Hellbound With You
360 Cold world within
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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360 Cold world within

White Falls Village…

Abi was standing by the path leading into the thick, dark forest. This place was exactly the same as the one she saw in her dreams.

She was able to find the place because her dream was so vivid in her mind it almost felt like she had been there before.

Her heart was still aching so bad. The remnants of the tears she shed on the way there were still visible on her face. Once she got inside the car, Abi didn't hesitate to head back north, taking the same route towards this village.

During her journey, the main thing on her mind was the thought of finding a way to bring Alex's memories back before he married one of the princesses. She just wanted to be with him. She just wanted him to finally remember her so that they could go back to the way things were before all of this happened. The days she had spent with him were the happiest days of her life. He had made her the happiest woman in the world by making her his bride. That day alone was probably the happiest day of her life. That was the life she intended to wake up to. That was the life she had been hoping to continue when she opened her eyes after the surgery.

But it seemed that the universe had other plans for her. Just when she thought that she could finally have her happy ever after with Alex, her life had turned upside down the moment she found out that Alex was gone. What was supposed to be a time of hope and happiness turned into the darkest, most agonising time of her life.

Abi's tears had blurred her vision as she drove on the highway. Her mind brought back all those memories from months ago and her heart felt the same old wound crack open again. She thought that she had stitched her heart up enough when she had discovered that Alex was still alive but she was wrong. The stitches came loose again the moment she found out that he had lost his memories and that all this time, he had also been consorting with other women. She tried to be strong, to glue her heart back into one piece but she had been lying to herself all this time. She told her herself that she was okay, that she could fight on and keep going, that it didn't matter that he had no recollection of her. But how could she be? How could anyone be okay in that situation?

Suddenly, she became angry at Alex for making her suffer like this, for making her cry all these seemingly endless tears, for breaking her heart again and again.

Once his memories returned, Abi entertained the thought of punishing him. She wanted to vent out all the pain she had felt for the last three months and all the pain she had to endure during the last few days.

Closing her eyes to stop the anger from blazing within her, Abi then took one deep breath. In the next moment, she gazed towards what looked like the entrance that was made of naturally arched tree trunks. The place beyond the entranceway was dark and eerie. Her heart suddenly thudded within her chest. She almost felt that same fear she felt in her dreams but somehow, she didn't shiver and wasn't as scared as she had been in her dreams. Was it because she was angry and desperate right then?

Abi took another deep breath. Nothing could stop her anymore. The moment she left the palace, her mind was set. She knew this was risky but it was now or never. Playing it safe had gotten her nowhere and she was aware that at least this time Alex wasn't with her. He also did not know about her dreams so he would not have a clue about her going to this place. This might be the only opportunity she would possibly ever have to do this. At least this way, she wouldn't be putting Alex in danger.

Besides, she really needed to know if the silver-haired witch really was telling the truth about knowing how to bring Alex's memories back. She knew it would eat at her if she ignored this and something happened to Alex. It would drive her insane if that ever happened.

With one more deep breath in, she took her first step forwards and she headed down the path towards the dark forest. Her heart was beating loudly in her ears and she walked closer to the entranceway. There was no more turning back.

Just before she walked through the entranceway, she looked back one last time at where she started from. She didn't wish for Alex to come but when she was driving, she had hoped that he would chase after her. But he didn't come. She knew that he was able to catch up to her in no time at all if he came after her. But he didn't come.

She felt disappointed but another part of her felt relieved. It was a good thing that he hadn't come after her, but still, she wouldn't help but feel a little bit bitter. He was probably too busy getting to know his amazing future wife.

Seeing that no one was there to stop her from entering the forest, Abi continued her way into the forest.

She walked under the arched branches that created the path. The sun was close to setting and whatever light was left in the day was blocked out by the many trees and shrubs within the forest. She felt like she was entering a different world. A dark, cold world within.

Abi was holding her breath and she didn't use her hearing ability anymore. What was the use when she knew she was heading to the witch's den? Besides, she really didn't want to scare herself more than she already was.

"H-hello?" she called out, looking around like a lost rabbit.

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    《Hellbound With You》