Hellbound With You
183 Warning
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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183 Warning

Abi felt her heart accelerate. Excitement, nervousness and anticipation flooded her eyes as she looked at him.

"Where will you be taking us?" she asked but Alex just smiled. He stretched his hand and pulled her into his lap.

"You will see, Abigail," he said and he suddenly kissed her. He didn't kiss her deeply this time around. His kiss was incredibly gentle and tender.

When he pulled away, he brushed her pink lips with his thumb. "We will stay there for the rest of the month, Abigail, just the two of us," he added and Abi gaped at him.

"Y-you mean… l-like a honeymoon?" she stammered.

"Mn," he nodded and Abi gushed. Her palms flew and covered her lips. "Since our marriage will be done in secret, I think you should tell everyone that you are going somewhere for a holiday and will return at the end of the month. You can't disappear just like that or people will be worried about you and ask the police to look for you." He smirked and Abi fully understood what he meant.

Abi agreed. She told him she would tell her work, her friend and her family today so Alex dropped her off at the orphanage. The man told her he would wait for her at home, even telling her not to worry about the wedding.

Abi just smiled widely as she waved at him. She understood that this man wanted her to leave everything to him but she wanted to do something as well so she planned to go home early that day.

However, once Abi entered the orphanage, some bad news welcomed her. She was told that little Betty was in dire condition so she rushed to the hospital, forgetting to inform them about her being away for the rest of the month.

A doctor had just left little Betty's room in the ICU when she arrived. She rushed towards him to ask about Little Betty when to her surprise, the man in the doctor's coat was actually Ezekiel Qin!

"M-mr. Qin is also a doctor?!" she exclaimed and the man nonchalantly replied her.

"Yes, I'm also a doctor."

Abi was speechless. How come a tycoon like him was actually working as a doctor?

"Uhm. D-dr. Qin, h-how's Little Betty?"

The man glanced at the door where he came from before he stared at her. "Come to my office in fifteen minutes," he simply said and just like that, he left.

Abi could only watch his back when the nurses that were with him began to speak with her.

"Are you the little girl's relative?" they asked and when Abi nodded, one of the nurses whispered to her. "Miss, you should be thankful. Mr. Qin was the one who saved the Little girl. Only a few people in this country know he is a doctor. In fact, he was known as one of the greatest doctors in the west but he doesn't work as a doctor anymore. That was why we were all shocked when he suddenly came into the operating room this dawn after he got the information that the girl was about to die."

After the nurse left her, Abi walked towards the glass window and watched Little Betty. She could see her peaceful sleeping face and she sighed, holding back her tears. She was glad, so glad that at least this little girl was saved. She should really thank Ezekiel Qin for saving this little angel.

Fifteen minutes then passed so Abi went to the CEO's office on the building's highest floor. They said that Ezekiel Qin was only visiting this place since his real office was at his headquarters but seeing the interiors of his office, she thought that this place seemed too big and too luxurious for an office that he rarely visited. But what did she expect with a tycoon like him?

Abi stood in front of his huge desk. The man was already wearing his usual elegant suit and he was sitting there like the powerful man he was. It was really such a shock that this man, the richest man in this country went and saved little Betty. Did he grow an affection for Little Betty? It appeared that he may have and Abi truly admired him for it. This man really was the opposite of the rumors she heard about him. He was a hero, Little Betty's hero.

"Dr. Qin, I… thank you so much for saving little Betty." Abi bowed her head as she give him her sincere gratitude.

"She's still in danger," was all he replied. His expression didn't change at all but she was already used to his ever so stoic expressions. "As long as the transplant doesn't happen, her life is still in danger."

Abi fell silent for a moment because he was right, but the fact is he still saved her.

"But you still saved her, Dr. Qin, and for that I am truly grateful." She smiled at him when the man stood up. He leaned on the edge of his desk as he looked out the window. His face remained unfathomable. She wondered if this man ever smiled because she never saw him smile even once.

"Miss Chen," he called out, without looking at her face. "I called you here because I have something to tell you."

Abi blinked at him and when he looked at her in the eyes, Abi didn't know why but she suddenly felt incredibly nervous, as if whatever this man was going to say was something she didn't want to hear.

She gulped before she spoke. "Uhm… what is it? Is it about Little Betty?"

"No. It's about you and Alex," he answered. Her eyes widened and the man walked closer to her. His intense aura seemed to be pushing her back and her feet moved on their own, until her back reached the wall.

"D-dr. Qin, wha –"

Abi couldn't continue her sentence because the man leaned in on her and whispered, "Don't marry him, Miss Chen," he said and Abi froze in shock. H-how did he already know about this?

"H-how did –"

"It doesn't matter, Miss Chen. I'm telling you not to marry him." His voice hardened. It was clear he was warning her.

"I don't know why you are telling me this, Mr. Qin, but I am not going to listen to you," she bravely said, mustering all her courage to stand her ground. She could see that this man was acting a little unusual. He was usually as calm as a lifeless mannequin but this time, there was a tenseness he wasn't even trying to mask. Still, there was no way Abi would listen to him or to anyone else.

But what Ezekiel Qin said next made Abi's soul go numb.

"If you marry him, Alex will die."



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    《Hellbound With You》