Hellbound With You
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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225 About me

Earlier, Kelly headed towards Abi's room but stopped when she saw Alexander and Abi's father outside the door. It seemed that Abi's family was in there so she decided to go home first and come back later to visit Abi. She knew that Abi and her family would have a lot to talk about once they found out about Abigail's engagement with Alex.

She did a u-turn and headed down the corridor towards the stairs, with a spring in her steps. She felt elated from last night's events. Her best friend was engaged! She couldn't be happier for Abi.

She had stayed at the hospital overnight because it was late by the time they had cleaned up the rooftop so Kai offered her the use of a room that was unoccupied.

As her thoughts returned to last night, she started to wonder where the pretty boy was and just like magic, he appeared in front of her as if she had conjured him up. Well, not quite. Kai was actually just coming out of Zeke's office, with Xavier trailing behind him.

"Hi there, pretty boys," she greeted them with a hearty wave.

Kai didn't notice her until she called out to them. She dashed towards Kai and leaned in on him.

"I'm heading back home. Prince, would you like to escort me?" she teased, as shameless as ever.

Kai as usual was stunned while Xavier almost whistled. This Kelly girl was really bold, totally his kind of girl. But seeing Kai looking so beaten up by her was also such a nice view to see.

"I have something to do," Kai told her and Kelly pursed her lips but a second later, she grinned at him widely.

"Tsk, stop being so wary of me. Don't be scared, I'm not going to eat you, baby boy," she flirted, moving her face close to him as she whispered.

Kai could only close his eyes as he breathed in, long and deep, not knowing how to respond. He had never met a girl as shameless as her in his entire existence!

"Miss Yang, how about I escort you? This guy here is too busy anyway," Xavier butted in, flashing his cute smile at Kelly as he winked at her. Kelly could tell the first time she saw Xavier that he was an ultimate player. Even though he was cute, he was absolutely not her type. In fact, her fists were itching to beat him up right then.

Before Kelly could even respond, Xavier shamelessly moved towards her. He offered his hand to her, in a prince-like way.

Kelly was about to reject him when suddenly, Kai took her hand, surprising her.

"I will send her home," Kai told Xavier and pulled her away from the playboy.

Back in front of Abi's room…

Alex fell silent upon hearing Andrew's suggestion. He looked away, unable to respond. His silent reaction was enough for Andrew to understand that he couldn't change Alex's decision anymore.

One of the reasons why Andrew suggested that was actually because he was still terrified. He could see how optimistic Alex was about her surviving this and he was glad about that, but at the same time, it worried him. He had been through all this before. He was exactly like this during those times, filled with faith and optimism that his wife would definitely wake up again. But she didn't, no matter how much he prayed and grieved. That was why he wanted to do anything that could at least increase Abi's chances, thinking that maybe delaying the wedding would give them the miracle they were wishing for.

However, looking at Alex eyes, Andrew didn't have the heart to insist on what he thought was the right thing to do. So he could only nod and pat Alex's shoulder once again.

"But of course, I am going to support whatever you two will decide." Andrew told him before he went back inside the room.

Alex stared at the closed door and leaned on the wall. That was when Zeke walked towards him and he seemed to have heard Alex's and Andrew's conversation.

"So you're going to marry her without even telling her anything about who you really are?" he suddenly asked. Alex immediately froze upon hearing him before his fists clenched into tight balls.

"She doesn't… need to know…" he said coldly and he left, leaving Zeke staring at his retreating back.

Alex went back inside Abi's room and he took her to the rooftop. The sky was bright that morning and the breeze was cool and refreshing.

Abi was sitting on Alex's lap as she rested her head on his shoulder. They both were watching over the horizon. Alex brought her here because he wanted to know if she would agree with his decision.

However, his mind was disturbed. He couldn't forget what Zeke told him and now that he thought about it, he realized Abigail never once asked him about his past. She didn't ask any questions about him, even though he knew that everyone thought he was shady and mysterious. She never asked. He wanted to think that she was not interested to know or maybe that she didn't have any curiosity about him but knowing Abigail, that was not possible. He knew how observant and curious and intelligent she was. Was she actually waiting for him to tell her all this time?

The fact that he was hiding dark secrets from her started to haunt him.

"Abigail… I want to know if you're okay with my decision," he said and Abi looked at him. She smiled sweetly.

"Yes, Alex. I want to call you my husband as soon as possible," she replied decisively and Alex hugged her tight, burying his face in the nook of her neck.

"Don't you have anything you want to ask about me… before marrying me?" he mumbled softly and hesitantly as his grip on her tightened.

Abi fell silent. She felt his heart thumping strongly as he said those words. Was he nervous? Scared?

Abi couldn't speak because it was the first time Alex ever acted like that.




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    《Hellbound With You》