenly, Alex put his finger on her lips and stopped her. She knew he wouldn't give in so easily. She would have to persuade him again.

However, before she could remove his hand from her lips, she noticed that Alex's gaze was no longer fixed on her. He was looking past her and she felt Alexander's aura turn unbelievably dark and cold again.

Abi instantly thought that he had unwanted visitors again so she turned and followed his gaze. She was right. There were two men already standing by the door.

She was expecting these guests to be like the other ones from yesterday, intimidating and powerful, but to her surprise, the guest today looked pleasant, unlike the serious and cold Ezekiel Qin.

The man by the door was another beautiful creature. He was tall and lean and he had the look of an innocent man. He even smiled brightly as soon as Abi's eyes met his. She wondered if he was a celebrity from somewhere and then wondered if Alexander was actually only acquainted with beautiful people. She found this thought to be quite silly but seeing these people - from Mr. black leather jacket to Mr. Ezekiel Qin and then to this man - she couldn't help but think that way.

Suddenly, Abi turned to Alex.

"I didn't stare at him. It was just a little look," she said in haste as she shook her head, circling her big, brown eyes.

Her unexpected actions and words immediately dissolved the deadly daggers in his eyes and he suddenly laughed. Abi blinked, wondering if she had said something funny.

She watched him laugh. He looked even more outrageous when he was laughing, although she still couldn't tell if this was his genuine laugh. At that moment, Abi thought that she would never get tired watching this man laugh like this.

But then, as always, the unpredictable jellyfish changed colors when she least expected it. He suddenly stopped laughing and his face became serious in a matter of millisecond. She wished that he would have let her see it a little longer.

His eyes flashed past her before he spoke.

"Go upstairs now, Abigail. I have business to deal with."


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