Hellbound With You
401 Under the moonligh
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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401 Under the moonligh

The sight of it made Abi freeze in horror.

"This lake has been like a graveyard for thousands of years. Even now, rogue vampire's bodies are thrown into this lake. There are certain dangerous creatures living in this lake and all sorts of weapons have also been dumped here up to this day. You could lose your toe just by dipping your foot in the water," he explained, making Abi's face become even darker.

"T-then… why did you say I shouldn't worry?" her lips trembled as she looked out at the water again.

Knowing that she reacted like that because of her worry about the man who actually jumped into this dark pit that reeked of death, Zeke could only grab her again, just to make sure she wouldn't do anything stupid. She was as crazy stubborn as Alex after all.

"This is not the first time Alex has jumped into this lake. When he was looking for ways to die, he tried to kill himself here not just once but many times, but to his disgust, he still emerged alive. So don't worry because even if he gets injured, his body will regenerate," he added, but what he said didn't make Abigail's face look any less worried. What he just revealed to her was too much for her to even think about.

"Or maybe he jumped in there to spill his own blood. That guy has been doing something like this for a long time, either hurting himself or asking people to do all sorts of deadly things to him. An immortal being like him seems to find those things entertaining, something to pass the time to overcome his boredom. He has done even more crazy stunts before. This is just a walk in the park to him compared to the other things he has done before."

When Abigail's eyes started to well with tears, Zeke was a little bit taken aback. He was telling her all these things to try and calm her down so why the hell was she crying? Why did his coaxing not work?

He frowned at her. "I told you, this is nothing. For your information, that crazy husband of yours even let a pack of wolves devour –"

Abigail finally cried, causing Zeke to stop.

His men, who were still standing by the trees, observed this interaction and they could only shake their heads.

"Sigh… His Highness really sucks at this. Was that his aim all along? To make her cry with worry even more?" Riev was pressing his temples like a troubled grandfather.

"Seems like our master now has two people under his care to babysit," a long haired guy piped up as well.

"Looks like it. But he seems to be having a little bit more trouble with this one."

"Well, he has never been good with girls."

"But isn't this good? At least he has more on his plate now. This is better than him sitting in the palace and being alone by himself. Who knows what's going on in that brain of his when he's alone?"

"Agreed. His highness is scary when he's just sitting still and not doing anything but thinking or just plotting things with his monstrous pets in his head."

The men all agreed and fell silent, a silence which was disrupted when the woman their master was coaxing, cried even harder. They saw her squat down on the grass and bury her head in her arms, sniffling, crying like she was in pain.

"Man, what did he say to her this time?"

"Don't tell me he told her about that time when Alexander asked him to chop his head and that he actually did it."

"Geez… Why don't you go and help him out instead? This is bad. If Alexander comes out and sees his woman crying… he might throw all of us in the lake!" Riev panicked as he nudged their leader, Raven to go and say something.

But Raven remained immobile. And thus, all of them could only wait for their doom, although a part of them kind of wanted it to happen because they felt like it had been forever since they had fought alongside their master against Alexander in serious battle.

Zeke let out a sigh and he didn't speak anymore. He just stood there and faced the lake while Abigail cried next to him.

He kept glancing at her, checking to see if she had stopped crying yet but when he saw that she hadn't, his lips twitched and a vein started to pop on his temple. He wondered how Alex actually managed to handle this crybaby.

"Stop crying. He will not come out even if you flood this entire nation with your tears," he mumbled, his voice somehow sounded a little gentler this time but what he said made Abi look up at him. She couldn't help but glare at him.

She bit her lips and wiped her tears with the back of her hand but her tears continued flowing nonstop until suddenly, she finally heard some movements coming from the lake.

Abigail suddenly rose, her eyes immediately focused on the water despite the raw tears still falling from her face.

"Alex!" she uttered as Zeke grabbed her arm again in case she jumped in there without thinking.

All eyes fell on the water as they waited for Alex to emerge. Everyone somehow held their breaths, especially Abigail. It seemed that the whole forest held its breath in anticipation for this moment. They all knew that it was Alex that was coming up from the dark water and the main question was what state he would be in.

The water before them then moved and the next moment, Alex emerged from the black water under the moonlight. His eyes burned red under the shadows making him look like the devil rising from hell.


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    《Hellbound With You》