Hellbound With You
399 Syndrome
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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399 Syndrome

The men who were standing by watching Alex, all rose the moment they saw him stand up. They were all prepared to go after him. They could see his eyes burning red with hunger. He was supposed to be going on a rampage by now but he still looked calm despite his fangs and nails now fully lengthened.

"Get ready, he's going to leap now," one of the men said.

"Hmm… where do you think he will go? City or forest?"

"City," Riev answered while the rest said, "forest."

Before Riev could complain that none of his comrades actually thought the same as him, Alexander leapt away like lightning and everyone immediately followed suit. Like dark shadows under the moonlight, they all headed towards the forest.

Meanwhile, Abigail was on her way back to the watchtower when she saw blurry shadows leaping away. She had heard Zeke talking to a man called Riev because they were closer to her than Alex was. She heard it while she was anxiously waiting for him inside the room. She didn't mean to eavesdrop. She just wanted to find out if they were still out there talking and if that was why Alex wasn't back yet. But what she heard was Zeke giving out orders to his men.

She could only deduce from that conversation that Alex was going to go on a rampage again, so she quickly left the room and ran as fast as she could to the watchtower. That guy who escorted her, Raven, was not there anymore. She had looked for him hoping to ask him for a lift to get there as fast as possible.

"No! Alex! Did they leave already?" Her shoulders dropped as she looked up at the sky. Her heart was beating wildly. She shouldn't have left him. Why was he going on a rampage again? Was he alright? And why did Zeke not stop him?

As she continued running, someone landed from above in front of her. She was startled but the moment she saw who it was, she breathed out in relief.

"Zeke! What's going on? Why is Alex on a rampage again?" she asked, utterly worried as she panted.

"He needs blood."

"H-huh? Blood? Didn't he already…"

"That didn't satisfy his thirst so he is going to go and kill to make up for it. Maybe then his thirst will subside."


"Yes. Even if he kills something, that might not be enough. The only way for this to stop is for him to stay in the forest and go on a rampage overnight until the sun rises. Of course, we hope that he still keeps some of his rationality and not go to any villages and kill innocent people."

Abi swallowed. "Zeke, why are you not stopping him? Please, let's help him."

"I can't do anything about it," he said as his gaze at her intensified. "But you can."

"How? Please tell me. I will do anything," Abi didn't hesitate.

Zeke stared at her for a long while before he suddenly gathered her into his arms without any prior warning. He landed on a roof on one of the watchtowers near the large gate.

He put her down and faced her.

"Listen, Alex's situation is supposed to be normal for vampires but because he is too powerful to restrain, going through this episode can be dangerous for everyone else. The usual methods that used to work on him are no longer effective since the day you stabbed him. No, actually, I noticed it started since the day he met you," Zeke explained. "Alex never went through an episode since you came and lived with him. In fact, he hadn't consumed blood since you appeared in his life. He originally didn't need blood this badly and he used to be able to quench the thirst by his usual method easily.

But it's different now. It seems his body is starting to take on the same traits as a pure blooded vampire. Most of the vampires who experience this kind of thirst are vampires who have lost their mates. Once a vampire finds the person that is for him, and that person dies or disappears, the vampire will start to thirst for that person. Nothing can quench the thirst except for that person's blood. The vampire who develops this thirst will be forced to go on a rampage every full moon. Sometimes, these vampires never get cured and they eventually die. I would say, it's the same as the 'broken heart syndrome'* for humans."

"Are you saying that my blood might cure him?"

"Yes. That's what I believe. Although, I don't know when this thirst started for Alex. He already had this thirst since I first met him."

Abi was silent for a moment. When she gazed at him again, her eyes intensified. "Zeke, please bring me to him."

"Are you willing to give your blood to him?"


Zeke looked like he already saw this coming.

Without saying a word, Zeke swooped her up again, causing Abi to gasp in surprise. He carried her, princess-like, as he finally leapt into the darkness at lightning speed.

"Uhm… Zeke… can you just carry me piggy back style?" she asked him and Zeke landed on top of a tree and looked at her, displeased.

"I am a prince and I carry women like princesses. I don't do piggybacks," he answered haughtily before he leapt again. Abi could only hold on to him.

As they went deeper into the forest, Abi started to feel nervous. She was worried about Alex. She didn't like it when he went on a rampage because he acted like someone else. That was why she would do everything she could for him.

And as they travelled, a thought arose: what if her blood was the key for her to save him? He had spilled his blood to save her back then so maybe this was what it took for his memories to return?

Abi bit her lips. She knew Alex wouldn't like her spilling her blood for him but she really didn't mind. Her giving him her blood was nothing compared to all the suffering he went through for her.

Finally, Zeke halted. Abi opened her eyes and Zeke put her down.

She looked around, searching for Alex. "Where is he?" she asked but before Zeke replied, Abi's eyes widened from recognition. This looked like the ruin of that palace where Alex was burned alive.


*Dying of a "broken heart" is possible. This is known as "broken heart syndrome." It is brought on by stressful circumstances, like the death of a loved one.

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    《Hellbound With You》