Hellbound With You
309 Fall for me
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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309 Fall for me

Kelly started dragging him towards the car and forcefully pushed him into the back seat. Chris was still shocked from her rejection so he just sat there like a broken robot. Kelly's mood wasn't that far off from what he was feeling. She, too, felt brokenhearted.

She sat in the driver's seat and started up the car. Her eyes went to the place where Kai was standing a moment ago. He was still there, looking at her with an unfathomable expression on his face. Her throat constricted.

Ah, they were really unlucky it seemed - she and this guy behind her.

Biting her lips, Kelly took a deep breath and drove the car away before she could change her mind and go after that pretty prince again. She wasn't persistent. She liked chasing after the guy she liked but she always had a limit. If that person told her it was impossible for them, that they just couldn't be together… Kelly would stop. She was just not the type who would keep persisting and keep chasing a man to no end. That was just not in her personality, or maybe, she just didn't know how to do it because she had never tried it before, fighting for something like love. Maybe, her being like this was the reason why she was so unlucky with love.

"Goodbye, my prince," she said as she smiled bitterly.

Back in the courtyard, Zeke was utterly speechless with what Alex just did. The guards were running over and some vampires looked down from the higher floors to see what just happened.

He never expected that this guy would actually lose it. It seemed he really needed to drag this guy out of the palace or he wouldn't even hesitate to destroy this historic place every time his damn jealousy ate him whole.

Zeke was on alert, ready to stop him in case he decided to jump towards that Chris guy. Gladly, Abigail's friend was smart enough to drag him away and Abigail was finally running towards them.

Tch! These troublesome creatures! His lips could only twitch before he faced the guards.

"Get the servants to clean this mess up and repair the damage," he told them and the men immediately nodded.

"A-alex…" Abi panted for a moment as she stopped before him. His face, that was still dark, somehow changed the moment he heard her voice call out his name. The darkness and bloodlust that cloaked him as he shot daggers at the man in the disappearing car had finally broken and he looked at her.

"I sent them away," she added, a little nervous that this man might still go after them.

Alex narrowed his eyes as he surveyed her face. He missed finding out what Abi's answer was to Chris' confession because he was too busy breaking pillars and shooting deadly arrows at the man!

"That guy… Do you like him, too? Didn't you say you liked Zeke?" he asked and Abi's glance flew towards Zeke who maintained his poker face despite Alex's words.

Suddenly, Alex grabbed her. His hand was on her waist as he pulled her body so close to him that they could feel each other's heat.

"How many men do you like, huh, Abigail?" His voice was cold again. It seemed he was still damn jealous.

"H-he's my –"

"Damn!" He cut her off as he buried his face on the nook of her shoulder. His lips grazed her collarbone as he spoke. "I really want to punish you for this, Abigail. I want to punish you damn hard until you never want to touch any other man again" he added. His voice was hoarse yet serious and at the same time sexy. She should flinch at the mix of anger and warnings in his voice but it seemed Abi was already used to his possessiveness. He used to tell her this before they got married, that he would punish her hard but his punishment would always end up actually not being hard at all. His punishments were something she didn't hate and if she was honest, sometimes, she wanted to be punished by him.

"Stop flirting in broad daylight, Alex. Get out of here so the servants can start fixing the mess you created," Zeke's voice jolted Abi and she immediately pulled away blushing as she realized just how many people were there watching them.

But Alex's hand on her waist gripped her even tighter. He looked at Zeke and a possessive smirk appeared on his face. "Shut up, Zeke. This girl is mine," he suddenly declared, loud enough for everyone to hear, making Abi blush even harder. "I can flirt with her whenever and wherever I want and you certainly can't do anything about it." He concluded and before Abi could react, her vision became blurry.

Oh god, they were flying!!

She subconsciously held onto Alex's neck as hard as she could as they landed on the first veranda.

He smiled at her reaction and he jumped again with Abi closing her eyes and gripping him hard. "That's it, my girl, cling onto me and never let go," he whispered in her ear before he finally stopped moving.

"Oh my god!" Abi held on to him. The wind was cold as it blew on them.

Abi slowly opened her eyes and her mouth hung open at what she saw. They were on the highest part of the castle's roof.

"Haha. Do you know why I brought you up here, little lamb?" he asked and Abi, who was too dumbstruck looking around the magnificent view of this ancient city, barely registered his words. This somehow reminded her of one of her wishes, of them sitting up on the roof of his mansion, watching the sunset together.

She eventually looked at him with questions in her eyes.

"I brought you here so that I could drop you from this height to make you..." he trailed off. He then flashed his mischievous smile at her, causing Abi's jaw to drop. She was utterly speechless. "Fall for me, Abigail," he whispered into her ear.

Oh god! This man…



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    《Hellbound With You》