Hellbound With You
207 Ice cream
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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207 Ice cream

"I love you…" he uttered, eyes incredibly intense. He never thought he would ever want to hear these three words from anyone ever again but this was like music to his ears, a melody that he wanted to listen to over and over again, especially because they came from her lips, a melody that he would never get tired of. He remembered how his entire being went dark and cold every time those women uttered those three words to him. Yet now, here he was, actually saying it back. He never thought it would tumble out so easily like that, the words spilling from his lips before he even realized it.

Suddenly, he let himself fall on the snow, lying right next to her as he stared at the sky. He wondered if this was normal. The extent of these emotions inside him were almost to the extreme, the effects of which were almost too scary to think about. What else could this thing make him do next? What else could this thing change in him next?

A quick soft chuckle echoed as his attention returned to his beautiful little lamb. She was staring back at him, eyes wide in surprise.

"Don't look at me like that, Abigail. That shocked me too!" He told her and he stared at the sky again. "It isn't that hard to say, it seems," he muttered like he just learned a vital new life lesson. His lower lip was trapped between his perfect teeth. He heaved a small sigh and was about to speak again when Abi suddenly embraced him.

Her grip on him was tight and her face was buried in his chest.

Alex realized she was sniffling. "Abigail, are you crying again?" he asked, trying to see her face. But Abigail didn't let him.

"I-it's because you're…"

"Because I'm what?"

"Because… you've become so sweet…"


Alex sat up and held her shoulders and made her look at him as he positioned her to straddle him.

"That's why you're crying?" his brow raised.

Abi avoided his gaze and nodded. Alex sighed, speechless. This little lamb of his… was she such a crybaby before? No, just lately, he noticed that she had been getting more and more emotional… especially since they arrived here.

He would catch her staring at him like she was memorizing his every feature and she had that look in her eyes that had bothered him since he brought her home that night. He didn't like it, that sad, far off look in her eyes he sometimes caught sight of. She would also hug him out of nowhere and wouldn't let go like she was scared of something.

But Alex thought that this was just her way of expressing her emotions, so he always tried to distract her which inevitably ended up with him teasing her.

"Oh… so now you think I'm sweet, huh? Well, isn't this your fault?"

"H-huh? How –"

"Well, I was never like this before. I'm more than 100% certain you're the one responsible for these changes in myself. You're the one who turned the ice into an ice cream! And you did it so sneakily, without even asking for permission. Sneaky little lamb." He smirked and Abi could only gape at him.

Turning ice into an ice cream…? Those words immediately drew a picture inside Abi's head of Alex being an ice cream and she wondered what flavour he would be. He would be mocha-flavored, a delicate mix of bitter and sweet. Mmm, wouldn't she like to have a taste of Alex the ice cream?

Subconsciously, Abi licked her lips and the man face palmed himself. "Abigail, stop that! If you do that one more time, I'll go mad," he hissed and Abi quickly climbed off him and ran away, like a lamb running from the wolf.

Alex laughed as he watched the little fruity lamb running for her life.

He got up and ran after her and once he caught her, he lifted her up like a princess. He didn't put her down as he headed back to the house for lunch.

"Alex… my legs still work, you know. You can put me down now," Abi said. Even though she loved Alex's piggyback rides, she felt a little bad for him, because the house was still a bit of a trek.

"It's fine, Abigail. This way, I can burn off all that excess energy." He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows at her meaningfully. Abi kept trying to persuade him but to no avail, as the man was more stubborn than a donkey. She eventually gave in and enjoyed the romantic ride.

But the moment the two entered the house, Alex pinned Abi by the door.

"Time for my reward, right? Abigail?" he whispered in her ear as he kissed her earlobe. "I carried you so instead of using your energy on walking, you could give that precious energy to me," he added, sexily and seductively, seducing her again.

Abi was speechless. So, this was why he was persistent in carrying her. This man…

"Alex, w –" before Abi could form a sentence, Alex cut her off with a kiss.

"Please Abigail…" he pleaded against her lips. "You licked your lips a while ago when I mentioned that you had turned into ice cream. Don't you want to taste your own personal sweet ice cream right now? It will be the perfect dessert for noon time."

Oh my god! What was he saying?

Abi couldn't resist. Him, saying those kinds of words with his deep hypnotic voice as he kissed her, how could she even…

With just that, Abi was completely seduced. She realized that her resistance to him was decreasing at an alarming rate. No, it was actually almost near zero. She couldn't deny that she wanted him too, even in this situation. It was like her desire for him was growing more intense by the day, and even more so the more he made love to her. She wondered if it was normal for a girl like her to have such intense desires.

As she gave in, Alex rejoiced triumphantly. Without wasting a single second, he quickly undressed her.

"Alex… let's go to bed…" Abi said between his sweet onslaught, but Alex didn't stop.

"I'm sorry but I can't wait anymore, Abigail," he replied, his lips already on her twin peaches, stimulating them. "I want to make love with you right here. Please?"

Abi couldn't believe it. He wanted to do it here! They're going to make love by the door this time!

But for the life of her, she couldn't say no. She couldn't even form a coherent string of thought in her mind, much less talk anymore so she ended up just nodding, granting him what he wanted.

Alex was definitely driving her insane.




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    《Hellbound With You》