Hellbound With You
196 Special
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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196 Special

Abi took a couple of breaths before she came out of the shower. Her eyes immediately searched for Alex and she saw him, already sitting on the pool, waist deep in the warm water and arms resting on the edge, staring up at her. Alex, she noticed, was still as sexy and gorgeous as ever but since he confessed to her, something seemed to have changed in him compared to that night when she first saw him naked. He wasn't that dangerously sexy perfect man who always looked like a beast ready to devour its prey. Right at that moment, he was like an alluring godly creature, where his prey was the one who was willingly going to throw itself to him.

"Come, Abigail. Don't just stand there."

His gaze glimmered in wonder as he stared at her, admiring her smooth silky skin and her lovely curves. He watched her stand there shyly until she walked towards him in her pale pink lingerie. Her face was flushed as she tied her hair into a bun. She was just so beautiful Alex felt like he could stare at her forever and never get used to her beauty.

Abi slowly dipped her feet in the water and felt its soothing warmth. She smiled and she finally jumped in it and soaked herself in the warm water.

"How's it?" Alex asked and Abi grinned at him in satisfaction.

"Incredible. It's so warm…" she answered, her face filled with bliss as her hands played on top of the water. She sat across him as she relaxed, resting her head back on the edge of the pool. She moved around like an excited child, playing with the water and washing her face and Alex simply watched her.

He saw her expressions as it changed from awe to wonder to bliss to contentment and he felt a strange tickling in his chest. He was… happy. She made him happy. Just being near her like this, seeing the joy on her face, was bringing out the unknown emotion of happiness within him, something he never expected to happen in his lifetime. So he watched her as if he was committing this moment to his memory.

Once Abi settled down, she looked up at the blue sky and smiled. "This place is just so amazing, Alex, " she said softly, awe evident in her voice, before she gazed at him. The man also did the same and looked up at the sky. "Does this place belong to you, too? Or just the hotel in the middle of nowhere?" she asked with a hint of playfulness in her voice.

Alex's gaze fell on her as he smirked. "This is also mine, Abigail. The entire hill, too. So rest assured no one will trespass, let alone dare to peek, either."

Abi could only look at him with the words 'I see', flashing across her eyes. She wasn't really surprised anymore. "Why did you decide to build a house here?"

"An old ruined ancient house used to stand here. I just had it renovated days ago," he told her and Abi's brows creased in curiosity.

"Days ago?" she asked, her mind flashing with the images of this modern, chic and elegant little place.

"Mm. That time you requested to cuddle by the fire, this place came to my mind. It's very nice here at night. We can cuddle all night by the fire outside. You will see, later." He smiled and Abi was speechless. Was he saying that he built this place, in just a few days, for her?

"You built this place just so… just so could bring me here?"

"Anything wrong with that?"

Abi was at a loss for words. Why was he always going through all these extremes just for her?

Now that she thought about it, ever since he had fulfilled her first request, Alex always made them extra grand, turning every simple request to something beyond spectacular. She thought that was just him, just Alex being the beyond perfect man that he was. But then, he also told her that doing those requests with her were firsts for him, too!

Suddenly, Abi moved and hugged him, surprising him. "Why? Why are you always…" she murmured. "Since the beginning, you always seemed to give me the grandest experiences for everything. Back then, you didn't have any feelings for me, right?"

Alex held her arms and gently created some space between them. He looked up at her and his eyes were intense. It was scorching hot and piercing. "Abigail, I was trying to hold back from pulling you into my embrace this whole time… and yet, you are the one throwing yourself to me like this." He sighed as his fingers traced her collarbones. "You know how you easily rile me up, Abigail. You can drive me insane just by touching me, especially when we're half naked like this." His deep voice was like hypnotic music as they lingered in her ears. She felt her face heat up, and not from the warmth of the water.

He looked up again, his deep eyes filled with restraint and desire. And then he sighed again, before he made her sit next to him, making sure there was a little bit of space between them.

He threw back his head and close his eyes. His hand searched hers and twined their fingers together. She waited patiently, knowing that the answer to her question was still forthcoming. And her patience was rewarded.

"Well… about that. I don't really know. I just found myself doing above and beyond for you. Maybe I already knew that you were special since I let you go that night in that hotel."

"S-special?" Abi asked, staring at his perfect features. He still didn't open his eyes.

"I don't know if that's the right term to call it. All I know is that I couldn't get you out of my head since then. And then, when I saw you talking with that man in the bar, my blood boiled in a way I never felt before. I almost went and killed him right then."

Abi swallowed. Her grip on him tightened.

A smirk left his lips and he sighed again. "You don't know how many times I have asked myself what the hell happened to me, because I have been becoming someone I don't recognize anymore," he chuckled shortly before he finally opened his eyes, looking up at the blue sky.

Abi's eyes welled. She lifted her hand to touch him. Even though he just told her to be careful about touching him, she couldn't stop herself. Hearing those words, what else could she feel at this moment? What else could she do but embrace him? She couldn't stop herself from reaching out.

Alex froze the moment she wrapped her arms around him. He twitched, speechless. He remained still as she hugged him, shutting his eyes.

"You really don't listen to me anymore, huh, little lamb."

"It's because you're... you're making me feel so emotional. I… I didn't know you already felt something… for me even then. I… had no idea at all. I thought… I thought I was the only one who couldn't stop thinking about you since the day I met you."

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    《Hellbound With You》