Hellbound With You
413 In the snow
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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413 In the snow

Abi had found out from Zeke that the little house in the snow was already ready for them. When Abi asked Zeke to send people to prepare everything because it had been three months since they were last there, the caretaker Zeke called had said that Alex had ordered them to attend to the house, even in their absence.

Knowing that made Abi happy because it was like Alex had been maintaining the place because he had planned for them to go back there again.

However, she didn't intend on going straight to their little house in the snow. She wanted to replicate their journey as much as she could to give him as many triggers as possible. So she directed him towards the first place they stopped at.

It didn't take long for them to reach that three storey mansion. Back then, Alex drove fast but not as fast as how he drove right now; not even close. She was still not aware about who he was back then so Alex must have been driving like a normal human being to not scare her.

Somehow, those thoughts made Abi smile subconsciously and seeing this fairytale-like house again made her feel so nostalgic. Back then, she thought she would never get to see this place again because she thought she was going to die soon, but here she was still alive and kicking and back here again with the man she loved.

Climbing out of the car, Abi held Alex's hand and she led him inside the house. She could remember all the things he did and said during this entire trip.

"So this is the place you wanted to bring me to?" Alex asked, his mischievous grin was flashing so gorgeously as he pinned her against the door the moment they entered a room.

They were in the same room they had used the last time there were there and everything looked the same as back then.

Wanting to start re-enacting the things they did in this house, Abi pulled him towards the bed and made him sit on it. Alex was a little startled at being pushed onto the bed and he bit his lips as his mind started to churn. Did this little lamb really bring him here to…

Suddenly, she pinched his chin and stared at his lips. Alex was supposed to be the one doing this but maybe if she did the things he did, it might be more effective. Besides she really couldn't just order him to do these things.

The next moment, her thumb caressed his lower lips and then, she kissed him.

She could still remember how intense their kiss was in this very room back then and she wanted for them to experience that again so she pinned him down on the bed as she continued kissing him. She did all the things he did to her, delving deeper inside and tasting every corner of his mouth.

The only difference was that Alex immediately responded to her and he kissed her back like a hungry beast until, before she knew it, he flipped her in one swift movement, without breaking the kiss, and she ended up being under him.

What happened that day was being repeated in almost exactly the same way; their intense and passionate kisses and even the way Alex's hand began to wander around her body until they slipped under her top.

She also felt his bulge turn hard as a rock as he pressed it naughtily against her groin.

Abi knew she had to stop it here because if she didn't then it wouldn't be a re-enactment anymore. She was determined to follow all the things from her memory. Unfortunately, there was no knock to interrupt them this time, so without a choice, Abi pulled away from his ravenous kisses and caught his face.

Her resolve was very much stronger than her desire for him and even this would not make her forget her goal.

"Alex… this is not the place yet," she told him but Alex's eyes were already flooded with desire.

"Oh, Abigail. You're the one who brought me here and seduced me. Now you want me to stop?" He didn't climb off her and instead buried his face in her collarbone and began his onslaught downwards. Oh no! This was not supposed to happen…

Before a moan could escape from her lips, Abi grabbed his head again and made him look at her.

"We're leaving, Alex. At least, wait until we reach our destination," she told him, repeating exactly the same words he told her when she was worried about his Mount Everest that day.

She saw him crease his brows and she could only hope that something triggered his memories again.

Abi took that opportunity to slip away and she climbed off the bed. "Let's go, Alex," she said to him as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the door.

Alex looked confused but before he closed the door, something flashed in his eyes as he surveyed the room one last time.

Finally, their car stopped on top of a certain hill.

It was already dark so the plateau-like, gigantic open space couldn't be seen anymore. Nevertheless, Abi still jumped out of the car, exclaiming the word 'wow' as she ran with her arms spread wide and twirled around in the snow.

The sight of her doing that made Alex smile and frown a little. In his mind, he saw a snowball being thrown at him.

"Alex!" she called out and then she threw a snowball at him. The next moment, she dashed towards him, tiptoed and then, cupped his face with snow in her palms.

Unlike the first time, Abi was unable to run away from him this time because Alex grabbed both of her wrists. His eyes narrowed and were filled with questions but that look made Abi happy, because she knew all this was having an effect on him, awakening something in him.

"Abigail… you are re-enacting what we did here in the past, right?" he asked but no answer came out of Abi's lips. Her eyes just welled with unshed tears as she smiled. And then suddenly, she planted a kiss on his lips without warning.

"Let's go, Alex. Let's go inside the house."


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