Hellbound With You
172 Like a wise old man
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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172 Like a wise old man

With a big smile, Kelly suddenly clung onto Kai's arms. 

"Hehehe, I'm just kidding, my prince," she winked at him while he just closed his eyes and sighed. Why did he seem to always cross paths with this big troublemaker? What on earth did he do in his past life to deserve such torment?!

"Stop calling me 'prince'!" he sternly said as he put the phone back in his pocket. 

"Sigh… I really want to know who Alexander Qin is. How is he able to turn a beautiful royal prince like you to be his personal errand boy? And why does a prince like you obey his every word? Don't tell me you'd also be willing to put your life at risk or even die for him like an olden day knight?" Kelly blabbered on, seeming to mindlessly just spout out her thoughts. But really, she was truly curious of what the answer could be because until now, despite using her father's resources, she hadn't been able to find any information about Alexander Qin or what was his connection was to the royals of the Hidden Kingdom.

Kai sighed again and he tried to peel her off him. "That's right, if he wanted me to, I would die for him. Happy?" he answered and walked away, leaving Kelly's mouth hanging open. Eh? What? Was he serious? Her last sentence a while ago was just a joke and yet he confirmed it so seriously? 

Kelly ran after him and hugged him from the back, effectively stopping him from running away. 

"Oh babe, why are you running away from your mommy? That's not nice," she said and Kai closed his eyes again, pressed his temples and sighed. He felt like he was starting to get high blood pressure every time this girl showed up around him. 

"Miss Kelly Yang, can't you at least behave in public places like this?"

"Sigh… why do you mind other people that much? Oh well, I understand you're a mighty royal but have fun, my boy! Don't be obsessed with your reputation that much."

"It's not about reputation or anything like that, Miss Hooligan. Behaving properly in public places means being considerate to the masses. Everyone of us are obliged to do that."

". . ." Gosh! Did he just give me a sermon? "Oh well, like I said, you think too much about other people. Be selfish sometimes too, your majesty. People really don't care that much about what you do. Each of us has what is called 'freedom' to do what we want with our lives."

At last, the prince turned to look at her. He stared at her face with his delicate eyes. "Did you ever wonder what might happen if drivers just did whatever they wanted to on the roads without caring about others? If they didn't follow rules or etiquette and only thought about themselves?" 


"Sometimes, freedom create chaos. Freedom is a good thing if people don't abuse it." 

". . ."

Kelly's grip on him subconsciously loosened up. She was speechless. She always knew that this guy sometimes acted like a sheep in the middle of the pack of wolves but he was being so damn thoughtful right now, almost like a wise old man full of knowledge and wisdom. 

"Er…" Before she could speak, Kai pulled her aside and slightly bowed in silent apology at the ladies who were stuck behind them. 

"Such a kind young man," one of the ladies said as she smiled at him and Kelly couldn't help but feel guilty. She knew she wasn't a goody-two-shoes but seeing kind and nice people like this made her feel that the world was still beautiful. These types of people were an endangered species, just like Abi. These were the people who stayed kind despite living in this harsh world who thought that kindness was a weakness. She was one of those people who didn't really give much thought to this kind of thing so she truly respected these people. She thought they were the ones who were truly strong because only a few people stay like that after being exposed to the harshness of the world.   

Heaving a sigh, Kelly finally let go of him, but it looked like this guy had awakened something in her. She thought this species must be protected at all cost, but it looked like she needed protect him from herself. Darn! What should she do? If she left him alone, another bitch worse than her might snag him, no?

Kelly was torn. 

"Okay, let me help you find your avocado," she said as she smiled, held his hand and led him to the fruit area. 

Once they were done with their shopping, the two then went to the parking lot towards their own rides. Coincidentally, they both were riding motorbikes. 

"Bye, Prince," she said as she gave him a flying kiss before she accelerated out of the carpark on her sleek ride. While driving, Kelly thought about what he said. If drivers just did whatever they want…

She smiled. She never realized this before. Indeed, the world might be a better place if there were more people who thought like him. 

She had finally reached the forested area on the way to Abi's house when she noticed that Kai was still following her. She then stopped, blocking him. 

"Hey prince, why are you following me?" she licked her lips.

"I'm not following you," he replied and he drove past her. Kelly smiled and she chased him. Her speed was deadly and she caught up in a matter of seconds. 

"Then, where are you going?" she yelled but the man didn't reply until they reached their destination. 

Kelly was surprised because it appeared that Kai was also heading towards Abi's house. 

"You shouldn't yell in the middle of the road and ride at that kind of speed. That could cause an accident," were the first words he told her as they walked towards Abi's house. 

"Hehehe, that's an old habit."

"You said to only care about yourself but I don't see you caring about yourself that much. You're too reckless. You're putting yourself in danger."

". . ." Ah, stop lecturing me already, your highness… T^T

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    《Hellbound With You》