Hellbound With You
242 Figh
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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242 Figh

Alex dashed out of the room. Upon seeing Abi heading towards the back door, he chased her, not even glancing at the surprised onlookers who were shocked with the sudden turn of events.

The woman inside the room stepped out, wearing a little smirk on her face. "Looks like the rumors are true after all. Alexander has changed. Entirely," she uttered. "I never believed those things that were whispered to my ear but it looks like they were not a myth."

"He truly loves Abigail, so please don't come here to create misunderstandings between them," Kai told Leonor and the woman just smiled so elegantly, flashing her seductive smile to him.

"If I were you, Prince Kai, I would worry about Alexander rather than protecting their perfect relationship," Leonor replied, making Kai's brows furrow. "Yes, she breathed life into him but soon she'll also take back that life away from him. Have you ever thought about what will happen once the girl dies? Have you ever thought what Alex would do once he lost her?"

Kai almost shivered after hearing those words. He didn't want to think about it. He avoided thinking about it and just listened to Alex when Alex told him that he wouldn't let Abi die, that everything would be alright. But maybe he was just being deliberately blind and naive and it seemed that Kai now actually thought that it would've been better if Alex and Abigail hadn't met at all.

"Well, we're leaving… I didn't even manage to say hi to his wife. At least I finally saw her in person. She certainly looks one of a kind. It's no wonder Alexander of all men fell for her." She smiled before she raised her hand and everyone that arrived with her, including Amanda followed her out of the mansion.

"Sigh… the perfect couple finally had their first fight. I hope Alex will be fine." Xavier nonchalantly sat down as soon as the front door was closed.

Kai's eyes fell towards the back door. He was worried because he knew that all this was new to Alex. He remembered how he dealt with his previous girlfriends. He didn't even care and just walked away without saying a thing when his girlfriend's sulked. He never even tried coaxing them. Abigail was his wife and Kai knew she was the only one he ever loved and cared about but, would he be able to deal with this?

"Abigail…" Alex called out as he caught Abi's hand. He gently pulled her in and made her look at him just to see her in tears.

Alex felt his heart squeeze. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" he asked, worried and panicked.

Abi finally realized that there were tears flowing from her eyes. She didn't notice when they started. Her heart hurt so much. She knew she needed to listen to him, that she must have misunderstood or maybe it was possible that the woman was forcing herself on him but that intimate image in her mind was impossible to ignore. Why did he let that woman touch him in the first place? Why did he let her move that close to him?

"Let go, Alex! Leave me alone!" she yanked her hand from him, causing Alex to widen his eyes. Abigail never acted like this before.

He knew she might be jealous but he never thought she would push him away. And unfortunately, Alex never dealt with anything like this before in his life. Or at least, he only knew to ignore these matters previously because he didn't care.

"I am not going to leave you alone," he told her, not letting go as Abi struggled to free her hand from his. "Abigail, c'mon… please, don't exhaust yourself like this. Let's go back inside. It looks like it might rain," he told her, talking so gently.

"I don't want to go back. You go back to that woman! I don't care!" she yelled. Abi was shocked with herself. Why she was saying all this. She had never been this jealous before and she didn't know how to deal with it. No, this wasn't just jealousy, this wasn't just about that woman, it seemed that she had been fooling herself for so long. She had lied to herself and thought that she was fine being kept in the dark, that she was fine if Alex never opened up, that she was fine waiting for him to say something and that she was fine being the only one who knew nothing… But no! She was not fine! All the pent up emotions were escalating to the point of bursting out. She wasn't fine at all!

Alex froze for a moment and Abi took that opportunity to get away. She ran towards the wisteria tree and hid herself behind it while Alex just stood there, like he couldn't believe what was happening. He didn't get why she was pushing him away just because of what she saw. Did she really think so little of him, did she have so little trust that she would instantly think that he was betraying her?

Anger and darkness began to bloom inside Alex. He didn't know how to deal with this. No woman ever pushed him away the way Abigail just did. He never thought Abigail, his beloved wife, would look at him that way. Like she didn't want to see him. Everything inside him began to sting with every breath he took.

Gritting his teeth, Alex tugged his hair and crouched down on the ground. What should he do? How should he deal with this?

He cursed within him. He was angry, so angry he wanted to kill someone.

Before he knew it, he dashed back towards the house, causing Kai and Xavier to instantly stand up.

"Alex, Leonor already left," Kai told him, seeing how dark and dangerous he had become. This was bad…

Seeing him dash towards the front door, Kai and Xavier widened their eyes. Damn! Was he going to chase after them? Alex had definitely lost it!!!




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    《Hellbound With You》