Hellbound With You
208 Here you go again
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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208 Here you go again

After another round of heated exercise, Abi was too exhausted that she fell asleep. Even though Alex carried her to conserve her strength, her energy level was really lacking. It seemed he needed to make her exercise more to make this little lamb's weak body grow stronger even just by a little bit.

As Abi slept, Alex was busy creating Abi's daily exercise routine for her to start up again once they were back. He planned to be her personal trainer and he was already smirking as he looked at the daily schedule he created. There was a glimmer of excitement in his eyes and he looked so proud of himself.

He glanced at her peaceful face, bent down and kissed her forehead before he too snuggled under the blanket, cuddled her. And so, this loving couple slept peacefully together on that bright and cold afternoon.

When Abi woke up, Alex wasn't on the bed anymore. She sat up and was speechless when she saw that it was already dusk. She remembered that they had made love by the entrance door and then on the couch before they finally arrived on the bed. And that was all before lunch!

Abi blushed hard but she was starting to feel less embarrassed every time she thought about it. Her reverie was broken by the grumbling in her stomach. She hadn't eaten since breakfast and she was famished! She quickly climbed off the bed and noticed Alex had put his clothes on her again. She bit her lips and entered the bathroom. She thought she had better put some underwear on this time or she might not get to have dinner. Abi's eyes widened at the thought and she blushed again. Alex was really making her shameless.

In the kitchen, Alex was busy preparing their dinner. A faint smile hovered on his lips as he stirred a pot of soup with a spatula. He seemed to be amused at something and when he felt Abi's presence, he turned to her with a big smile.

There she was, the goddess who bewitched him and turned the great Alexander into her personal cook. She had changed out of his clothes and had put on her more conservative pajamas, showing very little skin. It seemed she made sure not to make the same mistake she did at breakfast. But did she know that no matter what she wore, she could still seduce him bad?

"You're awake," he said and Abi walked over to him. Her eyes wandered around, searching for food as her nose inhaled the mouth watering aroma. She looked amazed and she was looking at him with those disbelieving eyes again.

"Why didn't you wake me up? I could've helped you," she told him but the man just moved his face closer to hers.

"Are you okay?" he asked, scrutinizing her face.

She blushed as he made her recall their intense love making that afternoon. "I'm fine." She immediately diverted his attention back to the food. "Yay! Our dinner looked delicious, Alex!" her eyes sparkled as she sat on her chair.

"Not as delicious as you, though."

". . ."

Alex chuckled as he put a bowl of soup in front of her.

And then, he began to feed her.

"This, you should eat more of this. This is very nutritious and will give you plenty of energy," he said as he put the food in her mouth. Abi was eating like a starved squirrel. Somehow, the food was really delicious and her appetite was at its finest tonight. Maybe because Alex was the one who cooked. Or maybe because he was the one feeding her right now, still looking as gorgeous as ever.

"Alex, you eat as well," she nagged at him like a good little wife. She then fed him and the man didn't protest but he only ate very little, as usual, and fed the rest to her.

After a long while…

"I wonder where you're putting all the food you're eating," he muttered. He was resting his face on his palm while Abi took her time, leaning her back on the chair with her hand on her stomach. She was so full!

Alex took her hand and held her wrist. "Look at this wrist. You shouldn't be this thin when you're such a glutton," he complained.

Abi choked and coughed. How could he call her that?!

"T-this is just how my body is, okay?" she replied. "And I'm just being a glutton because of you!" she retorted and Alex rose and leaned forward across the table.

"So I'm increasing your appetite?"

"Yes. And you cook so well… I can't stop eating."

Suddenly, his eyes became intense and his lips curved up. "Here you go again, seducing me," he said and Abi's eyes widened.

"I'm not! What are you saying? You're the one who's always seducing me!"

"You cooked so well… I can't stop eating…" he echoed her words but why did those ordinary words suddenly sound so seductive when he said it? Gosh… this man… he didn't need to say it that way!

"You understand now?" he added, pinching her chin gently as he stared deeply into her eyes. His face then moved slowly towards her when suddenly, Abi put her palm over his mouth.

"A-alex… uhm…"

While Abi was scrambling to think of what she should say to distract him, Alex let go of her chin, and he leaned back. He ran his fingers through his hair and turned around.

"I'll go take a shower first," he said and Abi could only watch him leave.

She cleaned up the kitchen and when she finished, she rested on the small sofa. However, the man who went out to the hot spring still hadn't returned, so she opened the door and peeked out to investigate.

When she couldn't see him, Abi stepped into the room when suddenly, Alex emerged from the warm water.

She blinked in surprise. She didn't see any ripples in the water when she looked just now. Did he stay underwater for that long? How did he do that?!

Alex saw her and a smirk curved on his face. He stood up and his flawless body came into view as the white steam evaporated from the warm water. He looked like the god of water, emerging from his lair, full of all muscle and masculinity.

He sat on the edge of the pool as his fingers messed up his own hair.

"Come, Abigail," he called out. His voice, his gaze, everything about him was hypnotic. He was bewitching her again.

Abi swallowed. The lights around the pool glowed yellow and the atmosphere here felt different at night. It was like it was more romantic than during the day but Abi could tell it was mainly because of the presence of that alluring perfect creature right there.

"It's good for your body to soak in here before going to bed. It will help relax your sore muscles," he advised and Abi knew he was right. She wanted to soak in the warm water. She wanted to experience that soothing water at night.

With that, before Alex could even begin to persuade her, Abigail began to undress.

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    《Hellbound With You》