Hellbound With You
254 Ironic
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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254 Ironic

Hours ago.

Inside a dark room, Abi slowly opened her eyes. The room seemed familiar but it was too dark for her to be able to make anything out.

She tried to move but realized that she was tied. What was going on? Was this another nightmare? No, this was real! How did she end up in this place?

"Alex!!!" Abi began to call out her husband's name when suddenly a voice stopped her.

"Shhh! Don't shout... I might get angry and harm you," A voice echoed around her. It was emotionless and cold but it was also a very familiar voice that Abigail knew too well.

"X-xavier?" she uttered in disbelief. She finally recalled what happened to her. When she left her room, she met Xavier on the hallway and he said he would take her to Alex. She followed him and the moment they were in the elevator, she lost consciousness.

She choked in utter disbelief and betrayal. Why? Xavier was such a good guy. He always smiled at her and was always the jovial one out of everybody. He was never cold to her and he was always cheerful and happy when he spoke with her.

Abi didn't get a reply. Instead, she heard his quiet footsteps. He lit up the candle and she could finally see where she was. She was shocked. What?! She was inside Alex's room? Why in Alex's room of all places? Why would Xavier bring her here and tie her up here?

She looked at Xavier with millions of questions in her eyes.

"W-why?" her voice hoarse as she stuttered. "W-why are you doing this? Why did you bring me here?"

The once sweet and pretty cheerful guy looked at her with sad and disdainful eyes. He leaned by the wall looking at her.

"Well, I needed time to set up the bomb so I had to bring you somewhere where I could work without worry," he replied and Abi looked down. What? A bomb? What was happening right now?

When she saw that there were indeed things wrapped around her, her throat constricted and her eyes widened in horror. Was he planning on killing her?

"Alex would never think that the kidnapper would bring you to this very place," he added as he looked at his watch. "It's been seven hours and he hasn't found us yet. If I hadn't quickly taken you away, I bet he would have found us before I would have been able to leave the hospital. It seemed that luck is on my side today." He flashed a sardonic smile but his eyes still sad.

Abi couldn't speak. He was right. Who would even guess that she would be brought to Alex's very own room of all places?! She felt her heart break when she heard him say it had been seven hours since he had taken her. She could only think about how Alex must be feeling, of what he must have been going through.

"But don't worry, he will definitely find us…" he uttered, looking at the window. "Tonight."

"W-why? Why are you doing this? Xavier… you're… you're like Alex's brother." Abi's eyes were welling as she looked at him. She never would have imagined that Xavier would do something like this. Not once did it occur to her that he might have harbored these kinds of thoughts.

"Well, yeah… I think of him as my brother, too," he murmured before he looked her into her eyes. "Kidding," he smirked and then too soon, his smile faded. "Do you know why Alex's room is like this."

Abi gulped at his sudden question.

"Do you want to know?"

"No. Alex will tell me when the time comes." Abi didn't succumb to the temptation and her refusal made Xavier look surprised.

"You are a strange person, Miss Abigail. I would say you're the strangest person I've ever met. Do you know why? It's because you actually managed to make that man fall in love."

"Why would you think that? How am I strange just because he fell in love with me? Is it so hard to believe that Alex can love? He's only human. He has a heart. It's not strange for him to fall in love and I'm not strange for being the object of that love," she argued, trying to stay calm.

Xavier burst out in an almost quiet chuckle. "He's human. He has a heart," he mocked as he laughed. A hint of sarcasm marred his polite voice. "This is why I said you're strange." He shook his head and walked slowly over to her. His eyes changed again, from sadness to pure hatred.

"Do you know how many lives Alex has claimed with his own two hands? You wouldn't be able to count high enough. Should I tell you that he even killed women and children? And yet, you call him human? You're telling me he has a heart? Don't make me laugh!" He hissed, his eyes changing again. They were changing colours, from dark as night to blood red, freaking Abi out.

Abi froze. She almost forgot to breathe as she looked into his eyes in horror.

Seeing her expression, Xavier realized that his anger had taken the better of him. He backed off and calmed himself down. "Poor little lamb, you've been completely left in the dark despite marrying Alex, of all men." He smirked again as he bent forward and whispered. "Let me show you something interesting."

He backed off and then his eyes flared into red again. And then, he showed her his perfect white teeth. It was hard to see in the dim light but she was sure his canines were growing.

Abi's lips parted. She felt like her brain was about to shut down. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She must be dreaming. This must be another nightmare.

"Surprised?" he smiled. "Well, even though you humans know so much about us, you would never believe we exist. It's pretty ironic though… you guys believe that god exists, yet you don't believe that creatures like us exist too," he added and then Abi's body went limp. Her face became white as a ghost. Her mind and body couldn't take it. Her body already felt weak and she felt like her mind was being forcefully shut down.

When Abi lost consciousness again, Xavier's face returned to normal. "Don't worry, you will forget about everything that you've heard and seen after everything is over," he murmured and he backed off and leaned by the wall again, waiting patiently.




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    《Hellbound With You》