Hellbound With You
227 Tomorrow
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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227 Tomorrow

"You're so cute. If not for these helmets, I would be kissing you right now," she told him, pursing her lips.

Kai almost gaped at her. How could a girl speak like this? How could she be so bold?

"Climb on behind me now. I still have things I need to do." He ignored her and Kelly smirked.

"Sigh… what a hard to get baby boy. I don't hate it though," she mumbled and climbed up behind him. She wrapped her hands around his waist but as soon as Kai started the motorbike, her unruly hands started to crawl up his chest.

Kai closed his eyes and sighed.

"Please, stop that. Have some decency and act like a lady," he scolded her and Kelly chuckled again.

"But what if I don't want to be a decent lady to you?"

". . ."

"What if I want to be a dominant lady to you?"


"Haha. Okay, okay. I think that's enough for now."

Kai was so speechless he didn't know how to even react. He was really going to go crazy at this rate if he spent more time with this woman.

They were about to ride out of the hospital's garage when suddenly, Kai stopped. He brought out his phone and answered a call.

Once the call was over, he turned to her and removed his helmet.

"Alex wants you up there," Kai said and Kelly creased her brows.


"The wedding is tomorrow."

Kelly choked. Omg! Tomorrow?! He just proposed last night!!

"Are you serious?!" Her eyes wide.

"Yes. It seems the talk is over and he has made up his mind."

Kelly's hand flew over her face. "OH MY GOD!! This is like a soap opera!! This is the flash marriage I am talking about, baby boy!!!" She was screaming as she excitedly shook Kai's arm.

Kelly rushed in Abi's room with a big smile. She was so happy as she hugged Abigail, congratulating her.

When Alex left the hospital and went somewhere, Kelly was with Abi's grandma started to help her look for a wedding dress. But to their surprise, a world-class designer arrived at the hospital that same hour to discuss the dress. 

Kelly almost freaked out seeing this God tier designer who actually designed wedding dresses for royals and the biggest personalities around the world. But knowing the ridiculous Alexander Qin, she wasn't that surprised anymore.

The designer seemed to be well informed that this was a flash marriage so he didn't waste a moment and immediately made a sketch of the dress Abi wanted. In just a short time, they both came up with a simple yet breathtaking piece. The designer praised Abi for her simplicity and refreshing taste and promised to bring the dress back this dawn.

Meanwhile, Alex and Kai entered a shady looking shop owned by the infamous old man who was well known for making personalized wedding rings.

The old man immediately recognized them and he bowed his head to Alex. Alex didn't waste a moment to tell him about his request and the old man looked shocked. But in the end, he looked extremely excited to make the precious thing Alex wanted him to make especially when he saw that look in Alex's eyes.

After that, Alex and Kai went back to his mansion.

Workers are busy in the spacious, grassy backyard as Alex went around, talked to the designers, and making sure that everything was perfect.

He also went and checked the room on the second floor that was prepared for Abi and spoke with the doctors that were already there.

Zeke wasn't around but Alex had called him and demanded for him to be around the house once Abi arrived.

Back at the hospital, Abi was waiting for Alex to pick her up. Her family was still inside the room, talking to her happily.

Kelly went out for an errand so she wasn't there anymore when Alex arrived.

They spoke for a while and the family decided not to go with them. Well, the family thought about giving them some time to spend together alone, not knowing how vast Alex's mansion was, so in the end, Alex told Abi's family that a chauffeur would be picking them up early in the morning.

Everyone was excited along with Alex and Abi, who were both excited but also a little nervous.

The family sent them off after hugging Abi and kissing her goodbye.

All of them then proceeded to head to the parking lot and her family got into one car and Abi and Alex went in another.

Alex wasn't driving the car. He was sitting with Abi in the back seat, holding her tightly in his arms with utmost care.

"It's okay, Alex. Let me sit," she said and Alex took a while to agree to her request. She could see him looking a little uneasy so she smiled and held his face.

"Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine," she told him and Alex tried to relax. He told the chauffeur to drive carefully so their trip took a bit longer than usual. Abi's heart melted at hearing these orders from him, knowing that he was worried about her. This showed how much he cared about her wellbeing and she just shook her head wondering how she got so lucky.

The sun was going down but the world was bright and filled with sunshine in their eyes. This was it, after one more night, they would be married and be able to finally call each other husband and wife.

The feeling in their chests was incredibly amazing and wonderful. They could feel it. This was the best decision they ever made in their lives.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked her again and Abi showed him her biggest smile.

However, her smile slowly faded the moment she saw Alex's face abruptly become grave as he looked past her with wide eyes.

And then, before she could even turn to look at what he was looking at, with speed as fast as lightning, Alex pulled her into his arms, and everything around them shattered.




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    《Hellbound With You》