Hellbound With You
209 Under the starry nigh
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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209 Under the starry nigh

Alex smiled triumphantly as he watched her undressing before him. His little fruit was a little shy, still. But to think that she would undress herself before him now, without his prompting, was another fulfilling improvement. But hot damn! She's so freaking beautiful, he was becoming hard again.

Abi slowly walked towards the pool with her lacy underwear. This time, she was wearing a pair of black lingerie, a tantalizing contrast to her white silky skin. His Abigail was wearing black… bloody hell! Didn't she know what that meant to a guy?!

As she soaked herself in the water, Alex did his best to keep himself from jumping on her. She played on the water again like she always did before she leaned her head on the tiles, looking up as her feet moved like a mermaid's tail.

The stars were shining but the aurora that night wasn't as bright as the first night. Still, the sky was beautiful as she looked at it while relaxing in the warm pool.

"The sky is pretty, Alex," she uttered and Alex looked up as well. Indeed, it was, but he would rather watch her.

"Yes, but you're far prettier still," he replied like a master smooth talker and Abi flushed even redder. It seemed that complimenting her was now fast becoming his habit and he was saying it all with a straight, serious face.

"R-really?" was all she responded.

"What, you don't believe me?"

Seeing Alex's brows crease slightly, Abi smiled and splashed water on him. She moved over to him, and put her palms on either side of his face.

"I believe you, okay?" she told him and when Alex smiled, she immediately let go. She turned and was about to go back to her spot when Alex's hands wrapped around her tiny waist. He pulled her into his embrace and sat her on his lap, her back on his chest.

The first thing Abi felt was a hot hardness and her face burned.

His hands began to trace her spine and his touch was like fire. And then, his lips were on the back of her neck, kissing her there. His hand began roaming around and it didn't take long for him to catch her twin peaches. After playing with them, he turned her around and made her face him.

He kissed her lips as he played with her peaches.

"Let's do it here, okay?" he whispered against her lips, his hands not stopping from doing their delicious magic.

"B-but… we're outside, ah… not there, Alex…"

Alex's hand, which was on her behind, squeezed her and she let out a cute moan. "Don't worry, I told you. No one is around here to see us. So let's do it here, okay? Please?"

With just one plea, Abi gave in and nodded at him.

Alex smiled. His little big monster began rubbing her down there, on that sensitive spot. The friction from their underwear played havoc with both of them.

He began sucking her tongue and she responded, wilder than ever. His little ripe fruit was beginning to make a move on her own and he loved it, so damn much. Her fingers were tugging his hair as she pulled him closer.

"Don't bite your lips, Abigail, moan for me. Don't restrain it," he uttered and Abi obeyed. She stopped biting her lips and let out soft, yet cute and seductive moans he would never get tired of hearing.

Abigail was feeling overwhelmed. She hardly recognized herself. His touch and everything he did to her body felt too good. She loved being one with him because every time they got lost in each other's arms, everything in the world just disappeared. No thoughts, no worries, just them, feeling each other and becoming one whole soul.

Alex released his big monster and he started kissing her twin peaks alternately while his manhood rubbed her. He was not going to enter her yet. Apart from his condom potentially running out soon, he realized that he must really learn to restrain himself for Abigail. He couldn't have her be worn out like this so he decided not to do it more than once in one session. Thus, this was the solution he thought of.

"Alex…" Abi started calling out his name. He kissed her lips, lifted her up and made her sit on the tiles.

Bumping her forehead on hers, he began to touch himself, right before her. His other hand slammed on top of the tiles as he breathed heavily. His gaze was burning as he looked at her, his hand moving fast while Abi looked at his intense face.

He was groaning deeply, biting his lips hard. The way he looked when he felt sexual pleasure was really dreamy and erotic. He looked gorgeous even in that state.

His hand then flew to her nape and he pulled her face closer as he kissed her lips. "I'm coming, Abigail," he uttered huskily and then Abi saw him come.

Alex groaned in pleasure. It always felt over the top, even if he was doing it himself, as long as Abigail was with him, watching him. She was the true source of his pleasure and he would always go crazy for her.

Once he settled his breathing, Alex brought back his attention to her. He kissed her and locked his eyes on hers.

"I did that because I don't want you passing out again," he whispered as he hugged her and Abi felt her heart throb heavily.

He began kissing her nape. He held her and they were soaked in the water again. She felt him become hard against her and the pleasure that she had felt a while ago was starting to resume again.

"Do you want us to continue?" Alex asked her.

Abi's eyes wandered and in the end, she meekly nodded. She was embarrassed but her body and heart wanted him too. And she thought there was no reason for her not to want it or to hide her want for it.

She saw Alex's eyes glimmer the moment she nodded and she blushed again. Alex's lips captured hers again for a passionate kiss before he turned her around and had her place her hands on the edge of the pool for support. She thought he was going to pull her panties off but he didn't. She looked back at him with surprise when he simply moved her panties aside as his hardness touched her there directly.

Seeing her surprised look, Alex let out a throaty chuckle.

"I love you in black lingerie," he uttered before he started to slide inside her, taking her from behind. Abi gripped the edge of the pool hard as she felt him enter her. It entered so easily and in no time she felt that overwhelming fullness. The feeling was bringing her up to the sky again, making her fly the need for wings.

"Damn! You're so wet! So good, Abigail!" She heard him speak. "I'm going to move now, okay?"

She immediately nodded. She wanted him to move. But Alex didn't.

"Tell me, Abigail. I want to hear you say it… please…" he pleaded and Abi opened her eyes which were clouded with pure pleasure and desire.

"P-please move… inside me, Alex…" she uttered and she saw him smile. And then she felt him move his hips, pushing his hardness in and out in that beautiful rhythm that only he knew how to create. It was inexplicable. She was flying.

"Do you want me to go faster?" he asked again and Abi nodded.

"Say it, Abigail…"

"More Alex… faster… please…"

Alex smiled, genuinely pleased. He gripped her hips as he increased his pace but still acutely aware to not slam into her without restraint.

"Abigail…" Her name came out as a soft whisper and the sound of it tickled Abi's ears, taking Abi's pleasure to a new dimension.

"Alex… please… please…" she begged and that was all Alex needed. In the next second, Alex pushed even deeper, earning him a beautiful ecstatic moan from her until Abi exploded under the starry night.




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    《Hellbound With You》