Hellbound With You
171 Avocado
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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171 Avocado

Abi and Alex arrived at Abi's house that morning. 

Her family immediately welcomed Alex warmly. They treated him much warmer than before. Abi took Alex with her early so she could spend the day with him while they prepared everything. This was the 9th to the last day so she was determined not to waste even a second. 

"Alex, dear, do you know how to cook?" the old grandma asked him and as always, the first thing Alex did was glance at Abi. 

"He's not good at it, grandma," Abi replied and the old grandma smiled at Alex. 

"That's okay, dear. You can help by preparing these avocados," Abi's grandmother said as she gave him a knife. 

Abi pressed her lips tight to stop herself from smiling. She didn't bring him here to help but she thought that it wasn't bad to make him experience doing ordinary things.  Besides, she didn't like to have him just sit there like godly statue. 

"Can you do it?" Abi asked him and the man glanced at the avocados before looking at her. 

"You think I can't even do such a simple thing?" he raised a brow and Abi could only chuckle. She was glad he didn't seem to be forcing himself to do this. 

"Wait a moment," Abi said and she disappeared for a while. Once she came back, she was holding a yellow apron. "You have to wear this, Alex," she said and she put it on him herself. The two were too intimate that Abi's dad, who was about to enter the kitchen, immediately turned around and left again. His daughter and her boyfriend were still acting like newlyweds. 

"Here you go," Abi stepped away to admire this godly creature wearing a yellow apron and she was satisfied. "Perfect!" she praised while Alex just looked at what he was wearing with a straight expression. 

"Abi? Come over here for a while." Abi heard her grandma called. 

"Be careful, okay? Don't cut yourself," she told him before she dashed away. 

Alex then stared at the avocados, picked one of them and turned it around. He looked so serious, almost looking like he was calculating something as he looked at it. 

After a moment, a lightbulb seemed to have appeared in his head and he now looked ready. He took the chopping board, put the avocado on top of it, placed the knife along the perfect halfway point and chopped it. 

It wasn't even five minutes yet before Abi and her grandma came back to the kitchen and when they came through the door, they saw Alex just sitting there, like a kid waiting for his teacher to arrive so he could show them his handiwork. 

Abi smiled at seeing this picture. It looked like he finished his task in one go.

But the moment Abi and her grandma saw what Alex did, both of them froze in disbelief. Abi's mouth could only drop as she glanced at Alex and then back to the avocados. 

The two women couldn't believe that Alex just treated the avocado like that. He chopped it, yes, and in really neat and perfect shapes, precise sizes and all like it was chopped by a machine. It was just that, he treated the avocado like onions and even chopped its seed along with it. 

Abi's grandma was the first to laugh. "Oh dear, Alex. You made this old grandma speechless. This would be the funniest thing I have ever encountered in the kitchen in my entire existence," she mused. "Okay, Abi… I will leave you two here. This grandma had to rest," she said, still laughing as she left them. 

Alex cleared his throat and leaned in on Abi. "It looks like I messed up. I'll ask Kai to go and buy more avocados." 

Abi finally burst at seeing his serious face. She reached out her hand and pinched his cheek. "Alex, did you know that you're so cute today?" 

Before Alex could react, Abi turned and spoke again. "Okay, my third request for the day is… let's bake a cake together," she told him. 

"You know that I have no idea how –"

"It's okay, I'll teach you. Come, let's start."

Somewhere in the city, Kai was driving when he received a message from Alex.

"Go buy avocados. Don't even try asking anyone else to go. Go buy them yourself or I'll hold you accountable if it has been poisoned." 

Kai laughed but he turned his bike around and went to the super market that he just passed by. 

The man wore his black cap and headed to the store. 

This was the first time he was going to shop for food by himself. In fact, he had never been inside a supermarket before. 

He asked one of the sales lady and the lady told him where the fruit section was. 

Kai sighed and hesitantly walked towards the general direction that the lady pointed to, but it seemed he may gotten lost. He stopped and looked around. 

He was about to return to that lady and ask when…

"My, my… what are you doing here, my handsome prince?" a woman wearing black sunglasses appeared before him. He couldn't believe that he actually bumped into her again and in a place like this! Was this girl stalking him?

"I came here to buy something," Kai replied and Kelly walked closer to him. 

"Something? Are you here to buy something for your girlfriend? What a lucky girl! I'm totally jealous." Kelly narrowed her eyes. 

"Stop talking nonsense. I'm not here to buy for a girl." 

"Not for a girl?"

"Yes, that's right."

Kelly gasped. She held his shoulders and almost pushed him on the shelves. 

"Oh god! So you're actually bent? Is that why you don't like me?! Is that why my seduction techniques don't work on you?!" she seemed so shocked while Kai creased his brows. 

"What are you saying? Please let go, I need to buy a–"

"What? A sanitary pad?" she continued his word. 

"What sanitary pad?" Kai was confused. He was about to pull her hand away when he realized that he was the only man in this section. He looked around and he finally saw that everything in this area were for girls!

"It's a misunderstanding. I came here to buy avocados," he confessed, with slightly reddened cheeks, but Kelly just laughed. 

"Avocados? At least have a believable excuse…"

The man suddenly showed Alex's message right before her face and Kelly had no comeback. 




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    《Hellbound With You》