Hellbound With You
236 My wife
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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236 My wife

Alex pushed his little brother through her slick entrance and stopped when he could no longer go further. He stopped and closed his eyes, savouring the feeling of being inside her once more. Oh, how he had missed this, missed being inside her in this most intimate way. But this time felt different again because she was now his wife. She was his from today onward, to spend the rest of his days and nights with.

When he opened his eyes again, he looked down to see Abi looking at him with eyes clouded with so much love and desire for him. That look was enough to make a man lose all semblance of sanity and control but no, he would not let himself do that, not tonight. He would stay in control to take her to Jupiter and back if only for this one night.

Gazing down into her eyes, he started moving again, painstakingly slowly, as he pulled himself almost out of her and then he thrust himself inside her, filling her up whole. He repeated this over and over again, pulling out slowly and then thrusting inside her quickly and the sensations that Abi felt was out of this world.

Abi had experienced being made love to by this man in so many different ways since that first night they made love, but this was a whole new experience for her. During their vacation, Alex was almost wild with his lovemaking, insatiable, though he always made sure not to hurt her and those experiences were mind-blowing.

However, the way he made love to her at that moment, was so tender, so gentle that each stroke felt more intense than the last. This was because when he pulled himself out slowly, she could feel every inch of him stroking every inch of her sensitive walls and then the sensation of him thrusting inside her brought out a different kind of sensation again.

Abi felt like she was in cloud nine. Alex knew exactly where to touch her, how to touch her, to bring her to the heights of pleasure. Everything he did just lit up her body like never before. She had never felt herself get lost like this, not even during their vacation. This time, she felt like every single cell in her body was tingling with this every touch. This time, she felt like she was giving him all of her, letting go of any reservations, doubts or worries about the future. This time, she thought of nothing except for him. And because of this, the explosions of pleasure that she felt were a hundred times more explosive than the other times they had made love.

Alex didn't increase his pace. He kept a steady, slow rhythm and Abi felt her desire bubble up for the third time that night. She moaned and her body arched toward him, wanting to take him deeper inside her with each thrust, but still, he didn't increase his pace. His body was trembling from trying to keep himself in control, but also because of the pleasure building up inside him. He had no idea that going slow like this could also ignite that feeling within him. Trying to hold on to his sanity, he kept a constant, slow pace but the feeling inside him was building up higher and higher as he pushed inside her and pulled out of her, inch by slow inch.

He didn't know how long he kept this up for but the pressure was building within him and he could tell that Abigail felt the same. She would moan and beg and plead and pull at him to make him go faster but he was determined to keep true to his intentions. He kept going, each thrust increasing the pressure within him and within Abi.

Their sweaty bodies moved in unison, like they were one being, thinking of nothing else and no one else but each other. With each movement, they climbed higher and higher until finally, their bodies shook from pleasure.

Alex woke up early that morning. He sat up and watched his wife's peaceful, sleeping face.

A smile curved on his face realizing that this girl was now his wife and he was now her husband. It was still a little hard to believe but he couldn't just sit there and think about all these surreal feelings anymore. Today was the beginning of a new fight. And he would fight for her. He would never let her leave him alone. Never.

After planting a loving and soft kiss on Abi's head, Alex silently left the room.

He descended the stairs and saw Zeke by the fireplace, seemingly waiting for him.

Alex sat across him, his face serious. "Is there anything that should be done before the surgery?" he asked Zeke.

"I don't think you should be worrying about the surgery, Alex," Zeke replied and Alex's face darkened. "You know that everyone already knows that you got married. I'm certain you know what that means to them."

An evil smirk flashed on Alex's face. "You think anyone would dare harm her? Do you think I can't protect my wife?"

Zeke looked at him. He was a little thrown off by Alex calling Abigail his wife. Although they were already married, it was such an amazing surprise that Alex would now call her that so swiftly.

"I know you can protect her but I just wanted to warn you. They will do anything and everything to achieve their goal. And you must not forget that Abigail can't afford to get hurt again, even a little."

"I know. I'm not going to ever let her out of my sight, even for a second. I will happily stay by her side."

Zeke leaned on the couch, looking amused. "Then, I have nothing more to say. There are still six days before the surgery. I know you already know what you have to do, Alex."

"I know."

"I'm going to Country V. I have something to deal with."

Alex looked at him with disapproval. 

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    《Hellbound With You》