Hellbound With You
343 Silly Alex
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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343 Silly Alex


She remembered that she had licked him there before. During the past three months, Kelly had also dragged her to watch adult movies just to get a reaction from her because as Kelly put it, she had become like the walking dead. Kelly thought that taking Abi to watch these kinds of movies would definitely wake Abi up from her zombielike depression but unfortunately, it hadn't worked. However, Abi watched in silence and while she didn't really pay it much attention, some of the things she saw had remained in her mind. This was how Abi found out that what she had done to Alex before wasn't what she was supposed to do.

Abi swallowed.

Seeing her reaction, Alex bit his lips. It seemed this little lamb of his was still too innocent for that. He shouldn't be so greedy. Her hand was damn good enough, Alex! He scolded himself. But then, all of the sudden, Abigail bent down and her lips touched his tip.

He gasped. She started to lick him and Alex clenched his fists so tight to stop himself from grabbing her head to… to…'f*ck Alex! Don't! She's not like those women! This is your little lamb! You can't do that to her!!' he screamed at himself.

He gritted his teeth. Damn, she was torturing him, so f*cking bad.

"Abigail… please…" he begged her.

Abi moved to kneel on the backseat and settled herself between his legs. Once again, her actions made Alex gasp in surprise.

"Am… am I doing it right?" she asked, making Alex's eyes widen. "W-what do you want me to do?"

Damn Abigail! Are you doing this on purpose?

Alex gulped. "Please, Abigail… I want it deeper inside your mouth. Please," he groaned and Abi gazed up at him for a while.

Alex thought it was an impossible request but then Abi let out a deep breath and she opened her lips. And did as he asked!

Oh f*ck!

Alex tensed up and he began moving his hips. F*cking hell, he was in heaven. It was so damn good. He had never felt anything like this. This far exceeded the peak of pleasure he had ever known. This was different from anything else, from everything else.

Abigail took him inside her wet, hot mouth and his hard member became harder than it already was. She then moved her tongue along him, licking him as she sucked him like a lollipop. She then started to move up and down as her hand settled at the base of his hard little big monster. She squeezed at the same time as she sucked on him. She kept going, slow at first but as she heard his moans, she increased her pace. She took him deeper and deeper down her throat each time and Alex couldn't hold on any longer. After one last time, he suddenly pulled Abigail off him as he erupted with pleasure.

As he was falling back down from his climax, Alex thought that this girl… this woman… should, no, must be his. She would be his forever. No one would ever take her away from him because she was made just for him.

After that steamy session, Alex carried her back to the falls and they bathed again. She brought some fresh clothes with her.

"You can change here. I will cover you if you're shy." He smiled tenderly, making Abi blush. She turned around and began changing while Alex watched over her.

They then returned to their car and continued their journey back home. They stopped at another restaurant for lunch after that and they went on their way again.

Abi fell asleep and when she woke up, she was shocked because the car had stopped and Alex wasn't in the driver's seat.

It was already dark and they were still in the mountainous area? Why? They should have been back in the city by now!

"Alex?!" she called out. She sat up and saw his shirt draped over her, like a small blanket.

Abi quickly climbed off the car, worried sick and scared that Alex had disappeared. How could she fall asleep?! She was meant to be watching him!

But to her relief, Alex was right there, leaning on the boot of the car and looking up at the sky. Abi let out a deep sigh of relief as she approached him.

"Why are we still here? We're supposed to be back by now," she said. Alex glanced at her. His eyes were tender and fiery at the same time.

"Well, you fell asleep… a gentleman should let his beloved have a good night sleep." he answered, proudly.

"So you stopped the car the moment I fell asleep?"

He nodded, looking at her like he wanted her to praise him for being the most considerate gentleman in the world.

Abi was speechless.

He cleared his throat when she didn't say a word. "How much do you like me now?" he suddenly asked. "I should be up for about 90% by now, right, Little lamb?"


"Don't 'huh' me, my girl." he bent forward. "I know you are already falling for me," he whispered, as confident as the devil.

Ha.ha.ha. This guy!!

"Now let's go… we will look for a nearby hotel." He flashed his victorious smirk and then walked past her.

Suddenly, Abi felt like her veins were about to pop.

Where did he get that conclusion? Could it be because of what she did? And what? They were stopping at a hotel?

Abi was now certain. Alex's driving was slow like a turtle because he wanted to drag this out. Was he thinking that he would make her fall for him before they reach the palace? Silly! Silly Alex!

Abi's inner demon appeared inside her and they began to whisper things inside her head. That was right, she swore that he would lose this bet. He said she could do anything to him if she won.

A wicked smile momentarily flashed on Abi's face. She would make him regret that he didn't drive back to the palace at full speed. Tonight, she would make him lose this deal he made.

'Prepare yourself silly Alex, I'm done behaving well for you.'


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    《Hellbound With You》