Hellbound With You
452 Change
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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452 Change

"Wait!" Abigail finally cut him off. She was so confused at this whole conversation. "Are you guys saying that you both already knew about the existence of that immortal woman?" she asked both Alex and Zeke.

"Yes. Alex told me that night of your surgery three months ago about that woman's existence before he lost his memories," Zeke answered her, causing Abi's jaw to drop in surprise.

Abi looked at Alex. "The late witch queen was the one who informed me about that woman," Alex said to Abi.

Abi felt like her head was going to burst. "You mean, ever since I stabbed Alex, everything that happened next was already part of your plan?" she asked, curious and confused to her bones.

"Because I knew I would forget everything, I entrusted my life to you and everything else to Zeke, Abigail. Back then, we thought that that woman was waiting for the arrival of the girl in the prophecy to kill me. We thought that her ultimate plan was to kill me using that girl in the prophecy. We thought that she'd been hiding because of me and that when she saw that I had been stabbed and was finally dying, that it would eventually lure her out," Alex explained.

Zeke also spoke after Alex. "That woman indeed made her presence known after that. I managed to cross paths with her and offered to be her ally. That was when I found out she was after you, Abigail. Back then, I thought she just wanted to eliminate you because you were the biggest threat to an immortal like her, after Alex. I managed to make her believe that Alex wasn't dying yet and that you might not be the girl in the prophecy but the woman still tried to look for you. The witch queen was the one who protected you these last three months. She had concealed you from their sights using her powers and then she was captured by that woman. I couldn't save her. I didn't know where they were hiding the witch queen and when I found out, it was too late. So I had to keep going. What happened after that was an orchestrated plan but all I did was bring you to places of my choosing to make something happen. The rest is still the result of your actions."

Abi could only listen, utterly speechless. This was just too unbelievable.

"So your final plan was to bring us to that Ziggurat?" Abi asked again.

"Yes. Because that was where the late witch queen was held and also where all the hybrids I created were kept. I also had to push Alex to his limit. I had a hunch that the cure was in your blood but knowing him, he would never drink your blood unless you were put in a life and death situation. I also wanted to destroy everything I created for that woman and Alex was the perfect one to destroy it all. Now, she won't be able to use those minions to attack both humans and vampires. And lastly," he paused as he looked at Abigail. "I just wanted to confirm if she could be killed. And we got the answer to that most important question. Just like Alex, she can be killed by you."

After Zeke's explanation, everyone was silent until Alicia piped up.

"So are you going to go back to that woman after listening to our plan?" she asked him.

Zeke leaned back and tilted his head. "Yes," he answered, his expression one of indifference. "That woman is cautious. I think she's still hiding something big. But I think I will figure it out soon."

"You're not going to advise us to attack her now, Zeke?" Alex smirked.

"Don't underestimate her, Alex. Don't forget she managed to conceal herself from you all these years."

Alex's eyes glimmered dangerously. "Well, she managed to do that because she was a coward hiding under the ground."

"I don't think that's the only reason why she's hiding. In fact…" Zeke bent down and leaned his elbows on his knees as he peered through Alex with serious and keen eyes. "I think she's not really the one we should be worrying about. I feel like there is someone bigger behind her pulling the strings; as if that woman, too… is just another pawn."

Alex looked to be contemplating this new information and Abigail turned her attention to her husband, wondering how he would react to this piece of news.

Abigail looked at Alex and she frowned. She didn't notice this for a while because of everything that was being revealed but now that she was observing him keenly, Abi began to notice that there seemed to be a very subtle change in Alex.

The change was subtle but it was there. It was akin to the changes she felt with Alicia. In just one night, Abi had felt the drastic change within Alicia. Abi felt like Alicia was a wholly different person but she knew it was because she was now the all powerful witch queen. The most powerful witch in existence. It was only logical that this change would occur after she received her full powers.

But why did she feel this same feeling towards Alex? Alex had been cured by drinking her blood. He now had his memories and soul back and consequently, his immortality. So he should be back to his normal old self, right? So how come he felt a little different? His aura was different and his heartbeat had also changed subtly, beating just a tiny fraction faster than other vampires. Did he gain some kind of power as well, like Alicia?

Now that she looked at his eyes again, Abi noticed that golden shade in his eyes wasn't disappearing. His eyes used to turn black when he wasn't using his powers. It wasn't vivid but the golden color was there, lingering, and it didn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

What did that mean?


[Dear hellbounders, I am unwell again and forced myself to write these 2 chaps today. I dont know if I could update 4 chaps tomorrow but I will try. Hoping for your understanding. ~Kazzen]

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    《Hellbound With You》