Hellbound With You
66 Third reques
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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66 Third reques

Abi's heart, which was already working overtime from the jogging episode, beat even faster. She didn't know how it was possible for it to do so but it did. She suddenly fell into a slight panic, and before she knew it, her hand flew over his lips again, covering his mouth just before his lips could reach hers. 

Alexander's eyes narrowed with displeasure. The man seemed annoyed as he moved his hands to hold her wrist. As he peeled off her palm from his face, the flustered Abi spoke. 

"Uhm… Alex, c-can we do this in a more special way?" she asked, her red, sweaty face had become even more red.

"Little lamb, what the hell are you trying to say?" 

"Uhm, well… it's just that I… I want my f-first kiss to be memorable."

"First kiss…? Nobody's ever kissed you before?" Alexander gaped at her. "Ever?"

She nodded and Alexander sexily bit his lips. This unripe little fruit… how come she was still… 

Alexander couldn't help but wonder where this girl hid herself all these years to be this… this… He couldn't even find the right words to describe her anymore. Innocent was too weak a word to use.

While Alex was filled with bewilderment as he looked at her, Abi abruptly stood up. If Alex didn't react fast enough, her little head would have hit his chin. This fruit!!

"Ah!" she suddenly looked like she remembered something important. "I'm going to tell you my request for today!" She beamed with excitement, even holding the man's arms as she looked up at him. "My third request is... Kiss me under the rain, Alex. I want my first kiss to be in a romantic setting like that." Her eyes twinkled again while the man was yet again, rendered speechless. 

"Abigail… are you serious? Under the rain?" He suddenly looked up and saw an ocean of blue above them with not a single cloud in the sky. It definitely didn't look like it was going to rain that day. This girl was asking for the impossible!

"Why wait for rain…" suddenly, Alex cut off his own sentence. It appeared that he realized that arguing with this little fruit would only make him fall into another damn hole of speechlessness so he decided not to question her silly request anymore. He thought that this was the best choice in dealing with this creature or else he might even become mute from just three days with her! 

After some time, a knowing smile then curved on his lips as he grabbed her chin with his thumb. "You finally uttered an exciting request, little lamb. A romantic setting for your first kiss, huh… Sure thing, Abigail," he agreed. "You still owe me four taming sessions from yesterday plus four today so I think I better fulfill your request now so that it won't get in the way tonight," his eyes glimmered with excitement and amusement.

Abi silently swallowed her own saliva. That's right, she didn't fulfill her taming task yesterday. That meant she'd have to do it eight times today? Is that even possible? Could that little big monster really be that energetic? Wouldn't she wear it out by then?

The little naïve Abi was actually worrying about the little big monster. Her face burned red and she started to feel a little worried, worried for the little big monster. Surely it would get tired and want to sleep after two or three times, right? She could only wish. Wait… did he say he was going to fulfill her request right now? But it was still early! What about the rain? 

"Come, little lamb. Let's go back. I heard from Charles that you have work," he said and Abi stood up and walked beside him.

"Yes, I have work. I'm working as an assistant teacher at the orphanage," she told him as she smiled. 

"You look like you enjoy your job."

"Yep. It's amazing. I'd like to invite you to see the kids when you're free," she happily said and Alex paused for a moment. He didn't look at her or give her an answer. 

"How about you? What do you do, Alex?" she asked curiously, craning her head ahead to look at his face. 

Alex glanced at her as they continued walking forward.

"I'm currently unemployed Abigail," he replied and Abi puffed her cheeks.

"Please be serious!" 

"Hmm… ah, I think I have a part time job right now. I'm babysitting a little lamb. No, that's not quite right. I'm raising a girlfriend. I'm also looking for a way to quickly ripen an unripe little fruit. Yeah, those are my part time jobs right now," he spouted with a straight face, causing Abi to finally snap and stand before him to block his path. She was pouting at him, silently telling him to be serious because she wasn't going to move if he didn't take her seriously. 

Alexander smirked at her before his large palm suddenly landed on her head. The next moment, his eyes became serious. 

"It's better if you don't know, Abigail," he told her. "It's for your own sake." 

Abi saw that strange look in his eyes again for a fleeting moment before it disappeared. She didn't know why but she felt something tug at her heart. She knew that this man wouldn't easily reveal anything. She even already thought that she might never find out anything about who he really was during her stay here with him. 

"Okay, it's time for you to go and get yourself ready for work, Abigail," he said and Abi finally realized that they were now in front of his house. 

She shook her head and switched gears. She thought that she mustn't let this affect her this much and encouraged herself by telling herself she'd only been there three days. She still had time so she must not let this disappoint her.

As they both walked towards the entrance, Abi was curious and puzzled. She thought that he's going to fulfill her request. But well, there was no way it was going to rain this morning, that was certain. 

 "Are you going to shower this morning?" he suddenly asked and Abi blinked. Huh? Why was he asking that?

She looked at him in question but the man just smiled meaningfully at her as he halted, waiting for her response. 

"Of course, I am," Abi finally answered and the man moved again.

"Good. Come on, then," he said and all of a sudden, he carried her like a princess. 

Abi's eyes widened. "What are you –"

"I'm going to fulfill your request like you asked, Abigail," he smiled meaningfully and Abi gaped at him. 

How? Was he the God of rain or something?

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    《Hellbound With You》