Hellbound With You
221 Marry me
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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221 Marry me

Alex was wearing a fine vintage classic three-piece suit. His inky dark hair perfectly tousled, looking like it was combed by his fingers and swept back away from his face. Abi hadn't seen him in a suit for a while that him, showing up in this get-up made her eyes widen in awe. Alex was always devilishly good looking but Abi thought that he bypassed the peak of his gorgeousness tonight.

"Where have you been?" she asked once she recovered from her daze. "Did you attend an important event?"

She asked him with her curious tone but Alex smiled seeing that look in her eyes.

"You missed me already?" his finger delicately touched her cheek as she blushed. He loved it when she misses him as bad as he did.

"Yes," she confessed. "I was looking for you."

"I know," he replied without any hint of mischief in his voice.

Abi knotted her brows but Alex flashed his deadly smile as his finger moved between her brows. "I came to take you somewhere," he whispered before he bent and lifted her up. He was extra careful as he held her like a princess in his arms.

Abi wanted to ask but knowing Alex, she knew he would only tell her to wait and see. So she didn't ask anymore and just hold onto him and leaned her head on him as he brought her out of the room and down the corridor. He then walked up a flight of stairs and when they got to the top, Alex put her down.

Abi's heart felt warm as she could already tell that Alex had prepared a surprise again. She remembered all the wonderful surprises he had prepared for her just a few days ago and it felt like a lifetime had passed since the trip they made to this moment. And now here he goes again...

Alex looked into her eyes before he push the heavy doors. It creaked open and Abi immediately felt the cool breeze of the night caress her skin. They were in the rooftop. Why was he taking her up here?

His hand grabbed hers and he led her out. It was then that Abi realized what was waiting for her. The rooftop was pretty empty but right at the left corner, near the view deck, lies a small table for two with a red and white motif and a candle on top of it. There was no extravagant or over the top decorations anywhere but the atmosphere was utterly romantic and Abi liked how simple the setup was.

Alex pulled the chair for her and she sat, smiling. This man had managed to surprise her once again. When she thought he was going to show her something above and beyond like he always does, he actually showed her something ordinary instead. A simple dinner on the rooftop was definitely romantic.

"I hope this is good enough," he said as he sat across her and Abi chuckled. What did he mean by this is good enough? This guy…

"I love it, Alex," she replied, eyes sparkling as she gazed at him and Alex sighed in relief. Abi didn't know it but it was actually Alex who prepared everything. This time, he did it all without ordering workers to do the work.

"I'm glad."

They then started to dine. As always, Alex enjoyed feeding her more than feeding himself. They were talking about mundane things and it was such a lovely moment for them.

Once their dinner was over, Abi looked around to appreciate the surrounding. The view at the rooftop was incredible. Although the stars aren't there because of the city lights, it was still beautiful.

She stood up from her chair and walked towards the view deck, leaning on the railing.

"It's so nice here, Alex. The breeze is cool," she told him when Alex stood behind her and hugged her from behind to shield her from the cold, even though he knew his coat would do most of the work.

"Well, everything looks beautiful as long as I'm looking at it with you," he whispered in her ear and she shivered from feeling his breath on her neck. She blushed because of his words as she smiled.

She turned and gazed into his eyes. "Thank you for this romantic dinner, Alex," she uttered, and then, she tip-toed and kissed him.

Their lips locked and they kissed passionately. But Alex pulled away and he took a deep breath like he was nervous, trying to draw strength from the air around them.

Abi blinked at him, noticing that he seemed to have something he wanted to tell her. She smiled at him, showing him she would wait patiently with what he wanted to say.

However, no word came out of Alex's lips. He just stared at her, and then, he turned away, looking up the sky.

Abi was about to speak but she held back and decided to follow his line of sight. Once she turned her face away from him and looked at the sky he was looking at, Abi's lips slowly parted.

There were small lights in the sky, like stars chasing each other, forming something up the sky.

"Abigail," Alex called out and her eyes flew towards him. He was not looking at her, his gaze still focused into the sky so Abi returned her gaze towards the dancing tiny lights and her eyes opened wide as her mouth dropped.

The words 'MARRY ME', were written in the dark sky.

Abi felt like her heart stopped. Time stood still as her heart felt like it wanted to burst. She never thought Alex would propose to her again.

Tears began to well in her eyes as she looked at those seven letters in the sky. When she turned to look at him, Alex held her hand and he slowly knelt in one knee.

He looked up, eyes burning with overflowing emotions as he spoke, "Abigail, let's get married."




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    《Hellbound With You》