Hellbound With You
368 Berserk
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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368 Berserk

The silver-haired witch was frozen still the instant she entered the room. Abigail was already awake but she looked utterly broken, overwhelmed with grief, and crumbling in pain.

The witch looked at where the crystal ball had stopped and she was surprised. She only planned to show her the deal between Alexander and the queen! That was all the truth she wanted her to know in exchange of what she was asking. She wanted Abigail to know the reason why Alexander lost his memories and for her to know what she had to do.

But she actually gone beyond that. She couldn't believe this woman managed to see so much in such a short period of time. But she didn't have enough time to spare to ponder over that. She still had things to explain to her. She still had so much to tell her. She had to bring this woman back to that man before it was too late.

With an alarmed face, the witch approached Abigail and rubbed her back to calm her down.

"Are you okay? Please calm down," she asked her but Abigail didn't stop weeping. She didn't even look at her. She was doubled over, still in so much pain.

Seeing that Abi might take a while to calm down, the witch decided to cast a spell on her.

Her pleasing chants played like warm music inside the room until Abigail's cries slowly died down. The unbearable pain in her heart didn't disappear but her mind was slowly brought back to reality, as if the ominous, hopeless clouds that enveloped her world had dissipated.

She sniffed as she finally looked at the witch. Her mind was a little clearer now, although her heart was still bleeding and aching.

"Abigail… I am sorry but I need to return you to him," the witch told her in an almost frantic voice. Gone was her calm and collected expression. She looked worried.

"H-him?" Abi somehow managed to respond as she wiped her tears. Her spell really worked.

"Your husband, he's here."

Abi's eyes widened. Hearing that Alex was there made her want to cry again.

"Where is he?" she immediately stood up. All Abi wanted to do that moment was to run to him and embrace him as tight as she could. She wanted to just glue herself to him, to never let go of him even for a moment. What she saw broke her heart so much that she felt like she could die from the pain. It was too much. Why? Why did Alex have to suffer so much? Why did he need to be in so much pain? It wasn't fair… it was too cruel…

Had she known all this, she wouldn't have pushed him away. She wouldn't have gotten so angry at him.

"It seemed he followed you here. I was planning to let you go after this once the rogue vampires left so that you could negotiate with your husband. I really wasn't planning on making Alexander angry," the witch started to explain, looking like she was terrified about something.

"I will speak with him. Now please, bring me to him," Abi said. She couldn't wait anymore. She needed to see him and hold him or this pain would break her.

The witch held her hand as they headed out. "I'm afraid he has gone berserk, Abigail. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen," the witch said, still sounding very worried and very apologetic. "Please stop him or he will destroy everything and kill everyone," she pleaded as they halted before the entrance way.

Abi's brows creased. Alex had gone berserk? Was it in the same way as that night he went to fight the rogue vampires? That was the only time she had ever seen that side of Alex and because the images were still very raw in her mind, she couldn't help but clutch at her heart. Alex was in pain. Alex had gone through hell for her and she only just found out now

Abi closed her eyes and fought past her pain. She couldn't think about that now. She had to think about her husband, about doing what needed to be done. She could only think that he had gone berserk because he, too, was in so much pain.

Abi opened her eyes and looked at the witch again, her determination solidifying. She had seen this witch expression before when she was on the rooftop watching Alex fighting her minions. She didn't even flinch back then but now, she looked pale from fear and dread. So Alex might be really be in rage mode because even this witch, who was quite powerful, felt a little overwhelmed when she saw the destruction happening outside.

Abi didn't look worried at all. "It's okay," was all she said to the witch. "I will go and protect him," she added. What she really meant that she would go and protect Alex from himself, that she would go and protect him from the pain. There was a glimmer of something powerful in her eyes.

Seeing it made the witch relax and she finally chanted the spell to open the doorway to the forest. The moment they stepped out, they were welcomed by a thunderous sound.

A huge tree just landed like a spear from heaven right before them. The witch protected Abigail as they stepped backwards. The earth even trembled due to the impact.

The rain was pouring down, as if the heavens were angry as well.

The witch's grip on Abi tightened. "Let's leave, Abigail. We need to leave now. It's too late. I don't think we can reason with him when he is like this," she said, voice slightly shaking.

She started to drag her but Abi refused. "What do you mean by too late? I am going to go to my husband!" Abi protested as she pulled her hand away from witch's grip.

"Listen, please!" The witch grabbed Abi by her shoulders, making Abi face her. "It's too late!"

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    《Hellbound With You》