Hellbound With You
421 Mis
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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421 Mis

Alex gritted his teeth. His gaze fell on that empty land again and the blaze in his eyes wavered. He knew what disturbed his mind might be a certain witch's mind manipulation and he knew that Zeke and his men were watching over that place but… seeing just how many of these creatures there were, Alex just couldn't ignore the feeling of unease in his heart.

His fists clenched and he finally leapt again, but not to that place he had finally discovered. He leapt back, as fast as lightning, toward the glass house where he had left his sleeping Abigail.

It didn't take him long before he reached the forest, which was between the foot of the mountain and the glass house. His heart was troubled. As he landed on top of a tree, where he could just make out the edges of the glass house, Alex was about to leap again when his head snapped to his right - towards the middle of the forest. What was that? Was there something there?

Alex disappeared in a blink of an eye and he landed on the ground. The mist surrounding him was thick but it only covered the ground up to his knees and were not climbing up higher at all. It was very strange.

He walked closer towards what looked like a well and eyes narrowed and then they instantly became wide open as he realised who he was looking at. It was a sight that shook his entire being.

He gripped the lip of the well and his grip crushed the bricks into rubble. His heart seemed to have stopped beating and his eyes blazed intensely because the person he saw was none other than his Abigail. She stood there in the middle of the forest, unmoving, facing him. Abigail?What was she doing here all alone? Why did she leave the house? Why didn't she wait for him to get back?

However, her eyes were blank, unseeing, almost as if they were dead.

"Abigail…" Alex called her name as he slowly walked closer to her. His senses were on high alert. He was trying to feel if any enemies might appear out of nowhere and at the same time, he was trying to figure out what was wrong with her because with just one glance, Alex knew something was off. He had never seen his Abigail with blank and lifeless eyes like that. Her eyes had always, always, shone like the stars.

Alex's heart couldn't help but tremble in fear. He couldn't stand to see those eyes become so lifeless. because as he looked at her more closely, he noticed that she was covered with blood. Was she...?!

That thought alone made his body want to crumble. His mind was telling him that she had been injured because of the blood all over her and that lifeless look in her eyes. But no… She couldn't be... She was alright… she had to be alright. She had to be… that was just someone else's blood…

Alex kept repeating those words in his head. He told himself anything and everything he could to get this feeling of dread to leave his body. He didn't want to think about it. There was no way that his Abigail was… Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! NO!

One part of him wanted to go to her and shake her out of whatever this trance was - he desperately wanted to believe that she was just in a trance - but another part of him wanted to close his eyes from it, to pretend this was just a dream, afraid to find out the truth in case it wasn't the truth that he wanted.

He would never forgive himself and the whole world if… if Abigail was...

Finally reaching her, Alex slowly lifted his hand to touch her face. His hand was trembling as it got closer to her face. "A-Abi… Abigail… I'm here," he said softly, his voice full of fear and despair mixed with hope. But she didn't move, not even to blink. "Abigail… please… come back to me," he whispered to her.

His trembling hand paused in mid-air as he hesitated but then his hand moved forward again and the moment he touched her skin, she blinked. Her eyes began to go back to normal and she looked up at him. "A-alex!!" she called his name and she jumped on him, hugging him tightly.

Alex hugged her back, much tighter than her grip. He breathed again. He didn't realise he had been holding his breath from the moment he saw her standing out there, all alone. He felt like he finally broke to the surface and inhaled some much needed oxygen after being underwater for a long time. She was alive! Oh god. She was alive! Alex hugged her like he was never going to let her go. He buried his face on her shoulder as tears of joy escaped from his eyes. Thank god she was alive.

He didn't know what he would have done if she had actually… No, he could not bear even just the thought of it.

He closed his eyes as he kissed her head and then, he spoke. "Are you o–"

Alex, even though he was feeling very emotional at that moment, was shocked out of his painful thoughts. He couldn't even finish his words because when his eyes looked down, he saw that the mist had completely disappeared. There was nothing, not even a little trail of it was left. But that was not what shocked him. Now that the mist had disappeared, Alex saw the amount of dead bodies lying on the ground around them.

"Alex… where have you been? I have been looking for you. I thought… I thought…" Abigail started crying and her body began to tremble from both her fear and the cold. It was only now that he realised that she was out here in the freezing cold wearing so little; just a thick, white robe and her nightgown.

Her words and her trembling body pulled Alex's attention away from the dead bodies. He looked at her face and he realized just how pale she was. Her lips were trembling as well and they were colorless.

Alex was quick to wrap his jacket around her but he knew that it wouldn't be enough. He had to bring her to a warm place or she might freeze to death!

Abi was about to look around them but Alex pressed her head to his chest and he lifted her up, not giving her a chance to see all the dead bodies. He leapt away towards the glass house and noticed that there seemed to be a fight happening quite close to their house. He leapt closer to the disturbance, wanting to make sure that it would be safe for him to take Abigail back to the house and when he landed on a high branch and looked down, he saw Zeke's men fighting the hybrids.

He saw Raven as well, who seemed to have gotten past the first enemy line, but it looked like he too had been ambushed not too far from his men. Alex made his presence known to the elite vampires and Raven leapt from the crowd of enemies to follow Alex. Raven's men made sure that none of the hybrids went after the trio.

Alex and Raven landed on top of the glass house. "Make sure no one approaches this place," was all Alex said and Raven immediately nodded and left to stand guard as Alex jumped down to the back of the glass house.

Alex immediately went into the cupboard and took a few thick towels and then he went into the sauna and turned the temperature all the way down, but still kept it at a warm enough temperature to slowly warm Abigail up. He slowly took off her cold, wet clothes. He then took the chance to see if she was wounded anywhere and he was utterly relieved to find that there she did not have a single scratch on her.


Sorry guys, the fourth chapter will not come tonight :(

I will update it early tomorrow. 

P.s. I just want to celebrate my 450th day writing streak(u can see it on my profile ^^). I've been writing for 450 days straight. Congratulate me hellbounders XD 

I've been working so hard T^T

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    《Hellbound With You》