Hellbound With You
402 Danger signs
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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402 Danger signs

Frozen still, Abi's eyes widened as she looked at Alex. His eyes were even redder than before. Half of his body was still under water but Abi could see his shirt was ripped in many places, or more like, they had been cut with sharp blades.

The air coming from him was chilling and ominous. She could feel his bloodlust and it gave her goosebumps. But that didn't scare her and she immediately tried to pull her arm away from Zeke.

"Alex…" she called him.

He didn't respond, he just kept moving. Sounds of something crumbling down under his feet reached Abigail's ear, but the sound of her heartbeat was louder. She just wanted to run to him, to hold him. She wanted him to reach her as soon as possible.

"Alex…" she called out again when suddenly, Zeke pulled her one step back as Alex approached them.

Abi looked at Zeke and immediately protested.

"Please let me go!"

"No. Don't forget what might happen if he ends up hurting you again. It will only result in more problems," Zeke told her, firmly.

Zeke wasn't just being extra careful. He felt that Alex's bloodlust at that moment was very strong and it seemed like Alex didn't even recognize them.

Abigail understood what Zeke was saying. If Alex hurt her accidentally this time, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

"Let's put some distance between Alex and us. Don't act rashly," Zeke warned her again and she could only let him pull her with him as he backed off slowly as Alex approached dry ground.

Watching him finally stand on the ground, Abi bit her lips. It was taking all her self control not to run towards him and crash into him like she had done many times before without having to think about possibly being hurt by him. It was hard for her to restrain herself, especially when she saw him like that, acting like he was someone else again.

"It seems he's in a dangerous mood now. Depending on the situation, I will have to keep you away until he recognizes us again."

What Zeke said made Abi protest. No, that won't do. She won't stay away again and wait. She was tired of waiting!

Abi was about to protest when she saw that Alex was holding something in his hand. Her eyes widened as she froze in place.

She felt like her heart stopped. Weren't those… did he jump in the water just to…

Her heart felt like it had been ripped from her chest and before she knew it, she pulled her arm away from Zeke.

Zeke was caught off guard. Abigail's slim hand was like a fragile twig to him so he was trying not to hurt her by keeping his grip as loose as he could. Unfortunately, that betrayed him. The sneaky, little lamb escaped his grasp and he didn't try catching her again. As always, she was like a moth flying towards the fire, fearlessly, despite all his warnings. Danger signs never worked on her. Well, what else was there to do when this little moth was in love with the fire?

With a sigh, he could only prepare himself for what would happen next.

"Alex!!!" Abigail called his name as loud as she could as she reached him.

And gladly, that made Alex lift his gaze and look at the person dashing towards him. His already red eyes burned with flames and his lips curved into a smile, like a beast mischievously laughing at this naïve prey who was actually racing to offer herself to him.

What an interesting prey, he thought and finally, she crashed into him.

Alex immediately smelled a refreshing yet intoxicating scent and a woman's face appeared in his head. In what seemed like a split second, his eyes cleared and he regained his rationality.

'Abigail…' he uttered in his head and his eyes widened, realizing that the woman hugging him was indeed his Abigail.

But before he could push her back, his thirst, which was somewhat appeased from his adventure into the lake, started to burn his insides again. He smelled her scent, not the scent that he always loved but the scent of her blood. It started to smell so strong and it was wreaking havoc inside him.

Abigail's scent was one of a kind. Although he could smell her blood's scent every time he kissed her, it never attacked his senses the way it did at that moment. And this time, it was worse than ever.

"Alex…" she called his name as she pulled away to look at him, still gripping his waist tightly.

"You came here to…" her tears fell. "You came here to get this…"

She began crying as her hand lifted his hand. The moment he looked at what he was holding, he froze. That was right. He jumped in the water when he couldn't find those toys around the burnt ashes of the castle. The memories that appeared in his head were clear enough for him that he even knew what he was thinking back then. He had thought that the toys would land in the lake and that was why he immediately jumped in the water to look for them.

He came here to get them because even though he could still not remember her, he thought that showing her these to her would at least make her happy. He wanted to show her that her efforts weren't wasted and that he at least remembered something.

Alex stared at her as he wiped her tears away, giving the little lamb to her. "Yes. But… I couldn't find the jellyfish," he told her and Abigail cried with joy.

"Oh, Alex…" she was going to hug him again when Alex suddenly held her shoulders, stopping her from hugging him. His hands began to tremble and his fangs were out, hungry for blood, her blood. That hunger was back, eating him whole.

Abi held her breath at the sight of him.

"Leave…" he told her forcefully but Abi grabbed him instead, causing him to hiss.

"It's okay, Alex," she smiled and moved her hair to the other side to expose her neck to him. "You can satisfy yourself with my blood," she added.

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    《Hellbound With You》