Hellbound With You
244 Everything
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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244 Everything

Alex felt like the lighting had struck him directly. He never thought he had been hurting her for such a long time now by keeping her in the dark. He didn't know. He stupidly believed her when she said she was fine with it.

"I'm sorry…" Alex mumbled, his voice raw with pain. He lifted his hand to touch her face but he halted midway. "I didn't know that I've been hurting you. But believe me… I… I know I need to tell you everything."

"But you didn't!"

"I know… It's very… I'm…" He was at a loss for words. He knew that at some point he would have to tell her but he had been putting it off because for the first time in his life, he was afraid of losing someone precious to him. "Because I'm scared, Abigail!" he said with anguish as he ran his hand roughly through his soaked hair. There. He said them out loud. Those words were no longer caged within the deepest, darkest part of his soul. He had revealed his weakness to her, confessed his innermost fear and made himself vulnerable.

He sat up, taking her with him and he held her shoulders. He looked at her, looking helpless, vulnerable. "I am scared that if I tell you, it will affect your health and that's why I was planning to tell you after your surgery, Abigail. I just want you to be happy… I don't want anything to disturb your mind and health at this critical moment." His voice became weaker as he looked at her again with pleading eyes.

"Why would you think knowing your secret would affect me?" she asked between her sobs.

"Because it's something that would terrify you… and I am worried."

"Why? Will someone come after me again?"

"Yes. Look, I can protect you but I don't want any trouble right now, Abigail. It's just a few more days until your surgery. I want to give you a few more peaceful days and prepare you for the surgery. I'm sorry… please stop crying now. I will tell you whatever you want to know. I will tell you everything. Just not now. Once your surgery is over… I promise, I will tell you, I will show you everything that you want to know and see," he pleaded, touching her face. He was desperate.

Alex hoped she would understand but when she just stared at him and continued sobbing, Alex felt even more helpless. Should he really tell her now? What should he do? What if something happened because of this?

Before Alex could decide, Abi finally spoke.

"Fine. But you have to promise me you'll tell me everything, and I mean everything, the moment I wake up from the surgery, you understand?!" she told him as she stood up and began to leave.

Alex was stunned. A light of hope shone in his eyes as he immediately followed her and hugged her from behind.

"I promise, Abigail. I will tell you. Everything," he said, utterly glad that everything was going to be fine now.

But to his surprise, Abi pulled away from him again and shot him a look.

"I'm not done with you yet! I'm still mad at you," she told him. Shocked, Alex could only let go of her. He thought they were fine now. Alex's eyes flared in despair.

"Abigail, you just said –"

"I'm not talking about that! Stupid Alex!" she yelled as she covered her face with her hands. "Why did you let that woman touch you? Why did you let her get so close to you like that?! I don't want you close to any woman! I don't want you letting other women touch you. You are mine! I am the only one who's allowed to touch you!" she yelled, gritting her teeth as her tears mingled with the falling raindrops.

He couldn't take it anymore, seeing her crying and hurting like this. He pulled her into his iron embrace, no longer letting her go. He stroked her hair and kissed her head, despite her struggles, until she gave in. His heart was still in pain but he felt like a huge thorn had just been pulled out from his body. He was so glad she didn't hate him. He was glad to hear the last two sentences she said.

He pulled away, looked at her face, and he began kissing her eyes, her tears. "I'm sorry…" he mumbled again. Even the words he never used before just kept flowing so naturally from his mouth. "Forgive me… I didn't mean to hurt you. What happened a while ago was my mistake. I didn't know she was that close to me… I was lost in thought about the news she told me and before I knew it, she was right there," he explained earnestly. "I'm sorry, it's my fault. I promise, no one will ever get that close to me again. I am yours alone, Abigail. I promise, you'll be the only one who can touch me forever," he swore and with just that, the ache in Abi's eyes began to melt.

Those words he said pierced through her, making her body weak. Seeing Alex looking helpless was her weakness and seeing that look in his eyes made it impossible for Abi to stay mad at him for long. "R-really?"

"Yes, Abigail. My heart has been yours since the day we met. And it will be until my last breath."

"Just your heart?"

A smile of great relief curved on Alex's face. The anger in her eyes dissipated and Alex's eyes gleamed. He surprisingly loved it that his wife wanted to monopolize him. Damn, this wife of his had scared him too much! He really didn't know what to do anymore if she hated him. No, he wouldn't be able to take it if that happened. He didn't care if everyone else in this world hated him and despised him, as long as she wasn't one of them.

Looking at her with all the sincerity he could muster, Alex kissed her forehead as he responded.

"Nope, my mind, body and soul, too. All of me is already yours, Abigail."




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    《Hellbound With You》