Hellbound With You
104 Please stay
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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104 Please stay

Alexander, who was pouring her a glass of water, paused as soon as he heard her. 

His gaze fell on her and then his unnatural calmness finally swayed. He put the glass of water before her, not averting his eyes off her. 

"So what if I am? What are you gonna do about it? Huh? Abigail?" For the first time that day, his lips curved up. 

Abi's lips opened but no words came out from it. She moved and was about to stand up when Alex's cold and stern voice halted her. 

"Don't you dare move. You hurt your leg." His voice was as cold as steel. He wasn't suppressing his anger anymore now that Abi had found out about it. His eyes were filled with cold fury. 

"Are you angry with me?" Abi forced herself to ask. She couldn't help but feel intimidated by the immense coldness in his eyes.  

At that moment, Abi saw his jaws clench and then he closed his eyes.

"I don't know," he muttered. "Even though you're here, alive and kicking, I'm still furious!" He ran his fingers through his hair as he threw back his head and stared up at the ceiling. "I thought I would calm down once you woke up but… I guess… I am really not capable of forgiving after all. Killing that conniving princess might be the only way for me to calm down," he mumbled, causing Abi to stand suddenly. 

Alexander moved like a lightning towards her and held her waist. "You… are you trying to fuel my rage? I told you to stay put!" His calm façade finally broke apart completely. His voice was loud and unrestrained but Abi wasn't concerned about his rage even though she felt chills run down her spine. 

"P-princess? W-why would you want to kill her?" she stammered. What princess? Was he talking about the princess in this country? 

"Because she was the one who kidnapped you and threw you in that dungeon, Abigail," he replied as his eyes burned with anger.  

"Why… why did she do that to me?" Again, Abi didn't even flinch at the dangerous look in his eyes. 

"Because she wants you dead."

Abi felt like her throat ran dry again. Why did that princess kidnap her? 

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" 

Alexander's eyes scorched from under his beautiful lashes. "You did nothing wrong, Abigail. You just happen to be my..." 

"I just happen to be your…?" she pressed, trying her very best to ignore the chills she was feeling as she stared at him.  

Alex pressed his lips together into a hard line. And then, all of a sudden, he bent down and carried her, startling Abi by this sudden movement. 

"You need to rest now," was the explanation he gave for his actions and Abi understood that this man was at it again, hiding things from her as usual. 

She really, really wanted to know why a princess would do that to her but she suppressed herself from asking further. Alex was still angry. She was afraid that she would aggravate him further if she pressed to know the truth right now. Maybe… she would ask him again once his mood was better. 

They were both quiet again as they climbed up two flights of stairs. 

Once they reached the third floor, she realized that there was only one room on the floor. 

"Alex, where's your room?" she asked, breaking the silence.  

"This is my room, Abigail," he replied as he put her down on the bed. 

'No wonder this room smelled like him,' was the thought that came to her head. 

She looked around and realized how empty it was. There were no decorations or even books inside. It was a very plain and spacious room with almost nothing inside it. As she looked around, she couldn't explain why, but she suddenly felt cold. She realized what a cold, lonely and empty vibe this room gave off. 

"You don't like it here?" Alex's voice rang and her head snapped towards him. She quickly shrugged off the feeling and thoughts in her head and told herself that it was probably because Alex had moved out from this place a long time ago and had abandoned this room for a long time. 

"No, I like it here. It's just that… I'm surprised you let me inside your room. You never showed me your room back home," She accompanied her words with a quick smile. 

However, Alex simply paused for a long while before he pinned her down on the bed, ignoring her words again. 

"Sleep," he told her as he pulled the blanket up to her neck, almost as if he wanted to cover her whole. 

Abi pursed her lips. She thought that she would at least get an answer to why he hadn't let her see his room back home but it looked like that was not a topic she could bring up at this time either. Was this man really not going to reveal anything to her at all?

"Sleep. Don't even think about going out because the door will be locked. I'll be back as soon as possible," he added and Abi saw his eyes glisten with something extremely dangerous as he glanced through the doorway. 

Abi immediately thought about what he said a while ago. Was he going to that princess and…

Suddenly, Abi's arms wrapped around Alex's waist before he could turn to leave. "Alex… please don't leave. Please stay with me?" she begged. Was she really not able to calm him down at all? Did he really need to go and k… harm someone for him to calm down?

"Abigail, I can't stay with you like this," Alex's cold voice echoed inside the room but Abigail was persistent. 

"I will try my best to calm you down. There must be some way. Just… please don't go."

"No, you have to rest." The glacier wasn't giving in at all. "I will at least let her live. Maybe it's just because her punishment wasn't fitting enough. I might calm down once I torture her enough with my own two hands."

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    《Hellbound With You》