Hellbound With You
193 Simple
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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193 Simple

The next morning…

The private jet Alex and Abi had boarded early that morning landed on a certain airport. Abi thought that this place was their destination but she was completely wrong as Alex led her to another plane.

This time, the plane was smaller compared to the larger commercial planes sitting at their terminals. The pointy-nosed, flat topped aircraft looked like a shark with wings, especially with its blue-gray coating.

Alex told her it was called King Air and it was his favorite turboprop aircraft. Abi could only nod. She wasn't even surprised anymore when he said he owned this aircraft, too. She wondered if he also owned a jetfighter or a luxury yacht and was hiding them somewhere.

Abi and Alex both boarded this plane and Abi was in awe as she saw how it was inside. She walked into the belly of the plane where she saw luxurious, leather seats, laid out in a rectangular fashion, up towards the middle so that people could converse in comfort between each other. She even saw pyramid style cabinets at each corner which provided easy access to drinks and snacks. There was a gap in the middle of the seats, the walkway, which led to the back of the plane.

When Alex headed that way with their luggage, she followed, walking through the doors after him. When she saw what was behind the door, she couldn't keep her mouth from making a large 'O'. Through those doors was a bedroom with an ensuite. At the very tail end of the plane was a bed that spanned the width of the plane. It looked so soft and inviting. Just to the left of the door was the bathroom and to the right was a small closet. Now this was far better than flying first class!

After putting their things away, Alex led Abi to the cockpit. She thought he was just going to show her what it looked like. However, to Abi's shocked surprise, there were no pilots inside. Don't tell me…

She looked at him with wide eyes and his signature smirk kissed his face.

"Yes, Abigail, I'm the pilot," he said confidently as he sat on the pilot's seat.

"But… you're alone…"

"Yep. Don't worry, Abigail, this aircraft can be flown by a single pilot. Now sit."

"Eh?" Abi's eyes widened. He wanted her to seat in the co-pilot's seat?!

Alex chuckled at her reaction.

"Stop worrying. You'll be fine as long as you don't touch anything. I can't possibly leave you inside the cabin alone," he said, helping her on her seat and settling her there before she could even react.

After making sure that all safety measures were in place, Alex sat back and started to pilot the plane. He started the engine, flocked this switch and that but Abi wasn't afraid. She trusted this man's skills. He was perfect in everything he did, well, maybe with the exception of cutting avocados. But somehow, she was nervous because this cockpit somehow looked like an intricate office. Seeing the three large 14-inch touchscreen flight displays, a pair of cursor-control devices and a qwerty keyboard… Abi couldn't help but feel nervous.

Noticing her nervous expression, Alex drew closer and kissed her cheek.

Abi's head flew towards his face. Alex, giving her a peck on her cheek… Abi's face turned into a cooked shrimp.

"I told you, don't worry. Trust me," he assured and Abi shook her head.

"I trust you, Alex. It's just that, what if I accidentally touch something?"

"It's okay, I know you're a well behaved little lamb." He smirked, completely unfazed and relaxed. Seeing his calm expression eased her. That's right. There was no reason to feel nervous - all she had to do was not touch anything.

After heaving a deep sigh, Abi showed him a smile.

"Ready?" Alex asked and when she nodded, he smiled before he focused his gaze out front.

Abi watched him do his magic. She saw him tap on the touch screen and it looked like he was able to manipulate the flight with a simple swipe of a finger.

Abi was so focused on watching what Alex was doing that she lost track of time.

"We're taking off now, Abigail." Alex's voice rang in her ear and the plane started to move. Abi held her breath as they took off the runway.

"Breathe, Abigail," Alex's voice rang again, with a hint of both playfulness and seriousness in his voice. His words made Abi relax and she breathed out.

The plane climbed upwards and was now flying beautifully like a calm paper plane above the clouds. It was quite stable and Abi felt so at ease that she was all smiles throughout the whole flight.

Once the plane landed, Abi finally asked Alex the burning question. She hadn't wanted to distract him during the fight so she didn't ask him anything at all about why he chose this place.

The sky was clear but she could tell that they were somewhere within the arctic circle. No wonder Alex packed her winter clothes this morning. She knew of this country but this town that they landed on was unfamiliar to Abi. The place was covered with white snow and the birch trees were white, looking so magical.

"Alex, what's the name of this town?" she asked as they boarded a car.

"Frost Town."

"Why did you choose this place? I thought you we would be going to an island."

"Hmm… I considered going to an island but I changed my mind."


"Because it's cold here and I know you have a low tolerance to the cold."

Abi creased her brows. He knew she had low tolerance to the cold? Wait… he chose this place because of that?

Seeing Abi's confused face, Alex's pleasant laugh echoed inside the car.

"Well, my reason is simple." He smirked sexily. "I chose a cold place so I could cuddle with you all night and day."

Abi: ". . ."




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    《Hellbound With You》